Monday, May 18, 2009

Eh, it was just okay for me, man...

So, I'm late with my blog today, but I just finished reading Lover Avenged. I feel so many things with this book that I'm not sure where to begin.

First, I'm glad Rehv got his happy ending. I love him and Ehlena together. They were beautiful! Truly beautiful. I also enjoyed seeing so much of Wrath and Beth. They may still be my favorite. The love between them shines through and I just so enjoyed seeing more of their relationship.

The things I wasn't so crazy about. I won't go into too much detail, because I know some of you haven't read the book yet. Don't want to ruin it for you all! The bit between Tohr and John. It felt more like it was there to ramp up the ratings or something. It all left me feeling like John is being put through a lot of crap just to keep things interesting in the book. Which makes me a little sad.

The jumping back and forth, all the different points of view, wasn't so bad. I didn't mind it and it did make the story read faster somehow. Although, I just ended up skipping certain sections because it was just boring so maybe that's why it read faster. LOL

The romance was there, but in such short bursts that it made feel sort of slighted. I wanted to see so much more of Rehv and Ehlena. But, I'm not the author and as we authors know, we have to write it the way our heart tells us to write it. I respect Ward for doing what she feels is right by the story and her characters.

There is one thing that sort of made me ill though. The whole sex in the bathroom at ZeroSum. Some of that whole paying for sex, and doing it in a stall just seemed too Sopranos or something. There were other things that made feel sort of gross, too, but I'll shut up for now. Again, don't want to give away any spoilers!

All said and done, it was a fast read with lots of action, and some seriously sexy alphas to keep us ladies panting.

Buying another in hardback though. Hmm, methinks I'll wait for paperback. Because as Randy on AI says, "it was just okay for me, man"

Now your turn! What'd you all think of it? Yay or Nay? Curious minds wanna know!


Anonymous said...

LOL I agree with you. I'm tired of JM hurting all the time. He deserves some happiness.

There were some icky parts. I agree with you there. A certain relationship bothered me a bit but in the end I understood Rhev better for it.

And we got more Lassiter this time which made me a very happy girl. I love that man. Can't wait to see who he ends up with. Hope the characters name is Amanda lol.

I am very glad Thor is back and I liked his ending in the story. Gives readers hope on his part.

Best book for me so far I think lol


Anne Rainey said...

I totally had a hard time reading that section with Rehv and the...icky person. That was a bit much for me to handle. I TOTALLY get why Rehv did what he did and respect him more than ever. I'm not going to say too much of my personal feelings here. But, yeah...

Lassiter is fun. LOL And SO glad Tohr is getting his shit together!

Kelley Nyrae said...

I liked it. It wasn't as good as the first four, in my opinion but much better than V or Phury's book. I was surprised because I wasn't looking forward to Rehv but really ended up liking him.

Anne Rainey said...

I LOVED Rehv. too! And I think had there been more romance, more Rehv and Ehlena, I would have been able to easily overlook the other things that bugged me.

The beauty of the first four books was the romance. The hero and heroine connecting, fighting, loving, struggling together...that element is slightly missing here, imo.

Regina Carlysle said...

Sooo nervous about JM's story and afraid it'll be screwed up like V's and Phury's. Have LA but I've actually been too swamped to read it LOL. Maybe a little nervous too. Never know what to expect with this author and lately I'm disappointed. Doubt I'll buy any more in hardback.

Minx Malone said...

I bought the $10 Kindle book because the hardback price was crazy.

There were a couple of things that bugged me too. One, all the POV changes made it feel more like Wrath's book! I wanted more Rehv and Elena.

Two, I also felt there were some things done for shock value that were not necessary. But at least they were true to the characters because these icky things were alluded to in previous books.

Dang, it's hard to talk about a book without giving away spoilers!

Writings of Ptolemy said...

I Loved the book also! Beth and Wrath are my fav also it was good to see that the others are doing well also!

Anne Rainey said...

Minx--I feel the same as you. The book felt like it was half Wrath's. Again, I just really wish she would have spent more time developing the romance btwn Rehv and Ehlena. Pity.

Anne Rainey said...

Writings--I did like seeing what the others were doing. It was a nice catch up book. The odd thing is, I didn't read Phury's book. And yet I didn't feel like I was missing anything really. I was still able to follow along pretty easily.