Monday, August 24, 2009

Tempting Grace is almost here!

So, tomorrow the 4th story in my Vaughn series releases and I'm really excited. Jackson turned out to be one of my favorite heroes. He's so ornery and it's just so sexy!

This is the closest I could get to what Jackson looks like. The only difference is that Jackson is a bit more rugged, I think. He's ex-military and very sure of least he was until Grace Vaughn shows up in his life. She turns him inside out. (She IS a Vaughn after all, lol) And being the glutton that he is he can't get enough of her smartass attitude. She's his match in every way. I loved watching the sparks fly as I wrote their story!

A hard man is good to find…and impossible to resist.

The Vaughn Series, Book 4

Since a car accident left her unable to have children, Grace Vaughn has hidden her heart behind a wall. So far it’s held strong, and no one complains much—except the few men she dates.

Now that fortress is crumbling thanks to Jackson Hill, an annoyingly attractive man who makes her imagination go wild just watching him in the office. He’s practically bullied her into attending a Vegas conference with him. Three days alone with the delicious Jackson—in Sin City, no less—is sure to push her right over the edge.

With a loving family, a decent bank account, a nice set of clubs, Jackson’s life is almost complete. Except for the missing piece. Grace. She sets a fire in his blood, and the conference is the perfect crowbar to get past her defense mechanisms. It’s time to see if the bump-and-grind potential in that booty of hers can be channeled into something a little more satisfying than looking.

He’s got just the tactic to get her to let down her guard—and hopefully her panties. A wicked bet. Because if there’s one thing he knows about Grace, she can’t resist a double-dog-dare…

Warning: This title contains graphic sex, rope bondage, anal sex, and a deliciously inventive hero who just happens to be really good with knots and doling out spankings.

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The truth is, I rarely attempt to find pictures to match my heroes. They just never quite seem to fit, ya know? I prefer to form an image in my head and leave at that. Still, it got me curious. Do you, the reader, like to see images of the characters you're reading? Does it help you or does it bother you? Authors, do you pick out images before you even write the book? Or do you look for the pictures later on?


Kelly Moran said...

very cool blog ladies. i'm a fb friend and following you now. if interested in following, i have all things books on mine.

Bekki Lynn said...

Yay! on the new release Anne. He is yummy!

I don't look for photos until the story is written. I think if I looked before hand and couldn't find what matched my mental image, I might find myself trying to match the photo and destroy the fit my character had. I don't know if that makes sense or not.

Kelley Nyrae said...

First, I absolutely LOVE that cover. HOT. Second, the book sounds delicious! I can't wait to read it. Congrats.

Barb said...

I don't mind seeing an image of a hot man and it usually helps me visualize the character better. Anne, really looking forward to tomorrow morning and Tempting Grace!

Connie Northrop said...

Cool blog!
Hot pics! :0)

I like a cover to have a pic of a guy who actually matches the story. It ticks me off if the hero has log hair and the pic has short hair. I would prefer no pic to a wrong one. LOL

Mia Watts said...

The pictures have me. Wow.

V. J. Douglas's Blog said...

Sometimes I have a particular face in mind when I write and sometimes he's just there.

In one book where I had a particular person in mind, his physical characteristics informed the character in ways I didn't foresee when I started to write the story, adding an unexpected dimension.