Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling oddly disconnected

Maybe disconnected is the wrong word. I guess lately I've just been doing a lot of thinking. Over the past few weeks I've come to the conclusion that we are here on earth for a really short period of time. A blip really. We go through life doing and doing and doing, but we forget to stop and just feel.

Last night my husband and I took a moment and we stopped. We sat out on the deck with a fire going in the fire pit and listened to the wind blowing through the trees. We talked about important things, and nothing at all. Those moments are so far and few between though because we all get so busy with life!

When was the last time you watched the leaves fall to the ground or listened to the rain on the roof? Maybe smelling the fresh aroma of coffee in the morning or taking the time to read a good book? I don't know about you, but I tend to chug my coffee and I'm forever rushing through books these days because I have so little free time.

Just taking time to enjoy the little things seems so hard. We have to schedule it in, for crying out loud! I'm feeling like I need to take a weekend and just go away. Have you ever done that? Took an impromtu vacation?

How do unwind? Or rather, how do you force yourself to stop and smell the roses? Is there a trick and I'm just missing it?

In other news. I have two new reviews to share and I'm so thrilled I can barely sit still!

Lynn at Fallen Angels Reviews gives Tempting Grace 5 angels and says,

"Ms. Rainey ramps up the emotional conflict along with the sensual tension in her latest addition to her Vaughn Family Series. As usual, she takes a 100 percent alpha male, combines him with an intelligent, sexy woman and invites her reader to sit back and watch the sparks fly. "
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and I got my first review for my menage (m/f/m) Reckless Exposure!

Valerie at Night Owl Romance gives Reckless Exposure 4 1/2 hearts and says,

"Reckless Exposure is one of those stories that makes the reader keep checking the page count to see how much story is left - because you don't want it to end!"


Regina Carlysle said...

Oddly, I just blogged about this very thing, Anne. I haven't figured it out yet. Sometimes I'll be doing something and find my jaw is clenched, my hands are fisted and my mind is whirling. So tense and stressed. Know it sounds silly but I've been finding a quiet place (usually outside), I'll close my eyes and just breathe deeply. I force my muscles to relax. It seems to help. I think we just need to learn to slow down and not race through life.

Chloe Waits said...

I wish I knew the secret too, but life seems to come at us really fast.
I like the idea of a gratitude joural I head about, being thankful for say 5 things that happened that day, which forces you to slow down and acknowledge a few special moments...

Kelley Nyrae said...

It's so hard to take those moments and it shouldn't be. We all need them. I love the gratitude journal Chloe mentioned.

Carol Ericson said...

I think I'm pretty good about enjoying those little moments in life. I live near the beach and I walk about 3-4 times a week down to the beach - yes, it's a quick exercise pace but I'm listening to my iPod and I totally enjoy the moment when I round this one corner and I see the ocean and then walk downhill toward it. Also, when I'm in the car right before I head downhill to our cul-de-sac, there's a great ocean view at the top of the hill, and sometimes I'll pull over just to watch the sunset for a few minutes. I look at the stars at night when I'm outside and always try to spot Orion's Belt (the only constellation I can consistently find!). The secret is to incorporate these moments into your everyday life and routine - no need to schedule - they're there for the taking!

BrennaLyons said...

I have a lot of trouble slowing down. Like Regina, sometimes I just find myself tied in knots. I have trouble telling people to fend for themselves, the mother hen in me. For that reason, I'm always burning the candle at both ends.

I HAVE taken impromptu vacations, and that works well for me, as long as I'm not on deadline. Sometimes (like yesterday), I decide even reading other people's books is too, and I turn off the computer, put away ALL the books, turn off the ringer, and spend the entire day with Tamer and the kids. A long shower. Lunch out. Shopping for furniture for Kitty's room. Cooking dinner together...

Can I do it for long periods of time? NO! If I don't write for two full days, I'm crawling out of my skin. But, for a day? It's bliss.

If there's a way to turn off the hypergraphia for a few days and do no writing, someone tell me. I could use it...once in a great while.

Brenna, who has written 5000 words, just since 11 am...and that's with breaks for a shower, picking the kids up...and so forth.

Joy said...

I HAVE taken impromtu vaca's. I found that when I did mentally I felt so much better. I have taken off with no actual destination in mind & stopped when I felt like it. It was very freeing & liberating as well.

Mary Ricksen said...

take a little time to smell the roses?

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hi Anne
Found the link you posted on BookCravers and here I am. Love the blog btw, esp the graphics!
As for unwinding, yeah, very tough. I have 2 boys and when we take them out, I try to make it a duty to unwind at the same time too, like just this weekend we went to the beach and I just stood in the water and let my mind drift off. Felt awesome! On a day to day basis, I'm forcing myself to eat lunch at the counter and away from a PC/laptop/mobile phone/book, just to savor the moment and have a little bit of time when I'm not consciously doing anything.
Lol, hope that made sense!
Will definitely be dropping by here often now!
Cheers n hugs

Anne Rainey said...

Regina--I've never tried a breathing exercise. This is a little like meditating, right? I need to try that.

Chloe--I've never heard of doing that, but what a great idea! It would certainly help you to focus on the positives!

Anne Rainey said...

Kelley--I do too. I may try that!

Carol, I'm so jealous you live near the ocean. That's my dream!!

Anne Rainey said...

Brenna--5k, WOWZERS!!!! Great going!

Joy--Oh how I want to do that. Just take off and stop when I feel like it. What a wonderful thing to do!

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Z--Welcome to our blog!! Thanks for the compliments! :)