Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shame on Astalatalk! Shame Shame!

This morning I visited one of my favorite loops only to learn that Astalatalk (formerly Astalavista, a popular ebook pirate site has hit a new low. So yeah, they get my SHAME ON YOU award!

Most of us are aware that many publishers do 'charity' books where the proceeds for sales go to help a cause such as breast cancer research, a bereaved family, or any number of things. Authors give of their time and talent and work hand-in-hand with their publisher to see the monies involved go where they are meant. Apparently, one of these charity books showed up at Astalatalk. They have a chat board and someone actually asked for the book and someone else popped on to say they had it and would upload it for her.

Shame, shame, shame.

The author of the charity book posted to their message board saying...there must be a special place reserved in hell for people like YOU who would steal from a charity. (I'm paraphrasing here, but you get the drift). So it's not enough these people give not a minutes' thought to stealing from an author or a publisher but now they do THIS. Outrageous!

Recently my own publisher, Ellora's Cave, released a series of books where the proceeds go to a family who lost their daughter in a fire. Nothing makes up for their catastrophic loss but the money should help some with expenses that were acrued during this agonizing time. To think that someone would steal from them is appalling. So authors, if you have a charity book floating around out there, please check to make sure someone isn't stealing from your chosen charity.

What is this world coming to?


Kelley Nyrae said...

That is so sad. What in the hell is wrong with people?

Lady Jane aka Shandy Jo said...

That's just horrible.

BrennaLyons said...

I blogged about the same thing this morning. It's especially dear to my heart, since I'm in three of the Coming Together anthologies...and other notable ones, like Forsworn.

I used to think pirates who sold free reads I offered were the lowest of the low...until now. Cheating the readers I gift with a free read is bad enough. Taking money out of the pocket of a charity? That's worse.

When I donate a story to a charity, I expect that charity to get the money the book earns. Even if I have non-exclusive rights to use the story elsewhere, I don't. I even have an icon on my site, encouraging readers to buy the charity volumes that I make NO money from.

The authors donate (sometimes even buying the books to give as prizes, as well as donating their stories). The editors do, the cover artists do, and in some cases, the publishers donate their portion of sales as well. The readers are donating by purchasing the books.

The only flies in the ointment are the pirates, stealing money from cancer research, shelters and legal aid for abused women, aid for premature babies, autistic children, wildfire victims, and so forth. That's who you're stealing from this time. Not just me, the cover artist, the editor, the publisher, and so forth. Not just the readers. THOSE people. People who need the help these charity books can raise.

Lowest of the low, indeed.


Brynn Paulin said...

I've come to the conclusion they really don't care about anyone but themselves. But then, selfishness is at the heart of so many crimes.

Fran Lee said...

Hon, is that Astalavista, or Astalatalk? I think Astavista was dismantled and shifted the piracy to Astalatalk.

BrennaLyons said...

Astatalk. I have the direct link to the conversation. At least, I do until they delete Alessia's comment.


Regina Carlysle said...

Oops it IS Astalatalk. They are the same thing though, aren't they? My bad.

Yeah, Brenna! I saw your post early this morning and it just steamed me so much I had to blog about it.

Regina Carlysle said...

Brenna, I didn't want to post her exact comment to them but I'm soooo damn glad she let them have it. I just couldn't believe it.

Regina Carlysle said...

Okay. Changed my title to Astalatalk. I goofed. Sorry. My apologies to Astalatalk. No, hell no, I take that back. I'm not apologizing the THEM.

Anne Rainey said...

That's so horrible. Seriously, I've said it before, but I'll say it again. May these people burn!!! Grrr