Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The cold of flu season...YUCK

Even though I look forward to this time of year because it's such a welcome break from the hot summer, there's also a part of me that dreads it. This is the time of year so many people get sick. I have a Kindergartner this year which means days spent in class with 20 other five and six year olds so this year, I'm dreading it even more. I worry she'll catch more this year with the germs, the weather and being around so many other children all the time.

I've always gotten my kids the regular flu shot. I never really thought twice about it. They said it was good for the kids and so I did it. I've never had any problems with it and plan to get theirs soon for this season as well. I'm learning of the h1n1 though...I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and I'm just not sure what to do. I always stress when it comes to important decisions for my children. I'm always so scared of doing the wrong thing for them.

There's a part of me that thinks...'duh, it's obvious you should get the shot'. The strain of flu is so dangerous for kids and I would hate to risk my little girls getting it. Especially since my oldest kiddo is in school now. But then there is the other nagging part of me that worries about the shot as well. It's completely knew and so there's no way to know if there are any kind of long term affects, especially for children. I've read a little online and the experts are saying its much safer to get the vaccine then risk contracting the virus. They said they spend the same amount of time creating the vaccine for h1n1 as they do the regular flu shot each year because the flu changes each year so in response they must chance the vaccine each year.

Still, there are so many out there who are nervous too. I read that something like 50% of Americans polled don't plan to get the shot for their kids. I have mixed feelings about that. It makes me feel a little bit validated for my fear, but on the other hand, it's scary too. I'm just not sure what to do.

Do you get flu shots every year? Are you planning to get h1n1?


Regina Carlysle said...

Yes. We're planning on getting it. I'm a little leery too but I don't want to take chances with this flu.

BrennaLyons said...

Absolutely not.

First of all, the H1N1 has been proven not much more severe than any other flu, so far, if it's treated correctly. Which means the same people who will likely die from any other flu will die from this one. So far, less have died from H1N1 than any other "flu epidemic" in history. Now, the most pressing death toll will probably come next spring...not this winter, if it follows the usual curve, but comparing month to month, we're much better off than usual.

BUT the vaccine has a block on lawsuits. Now ponder that. They want me to stick this thrown-together vaccine in my kids, but congress has blocked any lawsuits against the company that produces it. How does THAT fail the common sense test? It's so dangerous and/or unproven that they want to make sure I can't sue if my kid dies, but they "highly suggest" I use it. You know, the reality check bounced right about there.

As I said, Hades will freeze over before I chance it.


Kelley Nyrae said...

Wow...that's interesting, Brenna. I didn't know that.

Fedora said...

Honestly, I’ve gotten the flu shot in the years when it was convenient (like when my husband’s work offered it to its employees and families). I haven’t gone particularly out of my way to get it. On the other hand, I have gotten my children vaccinated most years–my twisted reasoning is that I want to avoid their getting sick because if they get sick, I’ll probably get it, and have to take care of them at the same time. As for the H1N1, it does seem to affect the younger population more intensely–if the vaccine is available for the kids, I’ll consider getting it for the kids, but not worry about it as much for myself.

Brenna, I hadn't heard that about the lawsuit block though--that seems to put a different spin on things...

And I do think careful handwashing can make a big difference, so if you’re doing that, you’re already reducing your chances of picking something up!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

This is a hard decision. In our case, you couldn't pay me to put that in my kids. Beyound the autism issues, this flu hasn't been shown to be any more virulent than other strains, and my SIL nearly died from side effects of the original swine flu vaccine. She spent six months paralyzed and in an iron lung. At the first sign of an outbreak, I'll keep them home and do the virtual homeschool through their school district until it's all clear.

craft brag said...

The flu has run through our town like wild and so far the kids are getting a high fever, cough and body aches. My son got it and even though we did not confirm that it was H1N1 - he was pretty sick. It was over in three or four days. We treated him with Gateraid and Iburprofin. His temp get scary high a couple times as we were waiting for the medicine to kick in - 103.3.

It is not as bad as they are saying. If your child has an underlying health issue there is a concern - but then again - there is that concern every year.

It is your choice but if my friends would ask me - I'd say no. But my son is ten.

Media has really hyped this.

MEDIA - not medical professionals.

Kelley Nyrae said...

YOu guys are giving me a lot to think about. it seems the more people I talk to, most are saying no, they aren't getting it and are telling different issues they've heard. Seems like the consensus is no for most. Thanks for chiming in!

BrennaLyons said...


And that IS another issue for me, if autism is a factor. My older two are mildly autistic.


Anne Rainey said...

We've never gotten the flu shots. This time I AM considering it.