Monday, October 12, 2009

sweatin' off the pounds

So, with the change in season, I find myself having to switch up my workout routine. I've been using the elliptical machine we have in the basement, which gives me a great workout, but it's COLD down there these days. I don't like the cold!

I looked up manual treadmills today. Checked out a few reviews on them and I've come to the conclusion that I don't know the good from the bad. LOL One reason I want a manual is that it's quiet. I can do it in the living room and still hear the TV. The othe reason, and this is the more important reason, I don't have a lot of space. I need something I can fold up and put away. The Denise Austin treadmill is foldable and seems like it MIGHT be a good deal. At about $180 I can get a treadmill that will fit in my living room, it's fairly quiet and I can tuck it away when I'm done--or when people come over. But, do manual treadmills give you a good workout?? Hmm, I'm not really sure.

Next, I went looking at some aerobic videos. Most of the ones I have are a bit old. Kathy Smith, Denise Austin. I have a few Billy Banks too. But I sort of wanted something different. To mix it up a little. Of course, most of the ones I saw online use a step. I don't like those types of workouts, it's hard on my knees. Plus I'm not coordinated enough. So, I'm left with the same old tapes, I guess.

My third option? Bring my problem to you all! LOL What type of workout do you do? Are you like me where you'd rather workout in your own home? Do you swear by aerobics, treadmills, stair climbers or what? Help a gal out here! :)


flchen1 said...

Hi, Anne!

Honestly, I'm not much for the treadmill, but DH uses ours all the time. I mainly rely on walking the kids to/from school for my exercise (which admittedly sometimes isn't much...) Is there a way to have your elliptical run a space heater? ;) Then you could generate your own heat as you workout :D

I'm sorry I have no input on the manual treadmills... I have heard good things about strength workouts that involve those resistance bands, but I haven't tried them myself.

I do take a ballet class a couple times a week, which I enjoy--it's not the most strenuous workout, but at least it gets me moving :) And I'm definitely the type of person who is more likely to use something if I'm still paying good money for it... :)

Hope you find a new-to-you workout you enjoy!


Kelley Nyrae said...

For me I go to the gym. I don't have the space for anything at my house. I use the eliptical at the gym. I've never used a manual treadmil before so I'm not sure about those. LOL. Sorry, I'm not much help!

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Fedora--We do have a kerosene heater, but I'm too lazy to get all that going, just to workout. LOL I'd rather stick a DVD in and go. Btw, I DID get your address, the book is going in the mail today! :)

Kelley--my husband goes to the gym, but I'm really not comfortable with working out in public. Plus the nearest gym is half an hour away.

I'm leaning towards buying that treadmill, but I'm still just iffy about it...

Sophia Danu said...

I need to think about this too. I've been walking two miles a day outside, but it's getting time to move the exercise inside. So now what? I'm in the same boat also with the exercise machines downstairs in the cold basement. I have a bow-flex and treadmill downstairs but it's so cold down there! And the exercise room doesn't have a TV - so it's boring. lol...

Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Anne,

Once upon a time, I was a very plump woman with more hips than energy or the desire to work off the pounds. Then one day, I decided to get up and get moving.

I began my workout with a 'grueling' one mile per day and walked around the neighborhood complaining each and every step of the way. After about three weeks, I started to enjoy these daily walks and increased the pace, walking for longer periods of time. I'm happy to report, I'm up to five miles a day, and sometimes walk as many as seven, five days a week.

I'm not much for a treadmill since the fresh air is needed here after staying behind a computer all day. If you lived nearby, I'd love to have a walking buddy!

Love and hugs,
Destiny Blaine

Jake - but not the one said...

I like working out with people.

Okay,with women. >:)

So it's the gym for me!


Debbie Tsikuris said...

I love my Wii Fitness!! It's fun and until I'm done I really don't know I'm exercising. But, it works and how. I highly recommend it especially for someone who hates to exercise. It also, keeps a graph on your weight, BMI & Wii age. Lots of fun while you lose weight & inches.

Anne Rainey said...

Sophia--All I had was the cd player, so I know what you mean about it being boring. Guh.

Destiny--Congrats on your progress! That's something to be proud of. I wish I DID have a walking buddy. I'd love that. It'd make exercising less of a chore, for sure.

Jake--Admiring the view while you sweat, eh? LOL

Anne Rainey said...

Debbie--we DO have a Wii. Any particular workout you'd recommend for me?

Susan Macatee said...

I love my air bike. I work out on that three days and week and the other two I do a workout with hand weights to a Kathy Smith video.

Anne Rainey said...

Susan--I have several of Kathy Smith's videos. I love her workouts! Great for calorie burn!!

flchen1 said...

Anne, if you haven't gotten Wii Fit, you might consider it to add to your exercise options--it's pretty fun :) I don't think it's a complete thing in and of itself, but definitely a fun option, especially when the weather's icky out! As Debbie mentioned, it tracks your weight and BMI and goal, and there are a variety of strength, flexibility, and aerobics activities to play around with. Aside from that, in Wii Sports, the boxing option is pretty intense if you choose to go all out :)

Have fun!