Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A wave of new milestones

I'm sure most of you remember my mini-freak out session back in August when my oldest started Kindergarten. That was a huge milestone for us and one she passed with flying colors. She's doing great in school and absolutely loves it. She's made it to the ABC club which means she knows all her upper and lowercase letters and sounds. She's been star of the week and kiss kicking that sight word list in the rear! She's making friends left and right and I love it.

Usually I pack her lunch but she's really been interested in trying to buy lunch at school. She's been asking and asking and this week I finally cave. Each student has a six digit lunch number they have to memorize which is did! This Monday morning I gave her a five dollar bill when I brought her to school. Its the first time she's had money like that without me right there with her. She felt like such a big girl and has been buying her lunch all week!

Then this morning she came crashing into my room all excited and woke me up by telling me she has her first loose tooth! At this moment she's showing it to her almost two year old sister and explaining that "I have a loose tooth and that means it wiggles".

I know its just a tooth but it's so crazy how fast they start to grow up. It's like all of a sudden it's milestone after milestone. Its exciting and scary at the same time.

All I can so is sit back and enjoy the ride. She's a special little girl and I love watching her grow!


Sophia Danu said...

Such a cutie Kelley! Those are such special times. :)

Unknown said...

What a cutie! Enjoy those milestones. They grow up so quick.

Bekki Lynn said...

She's adorable, Kelley.

Baby book posting moments.

It's so cute how she was explaining to little sis. Things she'll forget, but when she's in junior high and wishing her sister wouldn't want to tag along, you can remind her of the times she enjoyed being the older sis.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, enjoy it! My oldest started high school this year and it FLIES! (get used to that dishing money thing too *rolls eyes*)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Thanks everyone! She's so proud of herself. I love it.

Anne Rainey said...

Your girls are growing up way too fast, Kelley! It seemed yesterday that you were at the Lori Foster event pregnant. Wow, time flies!

I'm so glad she's doing well. I'd wondered about her the other day, remembering how frustrated you were on her behalf. Glad she getting into the groove! That takes a lot of stress off us moms, huh? :)