Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Worthless, Totally Meaningless Songs

Ahhhh. The cold and flu season. Don't ya loooove it? Two-thirds of the Three Wicked Writers crew is sick. Anne is flat on her back with the flu, poor thing, and I carried a wicked head cold home with me from Romanticon. It was almost as if God said...Hey YOU! You had too much fun and now you must PAY! Well, that head cold has morphed into a little flu and I must confess, I've been a little wobbly over the past few days.

Considering the circumstances, I thought I'd run a little poll by you all. Remember growing up and you'd drive along with your friends with the radio cranked to ear-splitting pitch? Some drivel laden song would come on and everyone would sing it at the top of their lungs? I sure as hell do!

So here's my list of totally worthless songs. They have a pretty good beat and are kinda catchy but have no redeeming social value at all. My number one? Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, followed by Dizzy by Tommy Roe. And who can forget Hanson's Mm Bop? And the best of the best? Barbie Girl by Aqua Aquarium which debuted in 1997. The newest of the lot of totally worthless songs? HUMPS by The Blackeyed-Peas. Yeah, kinda catchy tune but no redeeming social value at all.

So put on your thinking caps and tell me...what tops your list of totally worthless songs?


Kelley Nyrae said...

Good topic but its a hard one for me to come up with anything. Barbi girl and humps are on my list for sure though. LOL.

HOpe you ladies are feeling better!

Regina Carlysle said...

Running to the bathroom and hanging my aching head today, Kell! Oh yeah... I'll actually sing that stupid HUMPS song! I MUST be sick...huge eyeroll.

Jenna Alexander said...

I grew up in a small rural town so "Fishing in the Dark" byt he Nitty Gritty Dirt Bank always got everyone singing and dancing.

Wow - thanks for the memory jolt! I haven't thought of that song in decades!

I'm off to youtube to find it.


Jenna Alexander said...

oops - typing too fast

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band