Monday, July 20, 2009

something fun

As a mom, I tend to NOT spend a lot of money on myself. Usually when I go shopping with the girls, the most I buy myself is a few books. That's my big splurge. Well, Friday we went to the mall and I came away with a bag full of clothes! New panties from VS and several new tops. It was fun to buy something for myself. It's been quite awhile since I've done that.

That's not all I got though. I also bought a box of Born Blonde haircolor from Clairol. And guess what? I now have blond streaks. LOL Hey, we moms want to have fun too, right? So, I mixed up a margarita and handed th box to my daughter and let her have total control of my hair. Which is a big deal for me. I don't even go to salons. I'm a control freak when it comes to my hair. I've had too many stylists butcher it. However, it was a fun sort of bonding time. We chatted about tons of stuff while she worked on me. And the results turned out pretty neat. My husband even likes it!

No pictures yet though. I'm going to be letting her do a purple streak next. Yes, purple. LOL Once it's ALL done I'll take a few pics and post them here. In the meantime I want to know what YOU do to pamper yourself? When was the last time you took some ME time?

It's strange, but I feel somehow rejuvinated. I've decided to pamper myself more often. Heck, someone has to do it! LOL


Regina Carlysle said...

Well, now! Aren't you just the wild and crazy chick??? Bet the streaks look great but the important thing is the bonding stuff.

It's been forever since I've done something just for me. I haven't bought anything new to wear or had my hair done in quite awhile. Think I'm way overdue.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Okay, you sound like me. I've been in such a funk lately. I never do anything for myself. I've let myself go. I've gained weight etc. So for the past three weeks I've been on a diet with a friend of mine. We're actually both doing well and I've stuck with it which is good! This week my weight loss was the same as it was the first two weeks put together!! So, this weekend I got my hair done. I haven't had it done in braids in over a year and I'm loving it. Also, and this is a big one for me. I've ALWAYS wanted my nose pierced. Just a really tiny stud on diamond. Nothing big at all but I've never done it. A friend of mine mentioned she's always wanted to do it too so we're both putting back a little money at a time and hopefully next month we're going to go together and get it done!! Only live once, right?

glad you're doing some stuff for you!! Can't wait to see your hair.

Carol Ericson said...

Ooh, I guess I'm a little selfish, since I do stuff for myself all the time (I didn't think so, but I guess it's relative!). During the summer I get pedicures at a salon, and I get my hair colored probably every 4 months or so (have to keep that gray away!) I walk 3 miles about 5 days a week, and I DO NOT COOK at least 2 days a week - we get take-out or go out. And I have someone come in to clean the house twice a month. (Wow, when I write it all down like this, I seem kinda spoiled...) Glad you like your hair.

Jennifer August said...

Good for you Anne!Doing things for yourself is very important. Like Julia Cameron says, it helps replenish your creative well. My big thing is the movies. Most of the time it's my 15 year old son and I going. We do dinner and a movie on premiere nights. I always want to be one of the first to see a movie. When it's a chick flick (Like the upcoming Ugly Truth)I'm on my own, though. lol This is really the only thing I do for myself these days, but it makes me happy and I always come out feeling rejuvenated!

Anne Rainey said...

Regina--I didn't realize how much I needed to do that. I was so excited with the new clothes, it was like Christmas or something!

Anne Rainey said...

Kelley--Way to go, lady! Congrats on the weight loss AND the hair!

As to the nose piercing. I've never thought about having that done, but I have always wanted a tattoo, just never had the guts to do it. You're giving me ideas now! LOL

Anne Rainey said...

Carol--not spoiled, smart. We should all take notes here!

Jennifer--I LOVE going to the movies. It's always been one of my greatest pleasures. Now that my kids are teens, it's even more fun because I'm not restricted to just kids movies.

Jen said...

Wow, good for you. Now I'm surprised you didn't come away with some pink streaks in your hair. Definitely post some pictures once you get it the way you want it.

As far as pampering myself, I guess the main thing that I do is take a nice long hot bubble bath and read if it's been a stressful day at work.

Yesterday I "ran away from home". I just needed to get away for a few hours and think about some stuff in peace and quiet. So I called a friend and she let me go out to their lake house for the day. I just sat out and looked out on the water and soaked in the peacefullness.

Sophia Danu said...

Hi Anne! Sounds like fun!! :)

I actually did pamper myself on my birthday on the 9th. My mom came to town and we went shopping and out to lunch and then we all had a family dinner with ice cream and cake. It was a great day!

She even gave me a manicure that night. :)

I'm glad you had a fun day. You deserve it!

Anne Rainey said...

Sophia--There's nothing better than having someone else do your nails. It's such a nice treat!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

I think the last time i did something just for me was the last friday my son was still in school for the year. I'd go out for lunch on my own and browse the bookstore.

then again, the other day i thought i was living the high life because I got some new Hanes at the walmart... I may be a dork, but I'm a content dork.

Oh, and I'm very sensitive about my hair, so i know the feeling. i would love to have the fire engine red streaks back in it, but don't have anyone i trust enough to do it.