Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saying goodbye to a series

I accomplished something really big lately. At least it felt big to me. I always feel really great about finishing a book, but when I finished this last one, there was something a little extra there. See, I struggled a lot with this one. I did a lot of reading it over, changing things, adding and taking away. I used the delete button WAY more on this book than I ever have before. It felt like it was plaguing me which made me sad because it was the last book in a three book series that I LOVED writing.

Finally, the last couple weeks everything just flowed. I wrote like crazy and things finally came together. Just a couple days ago I was able to write 'The End' and while one part of me jumped for joy because this book had felt like such a weight on my shoulders, the other part of me was a little sad. I had to say goodbye to these three girls: Kaylee, Tabby and Brianna who had become friends to me over the past couple years. They've pretty much been a part of my life since I started writing with the goal of publication. They were my first sale and now it's a little hard to say goodbye to that.

This series started because I wanted to do a series with a group of girlfriends who would do anything for each other. They were there when the other needed to cry, there to make them laugh, and there to tell each other to pull their heads out of their you know whats when need be. Through it all I felt like I was a part of their little Friday's at Luciano's group and now I'm kind of sad that is gone.

It's weird...feeling so excited about something and sad about it at the same time. I've never really experienced being sad to finish a book before. But, on the other hand, I breathed life into these characters and it was a joy to be a part of their lives (does that make me sound crazy? LOL). I enjoyed these three books and I hope readers will enjoy Bri's story as well.

As a reader or a writer, is it hard for you to say goodbye to a series?


Regina Carlysle said...

First of all...CONGRATS on FINISHING. It's always such a feeling of accomplishment. I know how you feel about saying goodbye to characters you've lived with. When we craft these people they live in our minds (and often our hearts) so I always have a little trouble saying bye! I think it's natural.

D. Musgrave said...

This was interesting to read as I will be facing this dilemma myself. I suspect your feelings are much like mine would be.

Molly Daniels said...

There's always a sense of sadness when you realize you're finished with the lives of certain characters. I cried when 'graduated' the first six heroines from my college series, but then wrote the finale a couple years later and that was fun to write, to imagine them fifteen years later:)

Jake - but not the one said...

Ending a story, or a series of stories, is always hard. Best to get involved deeply in the next one!

Anne Rainey said...

Congrats on finishing, Kelley!! You deserve a night out with that hubby of yours. :)

I don't personally know that feeling. Someday maybe I'll reach 'The End' as well!

Kelley Nyrae said...

Thanks for the congrats! It seems a lot of you feel the same way I do. It's hard, but I just started a new book so hopefully that will help me through this!

Desirée Lee said...

Yes, the characters do niggle at you, I think. I have a story I wrote never intending to write a sequel, but the characters clamored for more so... I have a few more series in the works. I'm not looking forward to those ending either. *LOL*

Congrats on your accomplishment Kelley!

Carpe Noctem,