Monday, June 4, 2012

The Waves, Stars, and Bikers!

Yep, down here in the Myrtle Beach area we just finished up a couple of weeks of Biker Fest. I had heard horror stories about it. Well... turns out it really wasn't bad at all. There was a lot of noise, and I had trouble getting in and out of my street, but all in all it wasn't bad.

The police presence was overwhelming. Never saw so many in one place in my life. State helicopters flew overhead and barricades on residential streets were up. Overall, the police seemed to be in a pretty good mood. They smiled, laughed, and joked whenever you had to go by them in order to get home. And I have it on good authority that one particular dude in uniform got my oldest's phone number. LOL

I did see one biker trying to pop a wheelie on busy busy Hwy 17. He was in the lane next to me and when the stoplight turned green he popped it. Fool came very close to laying down that bike. AND! He wiggled his ass back on--wiggling the bike, too--for a good ways down. If he had fallen? God. I can only imagine the carnage.

The other thing that I had to deal with really only upset me on Thursday night (the 31st). The barricades weren't up yet in my area and bikers used the avenue next to my bedroom window for racing. I didn't sleep all night long. I thought about calling the police but just didn't. I worried someone was going to get hurt. But I also kept thinking that they were only trying to have some fun. You know... YOLO!


Last night we walked down to the beach about dusk. There was a guy with a parrot and he put it on my shoulder. I felt like a pirate. LOL I love the smell of the ocean. I just stood there watching those waves and the long shoreline with the twinkling hotel lights. Watched the last remnants of daylight fade to black.The stars are so bright here.

Doesn't get any better than that!


anny cook said...

Sounds like fun. And the parrot? Cool, very cool. How are you doing, honey?

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