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Happy Friday!

My week ended with a bang not a whimper when I got a brand new cover yesterday! WOOT! Nothing makes my day like yummy cover goodness. So? What do you think? Ellora's Cave's Syneca does a bang up job and, for this story, she got just the right tone. Trouble in a Stetson is part of a three book series with authors Desiree Holt, Ciana Stone and MOI. Desiree's Trouble in Cowboy Boots releases July 28. Mine will follow soon but I don't have a release date yet. Soon, I hope. Then Ciana's Trouble in Chaps will tie things up with a neat little bow. This series, Sequins, Saddles and Spurs chronicles the adventures of three friends who leave Vegas in an attempt to escape the troubles in their lives. They 'break down' in Mesa Blanco, Texas and hook up with the hot cowboys of their dreams.

And speaking of one in the Texas Passions series (Ellora's Cave) released this week. Eagle's Run by Desiree Holt sets up the tale of a young woman who realizes after the death of her father that not only does she have two illegitimate brothers but they will share ownership of the ranch she'd always believed was hers alone. Eagle's Redemption, by Cindy Spencer Pape, tells Dash's story (June 16) and Eagle's Refuge, my story, releases one week later (June 23). So mark you calendars to pick these stories up!

Buy it Here!


Book 1 in the Texas Passions series.

Her father was murdered by an unknown killer. Now Leah Morgan, the half-Comanche daughter of the owner of White Eagle Ranch, is faced with his unsolved murder, as well as two illegitimate half brothers who have each been left a share of the ranch. If not for Shane Duffy, the hot-looking, hot-blooded veterinarian, she’d be falling apart completely.

As she fights to retain control of the ranch and considers her heritage, Leah finds comfort in long nights of sweaty sex with Shane. And then there’s Grant Fallon, the geologist who wants to show Leah he can bring her more screaming orgasms than the hunky vet if she’ll just give him a chance.

But someone has an ulterior motive. Is it Shane? Grant? One of her half brothers? Leah might find the answer…if she’s not too busy chasing away the shadows in the arms of her lover.


Chapter One

Leah Morgan forced herself to sit still in the massive leather chair, moving only her eyes as she scanned the occupants of the law office. No one looking at her could tell her heart was racing and her blood pounding as if she’d just exploded in the throes of orgasm. For a brief moment, as the full scenario she faced hit her, she wished herself back generations. Today she wanted to be one of the fierce Comanche warriors she’d read so much about, brandishing a spear, the light reflecting off the war paint streaking her face as she attacked.

It took every bit of her self-control to tamp all of that down, put a tight lid on it and assess the situation.


She snorted. Now there was a word for you. This was far more than a situation.

She’d come here today for what she thought was a mere formality, a scan of some documents, a few signatures. She’d actually almost forgotten the appointment until Amos DeWitt, her father’s long-time attorney, had called to remind her. Shouldn’t take too long, he told her. Just the reading of the will. Then she could get back to the ranch—her ranch—White Eagle Ranch—and on with her life.

Not for the first time she cursed the poachers who somehow managed to breach their fence lines in the dark of night and shoot the white-tail deer that ran wild on their ranch. A large herd ranged over their property but White Eagle wasn’t a hunting preserve and they didn’t even allow licensed hunters. And now, she was sure, one of those scumbags had been responsible for her father’s death. The grief she’d suffered since her father’s murder simmered beneath the surface, a luxury she didn’t have time to indulge in at the moment. She couldn’t afford to. She had work to do. Responsibilities to take care of. But walking into the familiar law office had changed everything. She stopped at the sight of the two men waiting with Amos. The last thing she’d expected was to be told they were her illegitimate half brothers. She’d stumbled to the closest chair, fisting her hands to control the quaking inside her.

Illegitimate half brothers? Joe’s children?

Mac Moreno was not exactly a stranger to her. Withdrawn and often morose, he had carefully nursed his mother, a housekeeper at one of the local ranches, through a long bout of cancer. Apparently both he and the town were surprised that she’d left him a small life insurance policy, which he used to buy the local honky-tonk, renaming it Hell’s Bells. Now he scratched out a living serving as his own bartender, bouncer and manager. He lived in the apartment on the second floor and did his socializing out of the area. If he did any at all.

That was the total extent of Leah’s knowledge of him. What was he doing here?

Then Amos had introduced the other man. Dashiel Hyde—Amos told her he preferred to be called Dash—as if she cared. He sat as far away from everyone as he could get at the end of the long padded couch. The first thing Leah noticed about him was the dead look in his eyes. Then came the scars on his face and hands. And finally the hint of nerve injury in one leg as he shifted position.

Joe had apparently met Dash’s flight attendant mother on a trip to Dallas. When she told him she was pregnant she’d been paid well, Amos said, under the condition neither she nor the child ever contacted him, so she’d raised her son alone in Chicago. Dash was now a retired cop on disability.

Then came the real shock.

These two men were going to be her partners in the ranch. Her ranch. As she listened to Amos read the will and discovered Joe had left each of them an equal share, the Comanche blood in her veins began to boil again. What she wouldn’t give to have the late, great Comanche chief Quanah Parker with her right now. He’d never lost a battle to the white man.

Of course, she reminded herself, in the end he surrendered to the white man only when he saw there was no alternative. Leah was far from ready to go that route. Yet.

The remnants of a recent dream flashed across her brain. Two eagles chasing her, a vulture swooping in after all of them. Then it was gone as quickly as it came. The dream had disturbed and frightened her so much she’d pushed it from her mind, but now a shiver skated over her, as if she’d somehow missed a warning.

Tightening her hands in her lap and pinning Amos with her gaze, she blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.

“I don’t believe it. Not one word of it. This is some kind of scam. I don’t have any brothers and that ranch is mine. Just mine.” She raised her voice. “It was always understood. What’s going on here, Amos? What’s that old man trying to pull from the grave?” She banged a fist on her knee. “Grandfather warned me not to trust him and he was right. The old fart.”

“Leah!” The older man raised his eyebrows then sighed, leaning back in his desk chair, fingers precisely lining up the documents in front of him.

“Amos!” she spat back at him.

“I told your daddy this would turn out bad,” he said, shaking his head. “I warned him but he just didn’t want to listen to me. It’s a hell of a thing when a man gets a conscience that late in life. Leaves a mess for everyone else to clean up.”

“Conscience?” She let her gaze travel slowly from one person to the other. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

For one very insane moment she imagined none of this was happening. That it was still last night and she was back in her huge four poster bed lying in the very masculine embrace of Shane Duffy, sheets tangled and the air filled with the heady musk of their lovemaking.

Shane! The vet who cured her animals and kept her heart. The man who promised her the moon and delivered on a regular basis. Tall and lean, his body roped with tough muscles from the work he did. Eyes like chicory coffee and an improbable dimple at one corner of his very sensual mouth. And a body that drove her beyond any heights she’d ever dared dream about. After six months together she couldn’t even imagine not having him in her life. She’d never have made it through these last few days without him, that was for sure. Now she needed him more than ever.

God, she could hardly wait to tell him what a goat stampede this was turning out to be. He’d be just as shocked as she was.

Another sigh from Amos. “I guess I’d better start at the beginning. And y’all need to just sit here and listen to me until I’m done.” He glared at them each in turn. “Everyone got that?”

Leah could tell that neither of the men was any happier about it than she was, but she bit her lip—hard—and gave a quick nod of her head. She thought she was prepared for anything, but again she was stunned. Joe Morgan had sowed his wild oats without a care in the world, fathering two sons he’d never claimed and ignoring the women who gave birth to them.

Leah might be tough on the outside but that didn’t mean she didn’t have feelings. She wondered just how hard it had been for Mac, watching his mother die and knowing a man with all the resources at his disposal could have made her last months a lot more comfortable. When she shifted her gaze to him again, it wasn’t hard to miss the resentment simmering in his eyes.

But for whatever reason, before a poacher’s bullet had ended his life, Joe Morgan had decided to try to make things right with his two sons. Men he’d kept his own dirty little secret.

And shafting me while he did it.

Leah wondered if her own mother, Angel Nightwalker, would have been just another of Joe Morgan’s castoffs if her grandfather hadn’t shown up in full war Comanche regalia—something he seldom wore except for exhibitions—with a delegation of equally attired young men when her mother turned up pregnant.

Ken Nightwalker was an elder and recognized leader of the remnants of the Comanche tribe that lived in their own community outside Morgan’s Creek. Where his daughter was concerned he had been adamant. There would be not just a wedding, a sham ceremony to legitimize the child, but a real marriage. Angel would live on the ranch, not apart from Joe. She would be treated as his wife, and Leah would carry the Morgan name and have all the rights and benefits due to a true Morgan offspring.

And the tacit understanding between them was very clear. In the end, the ranch would belong to Leah.

The longer Amos droned on now, the harder it was for Leah to keep her anger in check. She refused to look at either of the two men whose silent presence was almost like a condemnation. She didn’t want or need them in her life, nor welcome any potential interference in White Eagle Ranch. Although she had barely finished grieving Joe’s death, she had plans to make for the future and things to do, and she had no idea how these strangers would fit into them.

Amos’ monologue was suddenly—and blessedly, Leah thought—interrupted by the intercom buzzing on his desk. At that exact moment the door to the outer office flew open and a tall, regal-looking man walked in. He made an imposing picture in jeans and leather shirt, his long graying hair tied back with a thong, not a trace of humor on his hawk-like features.

Leah had to bite back her smile. Yes, royalty clung to every line of Ken Nightwalker’s magnificent, arresting presence.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. DeWitt.” Josie Barker, Amos’ secretary scurried in behind the man. “I told him this was a closed meeting but I don’t think he heard me.”

“Oh I’m sure he did.” Amos waved a hand at her, swallowing his own grin. “No problem, Josie. The gentleman is welcome here any time. I should have invited him myself.” He rose from his chair and extended his hand. “Good to see you, Ken.”

Ken Nightwalker stopped at the front edge of the massive desk and accepted the lawyer’s outstretched hand. Then he bent to kiss Leah on the cheek.

“Granddaughter.” He looked around the room. “Have they boxed you in here?”

She just couldn’t help the tiny smile that tugged at one corner of her mouth. “You taught me never to let anyone do that to me, didn’t you? I would be a foolish granddaughter to ignore the lessons I’ve learned from you.”

Mac pushed himself away from the wall where he’d been leaning in a forced pose of nonchalance. “Riding to the rescue, Nightwalker? I’d think since your precious princess here was the only one old Joe legitimized she wouldn’t need anyone’s protection.”

Leah felt the flare of temper inside her at the “precious princess” label. Only a warning glance from Ken told her to hold her words. Her life on the ranch had been wonderful but nowhere near what those two words implied. If not for her grandfather, growing up with a burr under the saddle like Joe Morgan, especially after her mother died, could have been disastrous. So she held her tongue and waited to see what would play out next.

“So where are we here?” He addressed the question to Amos, surveying everyone else in the room as he spoke. “Ready for me to get out the tomahawks? Amos, how about a real short version of what we’re facing. What Leah’s facing.”

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New Release Contest!

Hey All!

To celebrate my new release I'm running a contest!!

For a chance to win a print copy of “Body Rush”, my FIRST full length erotic romance release with Kensington Aphrodisia, simply send me an email at with MANIC READER CONTEST in the subject line.

I’ll be picking 1 winner on Thursday, June 3rd and announcing it right here on this blog!

body rush_Anne Rainey_med

Kensington Aphrodisia

Body Rush

print single title

Three restless naughty idea...

Legal Briefs

Taking orders from egotistical hot shots in suits is no turn-on for legal secretary Lydia Burke, but she knows where to find what she's looking for--at a local BDSM club. Three sexy, commanding men want to show Lydia their version of the law, and she's just the woman to yield to their demands...

Doctor's Orders

Psychologist Roni Smart is willing to play doctor in her spare time, but she's looking for a man who lusts after more than her money. Enter Jake, a computer whiz whose able fingers, red-hot body, and brash take-charge attitude are the perfect antidote for her fever...

Midnight Snack

Coffee shop owner Jeanette Williams just can't read the menu when it comes to men. But she's more than happy to serve the knee-weakening biker guy who shows up each morning, stirring a shameless desire within. So when she catches his hungry eyes on her, she offers him an after-hours culinary lesson he'll never forget...

Heat Alert: Smokin' Plus!

this story contains lots of hot lovin', multiple partners, anal sex, oral sex, toys, and Dom/sub situations. NOT for the faint-hearted!

Available now at:


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Available June 1st on the Nook and Kindle!

and to give you something to drool over...

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Feel like getting a little Wild?

I have a new release! I love this feeling. It's a mixture of nervousness and excitement, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Here's an excerpt of Wild!

Catrina Reynolds has a secret. By day, she cares for the daughter of her boss, Hunter James, but by night, she pens naughty fantasies about him in her journal. A man like Hunter: gorgeous, wealthy and confident would never return the affections of a sweet, mousy, nanny like Catrina, so when journaling is no longer enough, she's forced to act out her fantasies alone...

While his daughter is away for the weekend, Hunter plans to get to know his quiet, shy nanny. He senses there's more to the woman than meets the eye. When he stumbles upon her calling out his name while showering, he wants nothing more than to lure the wildcat out of her sugary, sweet shell.

Catrina and Hunter embark on a weekend of erotic fantasies all geared toward bringing out the naughty girl hiding inside her. But is there more between them than their sexual games? Will he make all her fantasies come to life.

Catrina stepped from the shower on weak legs. They were wobbly, like those on the old Gumby doll she'd found for Ashley last week. She pulled a scarlet red towel from the rack and wrapped it around herself. She still tingled, ached, and hungered for Mr. James, but her shower release took the edge off her need, if only a little while. It's like he turned her into a wanton, some wild woman with sex on the brain. Catrina shuddered. If he ever found out how much she wanted him, she would lose her job for sure. A man like him wouldn't want some starry-eyed novice chasing after him between games of Barbie and Pet Shop with his daughter.

After grabbing a second towel for her hair, she pulled open the bathroom door. She took one step out of the bathroom and the towel she used to dry her hair dropped to the floor. Her heart thundered as heat surged through her cheeks like strikes of lightening. That same heat sent fire coursing through her veins and landing between her legs. She couldn't move. Her feet were heavy, planted into the ground of her bedroom as her eyes trained on the man sitting in the corner of her darkened bedroom.

What was he doing here? Oh God, had he heard what she'd said? Did he know what she just did? Tremors so different from the vibrations of pleasure she'd just felt moments before wracked her body. This was it. She would lose her job. Her friends would be angry at her, and she wouldn't be able to spend time with the little girl she'd grown to love.

Catrina opened her mouth to speak, but only a squeak emerged. She shook her head, and then dropped it forward, unable to look at him with his coal black hair and penetrating eyes. And that's when she remembered ... oh God; she was standing naked in front of Mr. James! Well, naked except for her towel which rested just below her rear. "I--I have to go," she managed to push the words through her lips before she turned to duck back into the bathroom.

"Cat, wait."

She did just that. She couldn't have moved if she wanted to. He called her Cat. In the two months she worked for him, he'd never called her that name.
"We need to talk." His voice poured over her like warm honey, making her gooey between her legs. What is wrong with me? I'm about to lose my job, and I still want him?

"Shouldn't I get dressed first?" That's all she needed -- to get thrown out of his house without clothes on her back. What would Molly and Brenna think? She could only imagine calling her friends to tell them she'd been fired, needed a ride, and ‘oh, can you bring me some clothes’?

"I'd rather you didn't, Cat. You're a beautiful woman, and after what I just heard, I have to tell you, I'm imagining you in much less than even that little towel."

Warmth spread through her belly as her heart rate jumped. Did he really think she was beautiful? More importantly, did he really fantasize about her the same way she did him? Despite the way she burned with embarrassment because of what he'd heard, she turned to him. This was her chance to be the wildcat. Who knew, he might not want her the way she did him, but she couldn't turn away from him if there was a chance! Maybe, just maybe, she could be her wildcat with the real thing instead of just in her mind.
"What a contradiction you are. Your cheeks are scarlet, and you can hardly look me in the eye, yet, just seconds ago, I heard you screaming my name while you pleasured yourself. So sweet, yet so bad too, aren't you, Cat?"

She fought the overwhelming urge to duck back into the bathroom, lock the door and never come out again. This wasn't her. Hell, even with Roger she hadn't been blunt in the sex department. How could she with the man sitting in front of her? The one who inspired all her sexual reveries, yet also held her livelihood in his hands. Not only her livelihood, but everything she'd ever wanted. Being a nanny may not be what most little girls dreamed of being as a child, but for her and her two friends, it was.

But could she ever forgive herself if she passed up this opportunity? This could be her chance to prove to herself she could be more than sweet, shy Catrina. Maybe, just maybe, Hunter could help her be more. The only question was, could she do it? "I--I want to be bad."

Catrina risked a glance at him to see a wicked grin stretch across his face. She'd never seen the look in his eyes before. Heck, she'd never seen any man look at her the way Hunter James did in that moment.

"Tell me what you want, Sweet Cat."

She almost lost it right there. Was this really a possibility for her? Catrina fought to slow her rapid breaths. "I want you to touch me. To--to make me wild. I want you to make me forget who I am, turn me into the woman I am in my fantasies."

He pushed to his feet, taking long, quick strides until he reached her. In one swift movement, Hunter pulled her against him and covered her mouth with his. Catrina's whole body melted in his arms as a moan of shock and satisfaction rumbled inside her. Hunter ate the sound as his tongue pushed past her lips into her mouth. He scorched her with his heat, with the sweeps and probes of his skillful tongue. She brought her arms up and wrapped them around his neck, aware that the material of the towel felt looser around her.
When his large hand splayed over the small of her bare back, Catrina shivered. Tingles of delight raced down her spine. The towel must be completely open now. She didn't have time to dwell on the fact that she stood bare in Hunter James's arms, because he pulled her tighter against him. Her belly came in contact with the hard length of his erection. She'd made him hard! Sexy, gorgeous Hunter James was hard for her.

That wild woman who only came out when she was alone in her bedroom started to emerge again, begging and pleading to break free from the chains that held her at bay. Catrina rubbed against him. Relishing the feel of his length grinding against her. Hunter's hand ran up the small of her back to her neck, and then he buried it in her hair, pulling her closer for another sweep of his tongue before easing her away.

"You want me, Sweet Cat?" With his free hand, he covered one of her breasts before pinching her hardened nipple. Catrina sighed as the pull of his fingers vibrated throughout her whole body. "Why didn't I notice these pretty, little nipples hardening for me before? Are they always like this for me? Always so sharp with your desire?"

"Yes," she hissed, trying to stuff down the embarrassment of being with him this way.

"And you want to be wild for me?" Hunter pinched and rolled her nipple again. "You want those fantasies I heard you acting out in your shower?"

His other hand left her hair and went to her free breast. They felt so good. Better than she imagined as they played with her sensitive peaks. "Oh, yes..."

"You intrigue me. You have since I first met you, but I'm not sure I can give you any more than that. And I don't want to lose you. You're good with my daughter and she loves you. I have to be sure you're okay with that. My daughter and your job are the most important things here."

She would take it. If they tried for anything more than just the weekend, things could get sticky. As much as she wanted him, she wanted her job more. She didn't want to leave this house or his little girl. "I love Ashley too, and I'm not asking you for more."

"So you'll do as I say, Sweet Cat? You'll let me draw out that skittish wildcat you've been hiding from me? I'm warning you, love, I like to be in charge. Will you let me help you find your pleasure?" His voice was thick with what she hoped to be desire.

She never wanted anything more in her life. Her body screamed, pulsed, as wetness dripped down her legs. "Please ... I want you. I want it all."

Available HERE

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Where the hell are my SOCKS?

Did ya'll notice I was gone last week? Probably not since Anne and Madison so faithfully posted for me. Thank you, thank you, ladies. Have had some family issues involving illness that required some travel and a little personal down-time for me and my loved ones. Let's face it...real life happens and when it does we have to set things aside and rise to the challenge. So the most immediate challenges have been met with a positive attitude and I'm working hard on getting the big, sunny Regina SMILE back. That started yesterday with getting my hair done. It has been far too long since I did something just for me so I saw my Hair Goddess and guzzled wine while my golden locks processed. YAY ME.

I also had the opportunity to read the work of a brand new Ellora's Cave author. Have you ever read someone new and just had your socks knocked off? Well, to be honest, I wasn't wearing socks but if I HAD been they would've been blown clean off. Natalie Dae is an author like that and I'm thrilled to feature her debut Ellora's Cave title here today. This is a don't miss author and since I rarely say that...listen up. Natalie Dae is a 'must buy' gem and years down the road, when you are totally, completely hooked on this author, remember that I recommended her. I accept gift baskets, chocolate, cash. Whatever. Here's just a wee bit of her Soul Keeper.

Buy it Here!


Carrie Marsh anxiously awaits her online lover of two years, pacing the station in her stylish red coat with nothing but luxurious black lingerie underneath and stilettos on her feet. Will Rob Edwards really be on the train from Scotland? Will the attraction still exist in person? Can she even stave off the first anticipation-induced orgasm before he arrives? Excitement spirals through her, for Carrie has planned a night to remember.

Rob is shy, and Carrie intends to show him how to unleash his sexy side during a series of sexual encounters. But once he arrives, she can’t wait until they get to the hotel, let alone a bed. No. They hardly make it to the first tree, where anyone could spot their antics.

One unforgettable evening of passion leads two virtual lovers to a lifetime as each other’s soul keeper.

Very Adult Excerpt:

Pressing her lips to his, she searched for his tongue. Rob’s arms encircled her waist, his fingers massaging her ass through her coat. The fabric an annoying barrier, she brought her hands between them and undid the top two buttons. His hands left her ass, came up to grip her wrists, and he broke the kiss.

“You’re taking your coat off?”

His widened eyes and the surprise in his voice pushed laughter from her, and she moved her hands down to the third button. His grip loosened, then he glanced back up the path before returning his gaze to her face. With shaking hands, he undid the fourth button and opened her coat. Rob sucked in a breath.

“You only have underwear on? Jesus Christ, woman!”

She laughed again, head thrown back, and his lips met her exposed neck. Shivers of delight wended up and down her spine, the heat of his breath and the cold winter air inciting a rash of goose flesh to pepper her skin. His hands snaked inside her coat, palms trailing up and down her waist, thumbs smoothing over her rib cage. Carrie lowered her head, watched him taking in the sight of her body, and fuck, she wanted him inside her now.

Shirking off her coat, she handed it to him. He draped it over one arm and, mouth agape, stared at her as she walked backward to the gate.

“Come on,” she said, the thrill of being so wanton, so daring, spiking her need.

Carrie turned her back to him and raised one foot, placing it on a gate rung. His sharp intake of breath made her want to laugh with the power she had over this shy, beautiful man. With one foot on the rung above the other, she hoisted her leg over and sat on the top rail, hands gripping it so she didn’t fall. She turned her head to face him, the cold metal heaven on her hot cunt.

“Are you game?” she asked, eyebrows rising.

“Aren’t you cold?” He stepped toward her, the coat held out so she could put it on.

Carrie swung one leg over and lowered herself into the field. Hand on hips, she sucked in her tummy and pushed out her chest. “You coming in?”

Rob hung the coat over his arm again, his mouth working to speak but no sound coming out. The streetlight at the far end of the narrow path enveloped him, lent his flushed cheeks a peach tinge. He blinked, eyes wide, and lifted one foot to the gate.

He shook his head. “You are crazy. What have I got myself into?” He smiled and climbed over the gate, dropping to the other side. Coat held out once more, he coaxed, “Come on, sweetheart. Put this back on. Please. I don’t want you getting cold.”

Carrie bent down to remove her shoes and sidestepped away from the gate.

“Love,” he said, “there’s probably cow’s shit in here. And you’ve got bare feet!”

An unstoppable giggle burst from her mouth, and she turned from him and ran along the tree line. His sigh of defeat chased her on the breeze, and soon his footsteps followed. She swung around and ran in reverse, toes digging into the wet, mulch-ridden ground. Out of breath from the exhilaration flying through her, she slowed to a stop beside a huge oak. Its branches stretched over them, the leafless limbs useless in protecting them should it rain. Backing up, she rested her ass and shoulders against it, the bark damp on her skin, its mossy aroma sharp in her nose. She dropped her shoes.

Rob caught up and stood a few feet before her, coat clutched in his fists. Carrie widened her legs, nestling her feet against roots that jutted from the ground. The cold air a balm on her hot skin, she brought one hand to rest on her stomach, the other to her lips. She sucked her index finger, then pulled it out, licking its length with deliberate slowness.

“God, Carrie. Stop!” Rob peered through the trees to the main road. A car whooshed by. “Someone will see us!”

“No they won’t.” She stared at him, lowering her finger to one breast, circling the nipple through the satin bra. Her other hand slid toward her crotch, and she cupped it, pressing the heel against her clit. “Come here.”

He looked from her to the coat and held it up, glancing around for a place to put it.

“Sling it on the ground and come and fuck me.”

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's a great day!!

I admit, I'm in a fantastic mood today. Lots of good things happening. Some of which I can't discuss yet...darn it. LOL

First, I want to get this out to ALL of you. I'm running a contest at Manic Readers. And there's also a giveaway going on over there. First, the contest.

I'm giving away ONE copy of Body Rush, my new Kensington Aphrodisia release. You can see more about the contest here: May Newsletter - 11 Free Books

Also, this month Manic Readers has another giveaway and I'm in on it. I'm offering up a copy of Dare Me! (Click the May Newsletter link above to learn how to enter to win).

Another thing I wanted to share. I've started a fan page on Facebook. I'm hoping to make it a fun place to chat about books, life, writing, whatever. It's not JUST about me and my books. Just wanted to clear that up now. Here's the link if you're interested: Anne Rainey Fan Page
Now, what am I sitting here staring at??? My brand new, gorgeous author copies of Body Rush. And can I just! It's so much prettier than I expected. There's just something about seeing your words in print, ya know? I'm planning to head to my mom and dad's house tomorrow to bring them a copy. I can't wait. Pretty exciting!

Okay, so besides giving away books and staring at copies of my own books, what else is going on in my usually boring life? Well, I got on the scales this morning and saw that I lost a few pounds. Yay! I've been dieting my ass off for months now and the scales have barely moved. So, it's a good feeling when you see a change. ANY change! LOL

And, I figured it would be wrong if I didn't leave you with a few hunks to drool over. So...commence with the drooling, ladies!

Matus...simply the sexiest damn man alive...holy moly!

Yeah, he's a little young. But c'mon. Look at that guy! I mean, whew!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Body Rush--coming Tuesday, May 25th!

I'm really excited! Body Rush, my first full length with Kensington Aphrodisia is nearly here!

Sin at Two Lips Reviews gives Body Rush 5 lips and says: Anne Rainey made my pulse pound. From the first story I was mesmerized. Positively mouth watering, heart palpitations’ had me looking for a cool drink of water.

Three restless women…one naughty idea…

Legal Briefs

Taking orders from egotistical hot shots in suits is no turn-on for legal secretary Lydia Burke, but she knows where to find what she’s looking for–at a local BDSM club. Three sexy, commanding men want to show Lydia their version of the law, and she’s just the woman to yield to their demands…

Doctor’s Orders

Psychologist Roni Smart is willing to play doctor in her spare time, but she’s looking for a man who lusts after more than her money. Enter Jake, a computer whiz whose able fingers, red-hot body, and brash take-charge attitude are the perfect antidote for her fever…

Midnight Snack

Coffee shop owner Jeanette Williams just can’t read the menu when it comes to men. But she’s more than happy to serve the knee-weakening biker guy who shows up each morning, stirring a shameless desire within. So when she catches his hungry eyes on her, she offers him an after-hours culinary lesson he’ll never forget…


Heat Alert: Smokin’ Plus!

this story contains lots of hot lovin’, multiple partners, anal sex, oral sex, toys, and Dom/sub situations. NOT for the faint-hearted!

Barnes & Noble Amazon Borders BAM Kensington Indiebound

So, does it sound steamy enough for ya? ;-)

And here's a Friday Hunk. Let's kick the weekend off right!

I'm ordering you all to take a cool dip in the pool

Play a little ball
but only after you spend a relaxing morning in bed

Any questions?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Cuties!

I've been hard at work on my current WIP and my brain is mush! So, I figured it was time for some good looking men to drool over. What do you all think?

This motorcycle hottie is just....yum!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guest Author: Hank Quense

Today's guest is Hank Quense an author of humorous and satiric fantasy and scifi stories. He has a collection of twenty short stories called Tunnel Vision. It is available in both print and ebook editions. Rather than discuss the collection itself, we'll talk about writing fiction in general and Hank's writing in particular.

What have you had published?
I have over three dozen short stories and a few fiction writing articles that have been published. I also have a novel called Fool's Gold in print and ebook versions and an ebook on fiction writing Build a Better Story.

What are the Tunnel Vision stories about?
The main theme is laughs. The characters all suffer from an overabundance of tunnel vision and the stories bounce from modern Manhattan to a mythical land called Gundarland. They don't take anything serious. Politicians, Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, the military, aliens, the undead, they all get cut down a notch or two.

You've written both short stories and novels. Is there a difference other than the length?
There are a number of differences. The short length of a story restricts the number of characters and subplots that can be deployed. Usually, the story only has room for one Point of View character, usually the protagonist. I have used the protag's sidekick as the POV character in some stories.

The Tunnel Vision stories are populated by a number of bizarre characters. Do these characters just pop into your head or do they require a lot of development work?
Both situations occur. Sometimes they do pop into my mind, but not usually. Most of the time, I have to work to develop a character that has something bizarre in his makeup. Occasionally, an external stimulus will trigger a character. Or even a story.

As an example, several years ago, one of my daughters gave me a grilling spatula as a birthday gift. It was much bigger than the one I use indoors. One side was sharpened and could be used as a knife to cut food while it cooked. One day I was using it I hefted it and thought it could be used as a weapon. Click. Burga, my warrior-cook, sprang into existence. Burga is the hero in Recipe for Revenge, one of the stories in Tunnel Vision.

In your stories, many of your characters are aliens or fantasy creatures. Is there a reason for this?

Using dwarfs and aliens means I can address sensitive issues without the Political Correctness Police raiding my home. For instance, I wrote a spoof of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, one of the most anti-Semitic plays ever written. I cast Shylock as a dwelf (half dwarf and half elf). In my story I can treat him in an insulting manner and it comes off as humor, whereas in Shakespeare's play it is considered hateful.

Here's another reason. In my most recent stories, elves are thuggish and larcenous. They belong to large gangs called "families" headed up by a Godmother. If I described a nationality of humans this way, I'd get sued by lawyers for defamation. Somehow, I don't think the elves will drag me into court.

How did you go about writing twenty stories for the collection?
I didn't. That is, I didn't sit down one day and say to myself, I think I'll write a bunch of short stores and put them into a collection. These stories were written and published over a number of years. Primary Research was published in September of 2003. It was one of the first stories I ever sold. I wrote the first draft of it in 2000. You can see that between writing this story and getting Tunnel Vision published in 2009 there was quite a time lag. Actually, it wasn't until after I had a number of stories published that it occurred to me to build a collection.

What do reviewers say about the collection?
Here's one I like a lot.
"Quense's stories are filled with unlikely heroes whose courage and idealism are exceeded only by their inability to understand human relationships. They bumble their way to victory, only to find they failed to understand the situation. Both rescuer and rescued are afflicted with "tunnel vision" and can't see the big picture. But the reader can, and therein lies much of the humor, as we observe human foibles from a safe distance."
This came for young adult author Jan Clark

Does reading your stories have any possible side-effects?

A. I'm glad you asked that because there are precautions that should be taken by readers. First, check with your doctor to determine if you are healthy enough to take part in spontaneous laughter. Second, if you are suffering from a contagious disease such as the flu, wear a mask to limit the spread of airborne germs when you laugh out loud. Finally, no one should read my stories while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

How can blog readers learn more about you and your stories?
My website has a lot of stuff about me and my stories and my writing. My blog has several new posts every week. I blog about my books, the characters I create, life in modern times, book reviews and even an occasional rant.
Here is Youtube link to a trailer for the Mead Cup, one of the stories in the collection.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer reads!

I can't believe it, but summer is almost here! I love summer reads. Here's a list of some of the books I'm looking forward to.

Live fast, fight hard and if you have to die then take as many of your enemies with you as you can. That is the Amazon credo and it was one Samia lived and died by. Now in contemporary New Orleans, the immortal Amazon warrior is about to learn that there’s a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she’s ever faced before.

Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years and in that time, he’s seen it all. Or so he thought. Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power- one that makes a mockery of anything faced to date.

The war is on and Dev and Sam are guarding ground zero. But in order to win, they will have to break the most cardinal of all rules and pray it doesn’t unravel the universe as we know it.

The Dark Hunter books will always hold a special place in my heart. I've been so curious about Dev for a while now and I can't wait to delve into his story. Kenyon's hunters are always on my must read list.
Releases August 3

Chicago private investigator Kira Graceling should have just kept on walking. But her sense of duty refused to let her ignore the moans of pain coming from inside a warehouse just before dawn. Suddenly she finds herself in a world she’s only imagined in her worst nightmares.

At the center is Mencheres, a breathtaking Master Vampire who thought he’d seen it all. Then Kira appears—this fearless, beautiful…human who braved death to rescue him. Though he burns for her, keeping Kira in his world means risking her life, yet sending her away is unthinkable.

But with danger closing in, Mencheres must choose between the woman he craves, or embracing the darkest magic to defeat an enemy bent on his eternal destruction.

I just found Jeaniene Frost's books late last year and let me say, they were the BEST discovery I have found in a long, long time. She quickly shot up into one of my favorite authors of all time. This is the second book in the Night Huntress World and I'm sure I will love it just as much as the first. Though... I don't think anyone will ever take the place of Bones in my heart. He's from the Night Huntress series and if you haven't read them, YOU HAVE TO! LOL. My favorite series now. I can't get enough of her books!
Releases July 27

Welcome to Destiny, Ohio—where two families have been at odds as long as anyone in town can remember.

Rachel Farris returned to her childhood home with one mission in mind: get Mike Romo out of her family’s apple orchard business and out of their lives. But hard-nosed and totally hot Mike, who happens to be the law in Destiny, is convinced the Farris clan stole the land from his family fifty years ago and he’s not backing down. Even when shapely trouble shows up in a pair of designer blue jeans. However, neither the hunky cop nor the sexy prodigal hometown girl can anticipate the electricity that heats things up whenever they’re together—adding new sizzle to an ongoing feud that’s raged for generations, and soon putting both their hearts at risk.

If you like emotional, SEXY reads that Toni Blake is the author for you. I just love her stuff. She always knows how to tug at the heartstrings. This is the second book in her Destiny series and one I know will go on my keeper self. Added to that she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Can't lose with her books.

What summer reads are you looking forward to?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Writing advice from...writers!

So, I'm a little unmotivated today. What was the first thing that I did? Pull out this list of advice I'd gathered sometime always helps to energize me!

Lori Foster says:
“Avoid critique groups and contests. They can not buy your book, but they can dilute your voice - which is the only unique thing any writer has. Listen to all advice given, and see how it applies to your work, but never feel pressured to make a change just to please the masses. Be honest with yourself, and admit your words are NOT golden, and can almost always use change. Yeah, it's a conflict - but no one ever said writing was easy. So much is instinctive, and if you don't have the instincts, get out while you can! LOL” –

Lucy Monroe says:
“Believe in your voice and your stories and don't let anyone but your editor convince you to make changes that don't mesh with *your* heart. (Sometimes not even your editor.)” –

Kimberly Raye says:
“The biggest piece of advice I can give to any writer (published or unpublished) is to believe in yourself and your work and take both seriously. If you don’t, no one else will. It wasn’t until I started believing in myself and my work that I started to go places with my writing. At first, it was just to the page, then to a critique group, then a publisher, and now it’s to thousands of readers. But it started with me having the faith to sit down and do it, to value what I was doing, to cherish and nurture it.” --

Juliet Burns says:
“Read what you want to write! Pick up newly released books in whatever genre/ line you are targeting and read as many as you can get your hands on. This will give you a feel for the type of plots, and characters and, most importantly, the tone of that particular line. It also gives you an idea what editors are buying. (Or at least what they were buying a year ago)” --

R. Ellen Ferare says:
“Keep writing, even as the rejections pour in. Editors sometimes ask to see your other work if they like your submission. Even if they can't use what you originally sent in. It keeps the spirits up, too.” –

Nicole North says:
“Make sure your writing is tight. Avoid repetitiveness, weak words, unnecessary dialogue tags...actually anything unnecessary! Each sentence should move the story forward.” --

Calista Fox says:
“Know your market! Understanding the genre in which you want to write is key. Know publishers within your genre and read their books. This will help you write books that fit their needs and style, and reduce rejection of a great book!

Write what you love. If you try to write the latest trend, but it's not your forte--or you're really not that interested in it--your audience (be it an editor, agent or reader) will know and they won't be happy with the story. This is especially true of erotic romance. If it's not up your alley--don't try it! Readers will sense your hesitancy or dislike for the genre in your stilted prose and they won't be pleased with the outcome.

Believe in yourself! If writing is your passion and your dream... keep doing it!” --

Cynthia Eden says:
“Not everyone will love your work--and that's okay. But YOU have to love your work. Stay true to your voice. Write the story that you want to create--do not try to fit a preset mold or write what you think is "hot" right now. Believe in yourself and write the best story that you are capable of creating.” --

Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter says:
“For beginning writers my most heartfelt advice is to set their fiction in a place they love with all their heart. That love and familiarity will shine through the novel and add depth and emotion many books lack. The setting in such a story can act as a character and further the plot in ways that readers will love because almost everyone feels a "love of home and place" for somewhere they've lived. That's why I set Cottonwood Place from The Wild Rose Press in the Southwest, I left my heart there after I visited it twice, and my father was buried in Bullhead City, Arizona.”

Amber Green says:
“Turn off the radio when you're alone in the car. You can hear the voices in your head better, and will often come home with just the fragment of dialogue or description you've been needing.”--

Brenda Williamson says:
“Carry a small recorder and talk out what's in your head. Works great when alone in the car, riding the lawnmower, soaking in the tub, and anywhere else you don't feel foolish dictating or acting out love scenes.” --

Larissa Ione says:
“Don’t sweat the small stuff…don’t get hung up on nits. An editor isn’t going to reject your book because you had too many “thats” or not enough commas in the story. Get the big stuff down – plot, characterization, voice, etc., because sometimes, the little stuff IS your voice.” --

Ann Jacobs says:
“Sometimes the best ideas come when you first wake up, so it's a good idea to keep a tape recorder, pad and pencil, etc. nearbyso you can get them down before they drift away as you go back to get those extra few winks of shuteye.” --

Marcia James says:
“Don't make the mistake of thinking you can learn the business side of writing AFTER you get "The Call". You need to learn craft and business (especially author promotion) simultaneously to be successful.” --

Jacki Bentley says:
“I’d like to remind struggling aspiring authors to never to give up on their dream to have readers. Over the years, I’ve seen many, many serious writers get published eventually – it takes a discouraging amount of time for some. Windows come open then close in sort of cycles. Use that time to hone the craft of romance writing. Also, some of the rules of writing don’t always translate well to romance, so read, read, and read more romance.” --

Donna MacMeans says:
“Find a local RWA chapter for support when the rejections come (and they will), for informative monthly speakers to teach the things never covered in English class, and for motivation to keep writing and submitting.” –

Leigh Court says:
“My best writing tip is a riff on the Nike slogan: Just Write It! My previous occupation was as a television news reporter, so when I think I have writer's block, or the story is just not flowing, or when I'm staring at a blank computer screen, I pretend I have that 6pm deadline for the nightly news, and Just Write It! Amazing how motivating a deadline can be!” --

Now for a word from an editor with Wild Rose Press

Amanda Barnett says:
“For this editor, a wonderful and intriguing plot captures my interest, every time, but basic writing fundamentals that need work pulls me back out of what could be an awesome read. Point of view and passive/active sentences, etc are all things that can and should be learned with little effort. However, the meat of a good romance begins with creativity—and this comes from the heart and soul. Please, if your dream is to be published, do not give up!”

So, what's your advice? Share!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Get Your Growl On

Ahhhh, the weekend! This means it's time to settle back, decompress a little bit and maybe catch up on that stash of reading materal you've been dying to dig in to. I'm going to suggest right now that you whip out your credit card and pick up Fran Lee's Nothing But Sex, the latest installment in the Cougar Challenge series from Ellora's Cave. My story Drilled came out last month, followed up by Jayne Rylon's Driven. Fran's hot cougar story is sure to please too.

Buy it HERE!


Story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Lee Blackhorse is hardly Cougar material, no matter what her friends over at Tempt the Cougar say. A forty-two-year-old woman who lusts after her thirty-year-old weekend helper is just plain nuts. Or is she? Mike Running Elk is the sexiest thing ever to don tight jeans and a second-skin t-shirt. She’s secretly yearned for the man for years.

Mike has no problem seeing himself in the role of Lee’s lover. In fact, if he can just get the hot-as-hell woman to realize he’s plenty old enough to ring her bells, he plans to do more than just clean her barn and mow her grass. He’s waited for her long enough.

When Mike shows up at her door with an injured hand, he notices Lee can’t pull her eyes off his naked, ripped chest. Mike can’t believe she’s as oblivious as she acts. The ice has been broken and he intends to heat things up even more…

Excerpt: (ADULT)

Mike swore foully as he caught his glove on one of the murderously long barbs on the roll of wire fencing that he was trying to move and he tugged his leather work glove off to find that the barb had made it through to his palm. He shook his head and shoved his hair back from his face with his other hand before he tugged his unused handkerchief from his back pocket and wrapped it around his hand, which did very little to stanch the flow of blood. Swearing at his own clumsiness, he headed across the wide work yard to the back porch and stepped inside, knocking on the inside screen door.

She appeared from the archway to the living room, her face pink and her lower lip caught between her teeth as she caught sight of him and he realized that he hadn’t bothered to pull his damn shirt back on. He saw the way her eyes darkened as they slid over his body and he felt a shot of anticipation run from his gut to his cock. Her lips were full. Her eyes were smoky blue. A small vein throbbed in her throat. And it struck him forcibly that she most certainly was as aware of him as he was of her.

But before he could wrap his mind around her reaction to him, she was hurrying up the stairs to the bathroom and he was following, his appreciative eyes on the lush swell of her generous, gorgeous ass as he held the tea towel tightly to his bleeding hand. Sweet Jesus, but he loved her ass. He had loved it ever since he’d first seen her, when he was just eighteen, and he had asked her if he could do some odd jobs around the place to make some cash every week. Right after his dad had died. Watching her walk around in tight jeans had made him forget a lot of the pain in his life back then.

She filled a pair of jeans like they’d been poured onto her. His mouth watered and his cock grew impossibly harder. Even the stinging pain in his hand couldn’t distract his attention from that ass.

As she entered the bathroom and stretched up to the shelf above the toilet to lift down the first-aid kit, he almost whimpered. Was she trying to kill him? If she didn’t stop wiggling around, he was gonna blow.

“I can handle it from here,” he grated as she opened the box and started to take the soaked tea towel out of his grip. But she shoved his free hand away and gently placed his hand in the sink, rinsing it with icy-cold tap water that nearly made him yell at the pain. He stared down at her bent head as she probed and cleaned the wound and each time her body brushed his, he almost lost it.

He lost track of what was happening with his hand as every drop of blood in his body raged into his groin, threatening to explode. Maybe that was a good thing, because his hand might stop bleeding.

“I still think we need to get you to the clinic and get this stitched. It’s way too jagged to heal right, and it’s still bleeding.”

Her words were lost in the hot muddle of his emotions and body. But when she looked up into his face, he forced himself to pay attention. “Hold this clean towel in your palm. Press it tight. I’ll get my car keys.”

And as she left the bathroom, he sank down onto the closed toilet and gasped for breath. If he didn’t get his cock to calm down, he would throw her down on the damn bathroom floor and fuck her blind. And somehow, he didn’t think she would respond well to that technique.

In other news: I'll be away from home and computer next week. Anne and Madison will be taking up the slack for me, sweet things that they ARE. I'm sure you can look forward to some hotter than hot pics to drool over.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest Author: Carolynn Carey

Today we have author Carolynn Carey discussing...

Books Set in Small Towns: Love Them or Do You Care?

Thanks for having me today. It’s always fun to “talk” with other readers.

And although I’m a writer, I consider myself, first and foremost, a reader. I think the love of reading is what makes anyone want to become a writer. Creating worlds that can help other people escape for a few minutes or for a few hours is one of the most fulfilling endeavors one can undertake, in my opinion.

Speaking of creating worlds, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing books centered around the small fictional town of Barbourville, Tennessee. Dealing with Denver is my third book set in Barbourville, but each stands alone.

I don’t know about you, but I love books set in small towns, and they’re very popular right now. In Dealing with Denver, I drew on my experiences in growing up in a small town. Although I have lived in a city for many years, I still go back to that small town, both physically and emotionally, and I always revel in the closeness of the people.

In Dealing with Denver, Southern travel writer Mattie Meadows needs an excuse to spend a few days in Barbourville, Tennessee, without the town folk guessing why she’s there. Fortunately, she’s a frequent contributor to a magazine devoted to cottages, and Barbourville boasts a delightfully authentic, old-time cottage called Potter Place. After snagging an assignment to write about Potter Place, Mattie figures her goal is in sight. Then Denver Vance shows up at the cottage and everything changes.

Since Chicago attorney Denver Vance is merely passing through Barbourville on his way home, he decides to spend one night at his brother’s cottage, Potter Place, and then head north the following day. Problem is, there’s a stranger on the front porch acting as though he’s an intruder, and by the time Denver discovers who she is, he’s already been drawn into helping her with her clandestine search.

Both are aware that their time in Barbourville is limited, and although neither expects to fall in love, they do. Then Mattie succeeds in her quest and old Barbourville secrets come to light, secrets that could very well destroy Mattie’s and Denver’s chances for happiness.

Will Mattie and Denver find a way to mesh their very different worlds and settle down in Barbourville? Or will the secrets they’ve uncovered forever taint their future in the small town?

What about you? Were you raised in the city or a small town or even in the country? Do you think where you were raised has any influence on the setting you prefer for the books you read?

Carolynn Carey loves writing about small towns and large towns, about the present and the past, about Tennessee and about long-ago England. To learn more about her various books, visit her website at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*sniff sniff*

Today is one of those days I didn't feel like crawling out of bed. My allergies decided to come back with a vengeance and of course I was out of allergy medicine! I drove my kiddo to school sneezing the whole way and promptly drove to the pharmacy to stock up on allergy medicine. My eyes are watering like crazy! That is the worst part for me. So now I'm going to curl up on the couch and hope its not too late for the meds to kick butt on my allergies. Enjoy some hotties today! I needed them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Author: Marie March

Three Wicked Writers welcomes Marie March! :)
Lurid or Lusty
The Challenges of Writing Erotica
Marie March

In recent years, the mind-set toward Erotica has become more progressive and well received. However, in spite of forward thinking attitudes, there still exists a puritanical state of mind towards "blue" language, sexuality and sexual slang both in print media and the spoken word. Yet, interestingly enough these rules do not readily apply to romance writers, and more specifically the erotica writer.

Though somewhat forbidden in just about every other form of literature, on the whole it is deemed acceptable, as well as expected, the inclusion of "filthy" words in the erotica narrative.

Often times, physical intimacy transforms into sensual, passionate, and in some cases extreme sexual experiences. In erotica, carnal desire translates into down and dirty verbiage intended to arouse the characters in the story, as well as the readers themselves. Since a large number of readership(s) choose these stories specifically for stimulation and fantasy, no one writing in this genre should feel ashamed purposely targeting a reader's guilty pleasure. Exploring human sexuality with honesty, an open mind and even a dash of humor, in a society often inhibited or reticent, can be a freeing practice.

Now, this does not mean your complete storyline has to read like a recent parolee's travelogue through the red-light district in Amsterdam, as riveting as that may sound. All it really means is for an erotica writer to stay true to the genre, the thoughtful use of (perceived) taboo words should have no limitations--so go ahead--write a story that will make your readers upper and lower cheeks burn!
Savage Cravings May 2010
Insatiable Jul 2010
Let It Bleed Oct 2010
The Selkie Jan 2011

A Non-Bloggy Day

I woke up this morning completely blank. I mean it...DULL, NOTHING, BORING. So what do you blog about when your mind just isn't functioning? Hell if I know. Lots of stuff has been going on at home. You know, real life stuff and it's been a tad hard to concentrate. I realized the other day that I've gotten a little overwhelmed with everything. Non-stop writing since early January has me feeling a little burned out and basically I just want to sit back and breathe for a bit.

But you know the old saying...Publish or Perish? Well, there is some truth to that. I've taken a little over a week off, played with some story ideas and handled things on the home front. Still I'm feeling the need to decompress.

So please help the boring, dull, lifeless troll that I am come up with some ideas. What do you do to decompress? To get back in the groove of things? Tell me please. Inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Smokin' Hot Reading!

So, ever since I bought this new laptop, which I LOVE, I've been buying lots more ebooks. One I'm reading now is by the talented author Renee Field. An erotic romance short story called, Electrify Me. It's what I'd consider a hot summer read. I'm already looking for the authors other books!

And isn't this cover sexy?? :-)

Krista lives out her fantasies through the vixen-like characters she writes about. They’re sexy, brazen and experienced in and out of the bedroom. When a young hunk of an electrician shows up at her house and offers her a delicious deal that will spark all her creative juices, Krista decides to throw caution out the window. After all she’s not getting any younger and the idea of finally becoming a sultry, sexually self-confident woman is a fantasy come true.

Read an Excerpt

So, clearly I'm in the market for some HOT summer reading. Got any suggestions??

And here are a few Monday Hunks...just to get us all revved...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

From the Three Wicked Writers. We hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, fun and being pampered!

Friday, May 7, 2010

He Caught a Cougar by the Tail!

I'm speaking of the hero in Jayne Rylon's hot new Cougar Challenge tale DRIVEN. If you haven't picked up any of the books in Ellora's Cave's hot new series, please do. No need to deprive yourself of some wicked, sexy fun and these books are all that and more. Jayne's addition to the series will have you clammoring for more. I promise!

Buy the book HERE!


A standalone title in the Cougar Challenge series.

Lynn Madison transformed from repressed corporate drone to bold seductress overnight when her online friends at Tempt the Cougar encouraged her to take charge of her destiny. Their advice haunts her as she drools over the hottest Italian stallion on the planet while stranded in an airport.

Sebastian Fiori is a master of speed. A rally car driver, he’s used to winning on and off the track. He sees no need to put on the brakes when a sexy sophisticate revs his engine. After spotting Lynn’s decadent ménage novel, he decides to take her for the ride of a lifetime—with his navigator Mark.

Storm delays would be far more upsetting if Lynn’s young stud wasn’t offering a first-class ticket to indulge her fantasy. Neither of them expects their rendezvous to last beyond their transatlantic flight on his private jet. But sometimes there’s no escaping the forces of nature.

Reader Advisory: Novel offers a racy little treat—an m/f/m ménage.


Chapter One

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking.”

Lynn Madison strained to hear the distorted announcement despite the shitty airplane speakers and the baby who’d been screaming since they’d taken off over an hour ago. She didn’t blame the munchkin. She would bawl too if she didn’t get that the gray clouds causing the turbulence, which bounced their regional jet across the sky, weren’t as ominous as they appeared.

“We’ve been in a holding pattern, circling New York for the past fifteen minutes. Air traffic control just radioed. They’re closing the airport until this cell blows over. No one’s allowed in or out. We’ll be diverting to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but the delay shouldn’t cost us more than an hour.”

Groans of disappointment and frustration drowned out the sporadic whispers of concern proliferated by less-seasoned fliers. Lynn jumped straight to rearranging her tight schedule in her mind as the pilot droned on.

“We’ll grab some fuel then wait for an update. If the situation changes, we’ll let you know. We should be on the ground in about twenty minutes. Thank you for your patience. Be sure to keep your seat belt fastened; the air will be bumpy during our descent. Flight attendants, please prepare for landing.”

Before the beady-eyed flight attendant could scold Lynn about stowing her netbook, she clicked to her browser window then hopped on the Tempt the Cougar blog she shared with a circle of friends. Her college roommate Rachel had introduced her to the group of erotic romance enthusiasts after Lynn had bitched about her bland sex life. The ladies had recommended several novels that had her eyebrows climbing and her fantasies growing spicier by the minute.

They’d quickly become very close, welcoming her into the fold and encouraging her to follow their lead in prowling for a younger man to seduce. She had to admit, the stories she’d heard since hanging around them had inspired some wicked fantasies.

Lynn envied the women who’d found love along with their wild adventures. But their proactive attitude in snatching the reins of their lives had resonated with her more than their steamy affairs. Enough to spur her to some serious introspection on what she wanted to do with the rest of her time on earth.

She’d set up a get-together with the members who lived in the tristate region while she killed time during her layover. She hadn’t wanted to wait until next year’s RomantiCon to meet them in person.

Thank God she’d splurged on the in-flight Wi-Fi.

LynnLuvs2Travel: Only have a few seconds, ladies. Flight is being diverted due to weather. Looks like I might have to bail on dinner. Was so looking forward to it! Sorry L Expecting an update when we land. Fingers crossed I don’t miss my connection to Europe!!!

Lynn sighed as she snapped the lid closed then tucked the netbook into her seatback pocket. Figured this would happen on the first day of her new life. The monumental changes she’d implemented had almost seemed too easy so far. Like blowing out the single candle that had topped the cake Rachel had baked for Lynn’s fortieth birthday.

In the instant before she’d snuffed the flame, she’d wished her destiny were her own. No more wasted years, working on someone else’s clock. Figuring out what she’d rather do, since retiring early would mean living in a cardboard box for twenty years or so until her investments kicked in, had taken a bit longer. But not much.

Three months later, she’d quit her job as a sourcing agent for a high-end retailer. Instant lightness had pervaded her soul when she turned in her resignation, reaffirming her decision.

After a dozen years of dreadful stays in spartan hotels, eating meat-and-potato meals or hauling ass through sketchy parts of foreign cities—all on the recommendation of her male counterparts—she knew better than most that a series of travel guides aimed at professional women going solo constituted an undiscovered niche in the market. It wasn’t that the guys had deliberately sabotaged her, but her priorities ran more to a clean room, a spa and healthy meals than the number of strip clubs in a half-mile radius or a smoky bar with nonstop sports playing on a bazillion flat screen TVs.

Preoccupied with reliving the whirlwind of the past couple weeks, she was surprised at the squeak of the wheels meeting the runway.

As soon as she peered through the fogged plastic porthole to the tarmac, she abandoned hope. No fewer than a dozen jets kept their stranded plane company. Even if the sun shone bright at JFK in the next half-hour, the snafu had induced a logistics nightmare.

Sure enough, the pilot emerged from the cockpit to address the cabin face-to-face. “I’m sorry, folks, but things look worse than we originally thought. Traffic is being rerouted along the entire East Coast. We’re going to let you head into the terminal until we receive a better estimate on our revised departure time.”

Lynn’s heart raced in her chest. She had lived well within her means despite her hefty corporate paycheck. The nest egg she’d accumulated had supplied her a shot at pursuing her dream but, in this economy, she’d had a hell of a time securing outside investors to back a no-name upstart. If the delay caused her and several hundred other people to camp out and compete for the limited vacant spots on cramped international flights, her itinerary could be ruined.

Everything hinged on making it to her starting point as scheduled. Train passes, local guides, connections, sold-out hotels…

The idea of all the lost work, not to mention cash for the original reservations and the last-minute bookings, had tears stinging her eyes. Would her old job consider rehiring her if this venture flopped? Probably not.

She gathered her belongings then filed down the stairs onto the tarmac for the march into the dinky terminal. On top of everything else, they had to be stranded at a two-gate airport with rudimentary facilities and limited options for connections.

Note to self… Include a chapter on travelers’ insurance and the appropriate amount of time to leave between flights. Not that the six hours she’d allotted would help much in this situation. The insurance policy she’d selected would cover her flight arrangements if necessary but nothing could recoup the lost time. She’d have to drop chapters of her book.

As the herd of disgruntled passengers trundled up the ramp into the steel and glass building, which seemed out of place in the surrounding fields, they merged with the unfortunate occupants of the other impacted flights. A red-faced man doused in cheap cologne yelled into his Blackberry. He cut her off in his dash to hit up the airline representatives waiting inside. He rammed into her shoulder, knocking her oversized purse containing her netbook onto her elbow. The shifting weight threw her off balance on the slick surface.

Lynn skidded several feet toward the railing before a warm, muscled arm wrapped around her waist and a grumpy mumble washed over her earlobe. “Asshole.”

She flinched, attempting to shy away. “What is wrong with people? I tripped.”

One touch from an unknown man and she just about swallowed her tongue despite his rude treatment. Lame!

A carefree laugh replaced the foul temper she’d attempted to deflect. “Sorry, gorgeous. Not you. I meant that asshole who shoved you. He’s lucky I don’t kick his inconsiderate ass.”

Her imagination ran wild at his tone—confident, worldly, bold, gallant but not too stuffy. The midnight voice colored by subtle hints of a Mediterranean accent inspired a million dirty thoughts that had her squirming. The broad hand on her ribs flexed so close to her breast she sucked in a gasp, willing her nipples to stop hardening beneath her thin, silk blouse.

“Damn, are you hurt?” He spun her into the shelter of his arms, his palms bracing her shoulders.

So young! Heat blossomed in her cheeks. Here she was, lusting after a man at least a decade younger than her who probably thought himself a good Samaritan for helping his elder. As quick as she chastised herself, a naughty whisper invaded her embarrassment. The Cougar ladies had scored men like this. Those lucky bitches!

Hell, some of them had even managed to bag two virile studs.

“Let me help you inside.”

Did he think her deaf and dumb on top of clumsy after that giant space out?

“I’m fine. Really.” She shrugged from his hold, instantly regretting the loss of his touch. Her skin tingled where his fingers had rested. “Thank you.”

“Any time.”

She picked up the pace to avoid an awkward silence as he shuffled along next to her through the crowd, but he somehow managed to dodge a harried mom pushing a double stroller, a gentleman wrestling with a cello and a couple holding hands to keep even with her.

In her peripheral vision, she admired the agile maneuvers of his lean but built body. His black duffle, peppered with logos, rode against a trim hip covered in the dark navy denim favored by recent trends. The lighter creases around his upper thighs led her straight to dangerous territory. She jerked her gaze upward but had to cant her head pretty far to glimpse his unruly brown waves beneath a red baseball cap with something embroidered on the front.

His scruffy jaw couldn’t obscure his sculpted cheekbones. The shadowed skin highlighted the contrast of his bright blue eyes. The impact of his stunning looks almost had her tripping again. It’d been fifteen years since she’d gotten her hands on prime beef like that.

Lynn Marie, how crass! Maybe the Cougars really were rubbing off on her.