Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Diamond at Midnight--excerpt!

Today I thought I'd post an excerpt from my upcoming vampire romance, A Diamond at Midnight. It'll be released August 6th with The Wild Rose Press.

Diamonique’s life is changed forever when she stumbles across Cain Reed on a dark, lonely New York street. With a single bite, she’s given immortality and shown unimaginable pleasure. But before she can explore eternal love his betrayal tears them apart.

One hundred years later, Cain is back to save her from a dark enemy. Rafael, the depraved leader of The Dominion, will stop at nothing to settle an ancient score between him and Cain. Caught in the middle, Diamonique will need to swallow her pride and rely on Cain if she’s to survive. But is she handing her trust over to the right immortal or is she merely trading one evil for another?

The music changed once again, the tempo faster, the romantic tune gone, but the mood was still there. She was still as edgy, still as ready, and the stranger was still standing in front of her, staring at her, waiting for her to surrender.

Diamonique glided a step closer, bringing their bodies into contact. She could smell his natural masculine scent. For the first time, she realized what it was about a man that made women lose their heads. That smell, that all too enthralling maleness. It made her long to run her tongue over his beautiful full lips.

Rising up on her tiptoes, she took a taste. Initiating the first contact gave her a sense of feminine power. He kept his hands at his sides, as if not sure how to respond. As her fingers went to his hair, his arms closed around her in a tight embrace. Diamonique grabbed handfuls of dark silk and pressed her lips to his, she was eager to taste him. She coaxed his lips apart with her tongue and delved inside. She angled her head, deepening the kiss and felt the sudden change in him. He’d had enough of standing and doing nothing. When she was ready to pull back, the room spun. She’d gone too long without blood. Her cells were shriveling with each second that passed, her mind turned to mush, as she tried to concentrate on the male in her arms. She wanted to kick herself for using her power of flight when she was already so weak. It made her vulnerable. Not since Cain had she felt this way.

Diamonique longed to feel this man succumb to her lips at his throat. She used her voice like a weapon, softly luring him outside, away from the revelry. To her shock, he smiled and took her by the hand as if unaffected by the hypnotic notes. Suddenly, he was the one in control as he steered her down the alley behind the nightclub, beyond the eyes of the curious.

She tuned out the smells, the stench of the trash that hugged every crevice and seemed to cling to her skin like a sickening glove. She frowned as she tried to concentrate, but all she received for her efforts was a headache and no answer as to why she was letting him take the lead.

Shaking off her lethargy, Diamonique moved in front of him and let him look his fill, allowed his eyes to travel the length of her body. His gaze took in the flow of the silky dress, breasts that threatened to spill out of the scoop neckline, and the black spiked heels encrusted with the diamonds that were her namesake. He watched as she moved her legs apart and let the silk fall away from one calf, the slit reaching clear to her waistline. His eyes heated instantly. His heart beat loud in her ears, his blood pumping hard.

Beckoning her to drink.

Pleading for Diamonique to sate herself with this stranger.

She lifted her hand to the back of his neck and pulled him down, then silently slipped inside his mind, reading his thoughts easily. He was a flurry of sexual lust. He ached to sink his heavy length inside her body. Nothing seemed to matter to him except the swell of hip that protruded from the open dress.

Diamonique felt his hands there, even as her teeth scored his soft skin. His musky male scent bombarded her senses, as she tasted his sweet blood. Only once before had she tasted such nectar. Before she could explore the remembrance, his strong capable hands massaged the junction of her thighs. Her tongue continued to tease the blood from his willing veins, each in their own way fulfilling their lust. She let the moment drag out, longer than ever before. She loved his strong, capable hands massaging where she needed him the most. Even as her tongue continued to lap sweet sustenance, Diamonique felt her own climax mounting.

Then he spoke.

“My beautiful, Diamond, I thought I’d lost you forever.”

That voice! Warm velvet skimmed the length of Diamonique’s body. Every muscle went rigid with disbelief.

It was Cain!

The one who’d turned her into this monster of the dark.

She wrenched out of his arms.

“You were projecting false thoughts,” she accused, “so I wouldn’t know it was you.”

She readied herself for battle. But he only stood there, eyes full of laughter as if mocking her. His grin triggered Diamonique’s rage as his gaze traveled over her body with a possessiveness he had no right to.

Her blood craving withered.
Well, what'd you think???


Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, Anne this is great,oh man I can't wait to read it,I'm so excited,one of my favorite authors is writing my favorite type of book. great job!
thanks, Cindy

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Cindy!! I've never been so nervous, not even when I sold my first book. This has me in knots. I want to do the genre justice! So many great authors to live up to, ya know? Ack!

You've made my day! (((hugs)))

Unknown said...

Anne that was totally amazing, you definitely piqued my interest to read more.

Faith V. Smith said...

Anne, I can't wait to see this book released. I love vampires!

Faith V. Smith

Anne Rainey said...

Ani--Thanks so much!! On August 6th you'll be able to grab it from The Wild Rose Press.(wow, that's less than 2 weeks away, *gulp*)

Faith--Thank YOU! And so do I! There's so many talented authors writing vamps and it's intimidating for sure!

Regina said...

What A great Tease! LOL Can't wait for the real thing!

rbgord aka Regina

Regina Carlysle said...

WOW, Anne. You've done it again, darlin! I really love this and of course, I adore vamps. It's really scary diving into a brand new genre and it takes GUTS. I can't wait to pick this up and we'll celebrate with you in a couple of weeks.

Christina Phillips said...

I love this excerpt, Anne! Very sexy. Look forward to reading the whole book!

Anne Rainey said...

rbgord--Thanks! I hope the rest of the story stands up!

Regina--It is scary. I think because I'm a big fan of this genre so I really don't want to let other authors and readers down.

Christina--Thanks! This story is different than my usual because Cain is so flawed and Diamonique is so tough. They'll both have to learn to bend...

Helen Hardt said...

STEAMY -- can't wait to read the rest!

Sophia Danu said...

LOVE IT!! You have a winner here Anne!!

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Helen!! :)

Anne Rainey said...

WooHoo! Thanks, Sophia! :)

Stephanie said...

Definite sexual tension flowing off the screen with that excerpt Anne!! No need to worry here!

Catherine Bybee said...

Wow! I mean, Wow!
You so have nothing to worry about, Anne. This is fantastic. I can't wait to read the rest.

J.K. Coi said...

Sounds fabulous! What a great book to be released on my birthday!

Kelley Nyrae said...

I love vamps and I know this book will be a favorite too! Love the excerpt.

Anne Rainey said...

Catherine--Woot! Thanks! I'm still waiting for some reviews to come in. I'm always on pins and needles waiting for the first reviews.

J.K.--Oh, awesome!!! Let's hope for a good birthday and lots of happy readers both! :)


kountrymusikchik said...

Hey Ann - I am norm not into Vamps and that kind of stuff in the books I read, but I have to say that I really enjoyed reading the sneak peak. I have it on my calander to buy it the day it releases.

Thatnks for opening me up to a new Genre.

Ashley Elizabeth
(From the Lori Get Together)

Desirée Lee said...

Anne you have NOTHING to be worried about with this book. It'll be a hit!

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Susan Macatee said...

Sounds great, Anne!

You got my interest. I love vampires stories!!

Cindy K. Green said...

Wow Anne! It really is terrific. Every word is a sensual delight. The language just seems to lull you into the story. Congrats! When is this coming out!!


Unknown said...

Got my attention! Lvoe sexy vampires. Is it pubished? Where? I wants!

Patricia Oshier Bruening

Unknown said...

It looks great Anne!

I have a soft spot for vamps!

Anne Rainey said...

Ashley--Thank YOU for being willing to read it!

Des--(((hugs))) Thank You! I'm so glad you like this book!

Susan--Thanks. I love vamps too. Christine Feehan, Ward, Sizemore...and so many others. I live and breath vamps! LOL

Anne Rainey said...

Cindy--OMG! What a great compliment. I need to save this for when I'm feeling down!

Patricia--This story is being released August 6th with The Wild Rose Press. Thanks a bunch!

Connie--LOL, you and me both!! Thanks!

Jennifer A. Ray said...

Anne, you are cute when you are nervous!

This looks very good, though... I don't think you have anything to worry about. :-)

Anne Rainey said...

Jennifer--Thanks! I'm such a worrier. My kids just pat me on the back and shake their heads. LOL!