Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oops they did it AGAIN

Okay I'm not going to get political in this blog and choose sides or anything like that. I'm also not going to pretend people who aren't in politics don't do the same exact thing it just isn't under the microscope so we don't all read about it on practically a daily basis. That said I do want to talk about Senator John Edwards becoming yet another person in power who thinks they're above getting caught so they decide to cheat on their spouse. This is getting really, really old for me. We find yet another politician who lies and tries to make themselves look like they are the pinnacle of a what people should be, honest, loyal, caring but really they're deceiving one of the people who should be able to depend on them the most. If they don't have enough honestly and loyalty in them to be true to their spouse or children where does that leave us? If you lie to your kids and the person you pledged your love to how am I, one of a million people in the world who you don't know from Adam, supposed to trust a thing you say?

I'll tell you what I think it is: power and control. People can't seem to handle it. I KNOW not all people are this way but it seems more and more often you give someone a position of power or control and it immediately inflates their heads making them believe they're somehow invincible and that the standards held to the rest of us don't apply to them. I mean, do they think they're so much better that they're not going to get caught? They're going to run for president, or whatever office they want and no one is going to dig and dig into their lives until they discover any and everything they've done wrong? Or are they just so damn good that they think it doesn't matter? That they can do anything because of who they are? Its getting really old. I'm not saying these people have to be perfect angels but come on, have not only a little self respect but respect for your loved ones and for the rest of us out here who may have believed in you, or voted for you or whatever the situation may be.

How can we trust anyone? This really upset me today. I liked him, respected him and now my heart breaks for his wife. I know it was two years ago and she's obviously forgiven him but she deserved better. Everyone deserves better than we're getting today with people who are supposed to be out there to make this world a better place. If they can hurt people they love this much then there's no hope for the rest of us.


Tessa Rae said...

Well said, Kelley. I know the term 'honest politician' has become an oxymoron, but I thought he was one of the few honest ones left.

I believe when a person cheats on a spouse and they have children, he/she is cheating on the entire family as well. Their infidelity could cause a split, and in divorces, children suffer the worst.


Kelley Nyrae said...

Tessa, I agree with you. It isn't just his wife but his children he betrayed as well.

Regina Carlysle said...

What is it with these guys??? This stuff happens all the time but I thought maybe he was different. In his statement yesterday, he says he got narcissistic. Gee? Ya think??? Maybe they begin to believe their own hype and think they can do anything?

Anne Rainey said...

I get disgusted with any type of cheating, politician or not. When Clinton cheated he made excuses for himself left and right, denial, etc. Jokes were everywhere and still are. I see nothing funny about cheating.

And yeah, the children get hurt, even if the parents are somehow able to keep it a secret, they can sense the rift.

Anny Cook said...

*Snort* Secret? How you go about that? Do you think those kids don't know? Children know everything that goes on in a household--trust me. When a man (or woman) in a public position (politician, performer, whatever!!!) cheats on their spouse, there IS no way to hide it from the children.

In my mind, whether the spouse forgives them or not... who asks the children if THEY forgive them?

Regina Carlysle said...

Yep. Not gonna happen with a profile family. Even in a non- famous family, kids pick up on EVERYTHING. It's sad and he screwed up so badly. First they are terrified of losing their mom and then this kind of betrayal because he cheated on ALL of them. BASTARD

Kelley Nyrae said...

Regina, I truly believe they do begin to believe the hype.

Anne, you're right, nothing funny about cheating.

Anny, FANTASTIC point. Who asks the children in all this?

Tessa Rae said...

When I was ten and found out my dad had cheated on my mom, I was crushed. My mother is a wonderful person and she deserved better. I felt like he'd cheated on me, too. I vowed never to cheat and I never have - not even on the loosers I dated in college.


Regina Carlysle said...

Sucks doesn't it?? Such a common story and effects everyone is so many different ways.