Thursday, September 25, 2008

So many TV premieres, so little time!

I am so hooked on all the premieres airing this week.

Heroes. I love that show. I have to admit, sometimes there seems to be so much going on that I just can't keep up. Sylar has been captured. I soooo didn't see that coming! And Elle, am I the only one who feels sorry for her now that her dad is dead? Nathan has gone over the deep end. Peter is still trying to fix the future, while mommy dearest contiues to prove just how completely evil she can be. God, with a mother like that it's amazing those guys turned out normal at all. She's like Cruella Devil. My favorite character, Hiro, has continued on with his destiny by seeking the all important formula. Mohinder...well, Mohinder looked hot, didn't he? It actually felt strange to think that. He's always been the cute scientist, but the other day he was totally buff! LOL Claire, ah, poor Claire. She's forever the unique one. And now she's even more unique because she can't feel...that can't be a good thing. And what about Micah? Where is he? I loved his character. Trying to predict what will happen next in this show is surely an act in futility!

Criminal Minds. I freaking love Derek Morgan. He's so damn smokin' hot. I really really want to see him and Garcia hook up. But then that may change the dynamics of their relationship too much. Not sure. I just love their cute, flirty banter. It really makes the show. I've said it once, I'll say it again, they ever get rid of those two and I'll stop watching all together. Did you see the premiere? I was on the edge of my seat when Morgan took that ambulance/bomb out. When it exploded I was right there with Garcia, tissues, tears, ready to smack him for putting himself in danger! God, he's such a hero, I love it!

Supernatural. My favorite show on television, without a doubt. I love this show. I love Dean and Sam and Bobby. I'm not sure about Sam using his powers and hiding it from Dean. What do you guys think of that? And the fact that he's still in contact with Ruby. This feels like a bad idea to me. Will Sam turn dark this season? And who the heck is the new guy?! Is he really one of God's angels, or do you think he's full of crap there? Either way he's seriously powerful, huh? What he did to that psychic, damn. That was so not cool!

and the new shows I'm looking forward to seeing!


Eleventh Hour


& Trust Me

***Also, does anyone know when Burn Notice, Psych and The Closer come back on? Was that a wild ending to Burn Notice or what? And The Closer, damn I do NOT want Sanchez to die! Hasn't he been through enough with his brother's death?

So, what has you addicted these days? Are you like me, praising the person who created DVR?


Melanie Atkins said...

I'm addicted to Law & Order SVU. This is the tenth season...and things are about to explode between Olivia and Elliot. Squee! I'm a major E/O shipper.

Molly Daniels said...

My DVR is my best friend at the moment:)

joyroett said...

Hey Anne

My favorite part of Criminal Minds is the interaction with Derek and Garcia. I want them together sooooo bad. He is so sweet with her! Did you hear what her told her at the end "You're my God given solace, don't you ever stop talking to me " *sigh, double sigh*

I LOVE premiere season. This fall it seems that there are more great shows than ever!

My favorites are Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Law and Order: SVU, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Prison Break and the list goes on. LOL


Laura J. said...

Anne if USA follows in their past "premires" of Psych (my favorite), Monk, Burn Notice, we should see new ones around the end of January, right about the time the regular channels shows go into re-runs. USA tends to be the opposite of everyone else. Unfortunately they are very slow to release the older seasons on DVD. Which means I have to wait until July for Shawn and Gus to come to my house.

Laura J.

Kelley Nyrae said...

I actually don't watch a lot of TV. I spend my evenings after the kiddos go to bed reading. That relaxes me more. I have watched a few reruns of House on like TBS, TNT, or USA not sure which. I was thinking about trying to start watching the new season when it comes out. I really wanted to watch Trueblood but I don't have HBO.

Regina Carlysle said...

My friends all know I'm a political junkie and watch nothing but news. Does that make me boring? Sigh. Probably. LOL. I don't watch much else but I AM hooked on Trueblood on HBO. They've had three episodes now and I'm soooo loving this. Very tempted to get the Charlaine Harris books now.

Trueblood is soooo gothic, spooky, but SEXY. I love it.

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Melanie, I used to watch SVU, but I stopped for some reason. I love Olivia and Elliot!

Molly, you and me both, girl! *g*

Anne Rainey said...

Joy--I TOTALLY heard him tell her that. OMG! My heart went pitter patter I tell you. There's inspiration for a story there. I can feel it! And you're right, there are SO many great shows this season!

Oh Laura! I could kiss you. Thanks for the info. I'll look for them to start up in January then! :)

Kelley, when mine were small I did that too. I didn't watch much TV back then. Reading seemed to bring me down after a long day of keeping up with two toddlers.

Regina, I want to watch True Blood, but isn't it on HBO? We don't get that one sadly.

Tonya said...

I love my DVR...I can't remember life without it! LOL! I am a TV junkie sadly. I'm sure I need help, but I have my TV going while studying, putting away laundry, and when I color or put cards/scrapbooks together.

True Blood is Regina said....spooky, gothic but soo enthralling!

Anne, I love Burn Notice, but haven't watched the season's on my DVR until this weekend (it's a favorite of my hubbys too, so we have to watch it together). I think I read January also for the new season.

Ok, some other shows I or my family love, New Adventures of Old Christine, WEEDS, Californication, Grey's Anatomy, DH, 90210, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Dirty, Sexy, Money, Brothers & Sisters, My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, Samantha Who, Boston Legal, and way too many others! I want to watch a few new ones this season and see if I like My Own Worst Enemy and Privileged. LOL!!!

Anny Cook said...

Hmmm. Don't watch TV. Don't own a DVR or any of the other new gadgets. Remember back when I used to watch hours of television, but can't imagine doing it now.

Anne Rainey said...

Tonya, I'm that way too with the TV. Even if I'm not watching it, I have it on. The reason is because when I'm here during the day alone, I like the background noise. It helps me concentrate.

Anny, you're like my mom. She could totally do without television all together. She only watches a little, mostly because my dad watches it. More often than not she's reading or playing cards on the computer.

Jeanne said...

Enjoyed Criminal Minds though I knew immediately that the kid helping with the downed agent was the bomber. Also knew the *second* the ambulance driver came to assist that he was with the terrorist group. Still, liked the show and do admit that little line G-d given solace is good enough to steal!
Heroes man, that show is getting more and more complicated. Did you catch the last line Cruella said to Sylar?
Like Pysche and Burn Notice, getting tired of Monk.
I'm looking forward to "Chuck", "Life", and my dh actuallyu likes "Lipstick Jungle"!
Also my fave, "Desperate Housewives".
We watch "Sarah Conner", even though the time paradoxes make me scream!
Also adore L&O SVU. Mariska is such an incredible actress. Her mom would have been proud of her.
I love Richard Belcher (sp). He fills the empty spot Jerry Orbach left in L&O.
True Blood love the vamps!
Meanwhile, we watch the "Andy Griffth Show" on TVLAnd and get misty eyed to see the simple values of Andy as dad and Ron Howard as Opie. I miss Mayberry...

Tonya said...

Oh, I so forgot about Lipstick Jungle....wonderful show!! That's the comraderie I would love to have with my girlfriends. =)

Anne, I feel a little bad writing about all my shows, but I know there are other junkies out there. LOL!!

Ebook Addict said...

I thought the new ones of the Closer were already back on - but I got so far behind on the series last season I cold just think I'm watching new one:-( lol

I love Derek and Garcia too - they make the show!!

Leverage looks like it will be a great show too - looking forward to it - like I need antother tv show to watch:-( lol


Sophia Danu said...

Hi Anne,
I missed this yesterday since I was in the office, but I am excited about the new shows too! I loved Heroes. Hiro is my favorite too. I hear you about feeling strange about the change in Mohinder's personality - though it was hot. I heard Burn Notice was coming back in January with new episodes. I love My Name is Earl last night and The Office. They were funny.