Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What gets you peeved?

We're talking about pet peeves today. I want to give everyone a chance to rant. What drives you CRAZY? Little or big. I have a pretty extensive list but for today I'll just share a few of the biggies with you.

1. People who are ALWAYS late. Yes, I know things come up and there are excuses for being late from time to time. I'm not perfect myself. I've been late, I'll be late but I'm talking people who are late EVERY time you do something with them. Drives me nuts. Seriously. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I think they have to WORK to be late that often. I mean, you can't tell me they can't be on time at least half the time.

2. People who will wait in their car, holding up a line while someone else unpacks their cart, puts their cart away and then gets into their car to leave so they can have their parking spot. Its different if you have an injury or something like that but if you're healthy it doesn't hurt to walk a little bit. If someone is getting into their car, that's different, I'll wait. Otherwise I can park, walk into the store and start my shopping in less time than it takes to sit and wait for a parking spot ten spaces away to open up. The other day I was at wal-mart. A big ole SUV was parked behind me while I was trying to pull out of my spot! You see they were waiting for another person to unload their cart. There were cars behind them so they couldn't back up to try for my space instead so they waited. Who cared that I wanted to leave? Who cared that three more cars were behind them? They had to sit there making everyone else wait just so they didn't have to walk an extra fifty feet. GRRRR.

3. Bad manners. I'm big on manners. I teach my kids please, thank you, no thanks, excuse me etc. I think good manners are very important. It drives me crazy to meet an adult who has worse manners than my four year old. When I'm in the grocery store and an adult practically runs down my four year old with a shopping cart only to have my four year old say excuse me and the adult not reply DRIVES ME CRAZY! In some ways it makes me feel like I'm teaching my daughter to let people walk all over her. That's what ends up happening because she has good manners (most of the time :))

Enough ranting from me. Now the stage is yours! Don't leave me out here by myself sharing all my pet peeves. I want to hear what gets YOU peeved?


Desirée Lee said...

People who drive the wrong way down parking lots irk the heck out of me. Hello! Those arrows are painted a certain direction for a reason! If there aren't arrows, then look at the way the parking space lines are painted! DUH!

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Unknown said...

Oh yay! I love ranty days. LOL.

My newest pet peeve are people in Hybrids, who don't want to use their gas, so they drive under 35 mph (regardless of the posted speed limit) so their car will run electric.

I would like to take the opportunity to say:


Thank you,

Dakota Rebel

Anny Cook said...

People who drive five miles under the speed limit, period, in the center lane. Dude, if you're gonna go slow, at least get in the right lane!

Amy Ruttan said...

Those a big peeves of mine too.

I hate people that walk all over me. I used to let people, now I've been standing up for myself cause I'm getting annoyed.

Also I worked as a Cashier for many years so I HATE when a cashier is rude or doesn't care. I see it especially in teenagers. If I ever behaved like that when I was working I would have been fired!

Yeah I understand it's a crappy job, but jeez.

Spammers annoy me too. Do you honestly think I am going to post your spam??

Also people that have something down to say and whine all the time.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Des, That annoys me too.

LOL, Dakota.

Anny, Yes! I don't like that either.

Oh, Amy, spammers do need to get a life, don't they? Hello? Do you think I'm going to see an email to increase the length of a mans...and not realize its spam? Duh!

Molly Daniels said...

Yeah...chronic lateness drives me batty too, until I learn to compensate for it!

Right now my biggest complaint is parents who want to be their child's 'friend' instead of a parent. Grow up already! Your teenager has friends; she needs you to set some LIMITS!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oooh. This is a good one. My immediate family is ALWAYS on time. Everyone knows this yet extended family ie., MY MOTHER is habitually late for family dinners to the point we're waiting at least an HOUR for her to arrive. Pisses me off and yes, I love my mom but DAMN.

People who chomp ice, gum and talk with their mouths full of chewed up food grosses me out.

People who lurk in parking lots waiting for a space while a line builds up.

Ummm. Rudeness in workplaces. Zero service or common courtesy when I'm THE CUSTOMER.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh yeah. Spammers. No I DON'T want to be like Ron Jeremy and please stop asking!!!!! Letter from orphans in Nigeria and banking scams. ACK!!!

Drive in the proper lane.

Don't use your cell phone while driving. Ever notice to crazy driver, the too slow driver, the reckless driver? 9 times out of 10 they are talking on the phone and NO it's not just women doing it. It's men too.

Anne Rainey said...

All of yours are on my list, Kelley, esp. the manners thing! It's not difficult to say thank you! I always repeat 'have a nice day' back to someone too. Why don't more people do that?

I also hate to see a parent screaming at their kid in the store. That's not the way to handle a whiny, fussy child. I have a family member who does this and it makes me so mad. Its her fault usually because SHE let them run all over her for the first few hours of the shopping trip, then when she's finally had enough, she screams. It's ridiculous. Consistency!!!

Also, I hate when people get pissy because they don't want to wait. Your poor planning is not my freaking problem. Plan better, then you won't be trying to run people off the damn road!

One more, then I'll stop. LOL I hate sarcasm. Not the funny sarcastic comments, that's not what I mean. My brother does that all the time and it’s not offensive at all. What I mean is the bitchy crap that comes out of someone's mouth because they're trying to make you look stupid in front of a bunch of people. I hate those types.

okay, I feel lots better. LOL!

Anne Rainey said...

I thought of another one! LOL I hate when someone can't stop talking about themselves. Ever get into one of conversations with a guy who's trying to impress you so he just keeps babbling about how strong/smart/cool he is? Ugh!

Oh, one more. Don't you hate when you go to a get together, like a family party or something, and everyone wants you to taste something. You say no thank you, because you're either dieting or maybe you just don't care for mushrooms, and yet they keep trying to get you to try it?! Hello! What part of no didn't you get? Quit being a food pusher! LOL

Anne Rainey said...

I swear, this is the very last one! LMBO!

okay, don't you hate when you already aren't super close to your inlaws, and you end up stuck making conversation with them at a party because your dh went off with his brother to play pool?! Grrr! I write erotic romance! Trust me when I say I have very little in common with my sil! LOL Thank god for my niece (20yrs), if it weren't for her, I'd be lost!

Alisha said...

Yeah, who likes those crappy sarcastic comments that are meant to embarrass someone and if we don't laugh, we're told it was a joke, lighten up! I also cannot stand a Debbie Downer. I know a few of those and feel like slitting my wrists after they leave. You could win the lottery, fall into the fountain of youth and they'd find something negative to whine about. I really hate if I wait while entering a store and hold the door open for someone else I see coming up behind me and they walk right through while I'm holding the door and don't say A WORD! I say, "You're welcome." Can you believe that? It's happened to me several times and if someone opens a door for me, I will thank them and my kids will thank them. Why do some people just choose to be negative and have a frown? Don't you hate when someone has to do their job and they act like you're wasting their time and they're doing you a favor? I went to Wal Mart because they charged my card 3 times for the same transaction. This guy acts like he's doing me a favor by giving me my money back, sighing the whole time, not apologizing. What happened to customer service? There is none now days.

Anne Rainey said...

Oh I hate those downer types! This happened recently at a function I attended. It was a great time, save for the one person who sat prune-faced the entire time. God, I found myself aching to get away from her. She found NOTHING good in anything. And the thing is, I'm sort of an upbeat, chatty gal, so I tend to turn those downer types off right quick. LOL My brother joked about it and I swear I gotta put his comment in a book. He said, 'They hate you because you're the sunshine they've always tried so hard to avoid'. LOL!!

Kelley Nyrae said...

You guys keep bringing up things that drive me crazy that I forgot about!

When people are very late every time I do something with them it tells me they have no respect for my time. I have nothing better to do than wait for them.

Alisha, The door thing pisses me off too!!!

Anne, totally agree with the bitch sarcasm. Love funny sarcasm but don't be a bitch while trying to act like you aren't.

Oh, and prune face? LOL.

Tonya said...

Wow, you guys came up with a ton!!! Great post idea!!!

Lateness is my top pet mom was always late for everything, and as a kid, I was embarrased, hated it, and sometimes didn't get to go places because she was so late. Unfortunately, my kids have to be early for everything because I despise lateness. I tell my husband we have to be somewhere at least 30 minutes before just so I have a buffer. It makes me antsy if we are getting too close to the time. I hate being late!!!!!!

My second PP would be poor table manners. We had a 14 year old girl over for 4th of July and she didn't know how to cut her steak, didn't use her fork properly, had her elbows on the table and talked with her mouth full. GROSS!!!!! She comes from an educated and loving family...but they didn't take the time to teach her, so we did!!! After a few lessons she eats and sits least when she is at our house.


Anne Rainey said...

My youngest daughter hates poor table manners too. It just makes her lose her appetite when someone's chewing with their mouth open. Drives her crazy!

Sophia Danu said...

Oh my! I think I see everything that bothers me here: chomping ice (I want to smack my sister who is an avid ice-chomper), people who are ALWAYS late (my time is valuable too), rude people -- I agree with you here Kelley, there are so many kids that have no respect for others (they say shut up, and talk to others like they are dirt). I saw one child at a soccer game tell her mother to "zip it" when her mother tried to talk to her. I was astounded and her mother didn't even act like it was a big deal. She even shut up. I am raising my kids to treat people with respect and my daughter thinks shut up is a bad word and I've seen her friends be rude to her simply because that is the way they always act. It IS almost like I am teaching her to let others talk to her like crap while she tells that they shouldn't talk that way. Still, it's the right way to go whether she looks like a doormat or not. Adults notice and always tell me how well-behaved my children are. Oh! People who drive in the left lane going super slow make me crazy. I'll stop now...

Sophia Danu said...

sorry for the long post and no paragraphs or proper grammer...LOL...I just got on here and went crazy hehe

BrennaLyons said...

What gets me peeved?

1) Driving idiots. To name a few... People too busy on the cell phone to pay attention. People driving fast and erratically (not to be confused with people driving fast but competently, which I can stand). People going the wrong way down one-way street or some other dangerous stunt, for THEIR convenience. People moving their cars without looking! I mean...really...put several tons of metal and glass and fiberglass in motion and NOT look? People who don't seem to know what stop signs and yield signs mean. Trucks who are in the wrong lanes on the interstate and/or change lanes without signaling and waiting for a clear path. People who stop fully on an on-ramp. UGH!

2) Rude and/or political people with their own agendas and no sense of community or empathy for others.

3) I am SO with you about the parent/friend thing. You signed on to be a PARENT. Do it, already.

4) People with decision-making disorders. Look at your choices, and choose. Don't waffle. Don't defer. Make a decision and then do it.


BrennaLyons said...

Forgot one...

5) Dangerous pedestrians. Can't stand this. It's no wonder so few people in New England can drive. They can't WALK either. They will be walking down the sidewalk and just turn into the street, nowhere near a corner or crosswalk, without a light, even against the light, in a snowstorm or rainstorm, wearing gray and black clothing, at night...and then act surprised if you come close to hitting their idiot butts.


Kelley Nyrae said...

Thanks Brenna, Sophia, and Tonya!

Tonya said...

Sophia, I too HATE when people are driving slow in the left lane, but I also HATE when I'm driving about 70, getting ready to pass someone and out of nowhere some little car zooms by me on the right almost hitting the car that I was passing and cutting me off. This happens a lot on highways around, so dangerous. Give me a second, I will either move over, or go a little faster and get out of the way.

I'm trying to teach my daughter to drive and there are so many more examples of don'ts rather than do's on the road lately...or maybe I'm just noticing them more. =)

Jen said...

Pet Peeves... well let's see. At work if I'm trying to concentrate on a problem and someone decides that's the perfect time to play the drums on their desk, that will annoys me. Or if they start clicking their pens. I swear all of the IT dept. where I work loves to click their pens. Drives me batty. ; -) Popping gum grates on my nerves too. I guess just any kind of little noise gets me going.

Another thing that really gets on my nerves are people with a negative attitude. Someone who sees the worse case scenario in just about anything. Anne knows exactly the person I'm talking about. lol

Rude, condescending people get on my nerves. I dated a fella for a while a few years ago and for some unknown reason, his Mama didn't like me. I never did anything to the woman personally. I guess I just wasn't good enough for her little boy. But if I would try to carry on a conversation with her, she'd either roll her eyes at me (hate that one) or she wouldn't respond to me and turn around and walk off.