Monday, October 20, 2008

ahhh, that feels good

I'm talking about relaxing...what did you think I meant? *wink, wink*

What's your favorite ways to relax? I found myself not able to do much of that this weekend. I wanted to, tried to, but things kept me busy. Normally my favorite way to relax is to just grab a book and plant my lazy butt on the couch. I don't move unless it's to snag something from the cupboard or go to the bathroom. Comfy clothes, a cozy blanket, maybe a great big chocolate chip cookie...sounds like heaven, huh?

Sometimes I like when my husband builds a fire out back, in the woods. We bring blankets, beer, some peanuts, then just sit and watch the fire and chat about nothing. Let the time slip by enjoying nature.

Also, I'm a big movie fan. I love watching one of the Harry Potter movies, or The Mummy, something fun and full of adventure. The girls and I find just the right spot on the couch, close the curtains and doors and turn the sound way up. We pop popcorn and pretend we're at the movies. It's great!

This weekend was filled with business, family visits, and chores like laundry and dishes. NOT very relaxing, but you'll have that sometimes.

So, what's your favorite way to unwind after a really busy week???
and no, this isn't my dog, it's just a picture I found on the internet, but isn't he adorable?!


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Kelley Nyrae said...

I love a bath with the lights off, candles lit and a book in my hand. I also like going to the bookstore and sitting in a comfy chair and reading here. I try to go that route at home but it just doesn't happen with an infant and a four year old. Its hard to relax where the family can get to me, LOL.

Regina Carlysle said...

Odd that you would pick this topic because I soooo wanted to relax this weekend and it wasn't in the cards. But when I DO get to relax, I'm like Kell, I like a long hot bath with candles and wine. Or I'll have a "girls day" with my daughter and we'll curl up with hot chocolate/coffee and popcorn and watch Disney movies.

Terry Spear said...

Hmm, well, I've been on deadlines either for edits or for finished mss forever and have to start up another werewolf story pronto, but one day I picked up The Scarlet Pimpernel and a little while before that, the HBO series, John Adams, and fell into the world of the American and French Revolutions. :) But even despite my heavy workload, I love to read, so for me, setting everything else aside and going to bed with a good romance sure feels good. :)

Genella deGrey said...

Yes, movies are a very big part of our lives as well. It's always wonderful to curl up with the fam and watch our favorites.

I also try to sleep-in on the weekends.

I move that we have a four day work week so we can have three day weekends all the time. Usually by Sunday night I finally relax completely.

Case in point, it's Monday night and I'm already tired again.

Booooo! Hisssss!


Anne Rainey said...

Terry, I hear you. I did that last night. 10 o'clock rolled around and went off to bed and read. Slept like a baby too!

Genella, I love to sleep in on weekends! I hate having to get up early those days, makes me angry! LOL

Anonymous said...

does masturbation count as relaxation?

Anne Rainey said...

it should! LOL