Friday, November 7, 2008

Lucky Me!

NOTE: Contest winner from Wednesday is Connie Northrup!!!! YAY, Connie! You've won a copy of my new release Spanish Topaz. Please contact me at to pick up your prize! Thanks ya'll for playing and checking out my December titles.

All week long I've been blah, blah, blah and everyone I know has been the same. Don't know if mystic forces are conspiring or the moon is aligned funny with the stars but it's been hard to get anything done this week. Maybe there was an enormous rush of adrenaline leading up to the historic election we just observed and now everyone is suffering from the aftereffects of that. Kind of like a psychic hangover. What about you guys? Has this been a strange, weird week?

Aside from all that, I've been a lucky lady this week with the release of Spanish Topaz (Ellora's Cave) and today's PRINT release of Wild Wayback Nights. My hot cowboy story Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon was released as an ebook this time last year. This story was and still remains close to my heart for it's loveable characters and, well, overall HOTNESS. Nash Logan remains my favorite hero. The Wayback, Texas series at The Wild Rose Press began with this story and other stories soon followed as together we built this small, Texas town from the ground up, filling it with colorful characters, adventure and romance. Due to the popularity of the series, The Wild Rose Press has released this story along with those written by Judith Rochelle, Cindy Spencer Pape and Sylvie Kaye as a print anthology. This book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble TODAY.

Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon


Her friends call her the Intimidator and there is no doubt the fellas in tiny Wayback, Texas think she is a mite intimidating with her outrageous curves and sassy personality. Isn’t there one single sexy cowboy who has the guts to take her on?
Sexy as sin cowboy Nash Logan isn’t afraid of anything. Eight seconds on a crazy-mad bull? No problem. Taming a bucking bronco? A snap. When sultry, sassy Gina Ballew saunters up to him one night at the Blue Bug Saloon, he knows its going to take a hell of an easy hand to tame this sweet Texas Lady. One look and he’s a goner. It’s going to be a Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon and Nash has nothing to lose-but his heart

Excerpt: (just a short one)

Holy cow! He looked even better up close.
He had Jack Daniels eyes. Whiskey colored, hot, and aged to perfection. A man, not a boy. Dark lashes framed those penetrating eyes and Gina felt her breath catch in her throat. He had a tiny bump on the bridge of his great looking nose. Probably broke it when he was thrown from the back of a mean bull named Intimidator. She wanted to reach out and run her finger over that attractive bump. In an attempt to hide the quick flash of desire, she faked an air of bravado. “Good to see chivalry isn’t dead, cowboy.”
“Not where I come from.” He lifted a hand and one of the bartenders sidled up. “A drink for the lady.”
Gina placed her order and moved closer to the bar. “Thanks. So where you from?”
He shrugged as he paid the bartender for her drink. “South of here but I move around a lot.”
“Guess you’re in town for the rodeo. Are you entered?”
“Man of few words, too.”
A smile twitched at those scrumptious lips. “Usually.” She noted the brackets around the sides of his mouth, the faint laugh lines at the corners of his eyes. He lived in the sun and he either scowled fiercely or smiled frequently. Hard to tell which.
Fierce, she decided. He was a fierce man but capable of laughter. The most appealing man she’d ever met.
Gina went silent as his scent stole her tongue. Man, he smelled good. Subtle with just a hint of something clean and citrus. Tart enough to make her mouth water. She took a sip of her beer to hide her reaction.
One dance, she vowed. Only one. This temporary man was dangerous to her state of mind. Why had she listened to Lyssa and given in to temptation this way? She swallowed and forced herself to meet his penetrating gaze.
“This your first time here? Wayback’s pretty small. I’d remember you.”
“Yeah. Nash Logan.”
“Gina Ballew. Welcome to Wayback.”
Mustering her courage, she tilted her chin and held out a hand to two-hundred pounds of trouble.


Judith Leger said...

Great Except, Regina!

I hear you about the blahs. You may have nailed with why too. I've been trying to write all week and it's been a burden to even type one word. I hate it when that happens! Thanks for the read and major congrats to Connie on her win!

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm wondering if it's the lull before the storm, too. We all know we're going to be hit in the face with the holidays in a few weeks and we just had the election. Crazy stuff!

I've been pulling up my WIP and just staring at it.

Anny Cook said...

No, no, no! WRITE!!!

Regina Carlysle said...

*hanging my head* Yes, ma'am.

Anne Rainey said...

You're having such a cool week with the releases, Regina! I need to get this one.

Congrats to Connie too!

Happy Friday All!

Regina Carlysle said...

You too, Anne. Just set up my Facebook acct. I've been playing on it instead of WRITING. Anny is ready to kick my butt I think. LOL.

Molly Daniels said...

I'm doing better on mine, Reg. Hit the 600 words and it's only 2:30:) I think Melancholy's going around. Several others have the blahs too.

Congrats on the release:) My 2nd 'baby' turned 1 today.

Judith Leger said...

Anny Meet me in front of Regina's house in an hour! We'll both give her the boot!


Regina Carlysle said...

Okaaaaaay! I get the message..snicker! Writing now and not going to bed until I've written at least FIVE PAGES on my new WIP.

Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend.