Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Enjoying the season

Most of us all love this time of year but no matter how much we may love it, I think its safe to admit it's pretty stressful. There's always so much to do and so little time to do it. Really this time is about family but I think in the hustle and bustle of regular life, plus shopping, party planning, work parties, cards to make etc. sometimes that gets forgotten. This year, I think it might be even worse. With the economy the way it is, the time that usually brings smiles, is adding stress instead.

For us we have multiple birthdays and Christmas all in one month. It's craziness around our family. Well families I should say. When you add my family, my hubbies we have a pretty darn big family. It's like you never have time to actually enjoy the holiday, the season of giving, or the family time because your so busy. We not only lack the time, but the finances as well.

I think we need to do something about that.

Let's try and come up with what we can do with our sweeties this year to: 1) ease the stress 2)enjoy quality time together before its all about get togethers and parties 3) do it on a cost efficient budget.

If you already do that, tell us how you keep your romance alive at this crazy time of the year.


Judith Leger said...

With lots of laughter! Can't explain it any other way. Hugs, declarations of 'I love you'.

Hope your holidays are less stressful!

Anne Rainey said...

It does get crazy this time of year. Rushing to get presents, going to school concerts, busy busy! One thing we like to do is to take time at least once a week where we turn off the tv, ignore the phone, and just spend time together talking and laughing, reconnecting.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Laughter is the best! I love laughing with my hubby and kiddos.

Love that idea, Anne!

Genella deGrey said...

A long time ago I heard that there are two presents a man will never turn down. Sex and food.

Ho, ho, ho!

Regina Carlysle said...

Ummm. We don't. It's awful. LOL. We used to try to Christmas shop together. BAAAAAD Idea. Never doing it AGAIN.

Probably the best thing we do is watch old Christmas movies together. Something about it. He's not a mushy, sentimental guy but he DOES get sentimental about Christmas movies. So we'll have hot chocolate and snuggle under a blanket and watch.

Oh Kell! Sorry I'm so behind today. My email has been WONKY. Anyone else having trouble???

J.K. Coi said...

Keeping romance alive at this time of year? Ouch. That's a tough one, lol. We do pretty good most of the time anyway and this Christmas we've cut back drastically when it comes to the typical stressors. I'm expecting a rather laid back holiday actually and hopefully it means we won't lose out in the romance department.

Desirée Lee said...

I don't know whether to call it an advantage or not since I'm single over the holidays this year.

With my ex, getting anything sweet out of him involved a guilt trip. "I went out and bought YOUR mother's presents, YOUR uncle's gifts, YOUR grandmother's gifts..." etc. *LOL*

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Kelley Nyrae said...

Genella, isn't that the truth?

Regina, No email trouble for me. Sorry you were having difficulties.

JK, a laid back holiday sounds nice!

Des, hope you have a great holiday!

Tonya said...

Kelley...so sorry. It was crazy yesterday and I never hopped over here to see your blog.

For us it's always hard, too many things, too many places to go and people to see. This year we are doing an older fashioned Christmas. I am making almost all friend/external family gifts or altering inexpensive gifts I bought. We are doing them together as a family. That is bringing us closer this year. We sat down together and planned out what we were making for each person and now we busily working together to complete them. Alexis wanted to make all her friends earings....I thought that was great....who couldn't use a cute new pair....and unique ones at that. She'd never done that so I'm helping her with that. Karli wants to crosstich some handtowels for Grandma...perfect....we've sat down a couple times and are almost finished....inexpensive, but so much more love than just running down to Macy's and grabbing a pair. =) Piper is helping me make a quilt....now Piper being 4 is much to young to do much but she is helping and that's what counts. And lastly, my hubby is helping with my soy candles this year....it's fun to do it together. Togetherness is our plan for the holidays.

Best wishes to yours!!