Monday, January 26, 2009

how far will I go?

So, just how far will I go to get out of housework? Stabbing myself in the hand ought to do the trick, right? LOL

No, really, I didn't do it on purpose. In fact, life goes on, laundry still needs to be done, it's just a little bit more painful today. What am I talking about? Well, last night I decided to be a dork. I was trying to open a box. It wouldn't open so I grabbed a knife and slid it under the flaps, the knife slipped and I jabbed myself. Unfortunately I grabbed the pointiest knife in the kitchen, and I was in a rush so I really shoved that sucker with a lot of force. I have this very small, rather unassuming spot on my hand, which seems so blasted minor, but this morning I woke up with painful swollen fingers! Using the mouse hurts. Typing isn't comfortable either.

Here's a picture:

As you can see it doesn't look bad, just a little swollen, but boy is it throbbing and my fingers are cold and tingly. (I'm not taking off the bandaid, I can't stand to see my own blood, causes me to go weak in the knees) The hubby says I hit a muscle, which is why it hurts so much. Who would guess such a small hole could hurt though? Sheesh! You know this is going into a book, right? LOL
That's what writers do, we can't help it. Don't tell us about it unless you want us writing about it. ;-)

The funny thing is, my family has a history of injurying hands. My dad, a carpenter, injured his hand several times. One, and the worst, was when a car jack gave out, crushing his fingers. My brother had to lift the car and rush him to the hospital. My other brother once got his hand caught in a log splitter. This was back in high school. His shop partner sort of froze and Bobby ended up having to shut off the log splitter himself and calling for help. My brother Billy got into a fight once and the guy bit, yes bit, off the tip of his thumb. Can you say PAIN? there's lots of nerve endings in your fingertips. Ouch.

So, in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty darned minor! LOL But, I'm a whimp, pain is so not my friend.

This got me to thinking. Does your family have a habit of injuring a certain body part, or are we just strange that way?

(damn, how knew typing could be painful?)


Deb said...

Annie, ouch!
When ever we plan a trip, some thing always happens.
Sorry you got hurt.

Regina Carlysle said...

OWWWW!! That's looks PAINFUL. I have a tendency to get BURNED. Don't know why it is but maybe because I'm often in the kitchen. I'm little and don't have a long arm reach and the oven GETS ME all the time!

Emma Lai said...

My family is accident prone. Whether it is burns or stabbings with sharp kitchen utensils, we've done it. The most persistent injuries we've acquired involve our shoulders. My sister got in a fight when she was thirteen or so. She kept swinging even when the other girl sat on her shoulder. Can we say dislocation? Anyway every year after that until they finally soldered the muscle to the bone she dislocated it by doing things like swinging at me, chasing me, or running into something. As for myself, well, my shoulder injury involved the lifting of a coin filled moneybag. I managed to tear a muscle in my rotator cuff. Now it aches during cold weather. My father has topped us all though. Through years of heavy manual labor, he has managed to completely erode the cartilage out of both shoulders. Bone on bone. Ouch!

You're not alone Anne!

Kelley Nyrae said...

That is a painful spot! I've done something like that before. Mine was tiny but bleed a lot in the middle of the hand like that. Hope you feel better soon!

Anne Rainey said...

Deb--that would be so frustrating and stressful! (btw, I love your profile pic! lol)

Regina--Ouch! My daughter is that way with fire. She's already been burned (one left a scar) a few times.

Emma--Okay, see all of that sounds sooo painful! Dang!

Kelley--did you have to get a tetnus shot for it?

Barb said...

Oh Anne! If that continues, please get it looked at by the doctor. My husband is the accident prone one around here. He's always cutting himself, fallen off a ladder, rolled the riding lawn tractor over. I have to watch him all the time.

Dragonlady said...

Anne, honey, tetnus shot..really.

My family is all accident prone. My son nails his feet all the time and usually the one toe he has had to have surgery on. My daughter, it's her tailbone. She broke it when she was 10 and well, guess she will always be a pain in the butt. ;) Me, its my hands...I will jam, crush, pinch, or scald a finger without notice. Lastest was three fingers on my left hand in the car door. Not fun. My hubby, though, he is the one. Spent every major holiday from 4 to 15 in the ER. Double digit concusions, 7 knee surgeries, 2 neck surgeries, mouth rebuilt and many others in his life time - my "fav" was when he was helping clean my grandma's house out after squatters..stepped on a nail that went through his shoe into his arch, then 5 minutes later did it again with the other foot. Sent him to urgent care for tetnus shot and cleaning...did I mention this was also the day of my reunion and he was supposed to dance with me. ARGH!

Take care of you hand, missy.

anny cook said...

Doctor. Tetnus shot. Watch for red streaks in the fingers. Seriously. I stabbed myself in nearly the same place.

Anne Rainey said...

Barb--I hear you about the husband. Mine once cut his knee...with a chainsaw. oy!

Dragonlady--those men of ours will do anything to keep from having to dance, lol!

Anny--Okay, I'll call and get it taken care of. *sigh* There's always something, huh?

Linda LaRoque said...

Deep wounds are more prone to infection. Keep a close watch on it. You may need antibiotics. Sorry for your pain!


Jen said...

Well bless your heart.... That does look painful. I'm with the others; if it doesn't get better, you should go to the doctor.

I don't think my family is accident prone. I'm the lone one that tends to get injured. My toes are a divining rod for door frames. I have pretty much broken all of my toes at some point in time (except for the big toes). And I tend to get burned if I attempt to cook; hence my love for my microwave. ; -)

I hope the hand feels better soon.

Julie Robinson said...

Sorry about your hand, Anne!
I'm a klutz, so I tend to injure everything at different times. I call it poor depth perception---you know when the door frame doesn't move out of your way and you run into it with your head and shoulder. Or getting in your car, you bang your knee on the bottom of the dashboard. Or you step in a puddle with your new leather shoes because you weren't paying attention. Yep, that's me. I just have to laugh at myself. However, I would not laugh at that cut. See someone if it doesn't get better right away.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Linda! I will. :)

Jen--I LOVE that microwave!! LOL

Julie--I was always the klutz growing up. I'd run into doorframes, trip going up the stairs, hell, trip over my own feet! LOL That's partly why I never get mad if the girls break a glass or something. How can I reprimand them when I'm even worse?! LOL

Unknown said...

Grace and coordination were apparently lost to my family a long time ago. Mom and I are the worse, or it looks that way because some long-term medications messed up our skin. If we are holding water and bump into anything with our legs we have lots of blood. As a result our legs are covered with some nasty scars. We can laugh about it because we can still walk so we're good. :0)
I have non-blood pics of my leg if you want to see it. I guarantee you'll feel better about your hand. LOL

Julie Robinson said...

So true, Anne. Just like when I ask my son to clean his room, and he gets distracted going through his books scattered everywhere, whom am I to fault him?! (This 'shortcoming' probably goes hand in hand with the kutziness).

Anne Rainey said...

Connie--Ouch! See, I would have a problem with that. I discovered quite by accident that the site of my own blood makes me weak, I've even passed out from the sight of it. Isn't that crazy?

Julie--I've always had the idea that the girls can keep their rooms the way the want to, it's their space. If things get way out of hand, I say something. As a result I have one who's nearly as neat as Monk, another who figures if she can still see the floor, she's good for another few weeks. LOL

Unknown said...


Desirée Lee said...

Ouch. Sometimes the littlest "owies" cause the biggest pain!

For my family it is fingers. The end of my right index finger was cut off in a door when I was five. It was sewn back on, fell off again, sewn back on again... It stayed on that time. *LOL* To this day it's kinda funny shaped, hypersensitive and has limited mobility, but I've learned to adapt. I can type about 80wpm despite it.

My dad cut off part of a finger in a work accident once. It was reattached.

My cousin Bob sheared off the better part of four fingers in a mill accident. He lost his totally. We tease him and tell him he should be good at taking shorthand. *LOL*

Once he asked my mom to sew the fingers down on a pair of gloves for him. She had him put his hand on a piece of paper and drew around the stumps of his fingers because they're all different sizes. She then tailored his gloves to fit him and he was cool with it. Then... someone at his job stole his gloves. He saw the guy and confronted him and the guy claimed they weren't Bob's gloves but his own. Bob said "OK, put them on please. Prove it to me." The guy put them on and of course they didn't fit because the fingers were too short. Caught in the act. Bob got his gloves back.

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

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