Thursday, January 15, 2009

snow days!

I don't know what the weather is like for you all, but here in Ohio, we're buried under. The kids' wish came true, they have a snow day. Yay! Now, to keep them from climbing the walls in boredom. LOL

Here's a few pictures of our snowfall.
This is our back deck, most of this fell yesterday.

This is our front porch. You can't tell but there are steps and a walkway there that I am NOT going to shovel. LOL

another picture, a different part of the deck.
So right now we're in our pjs watching last night's American Idol. I'm getting a late start, clearly, and with any luck the kids will find something to entertain them so I can get some writing done today!
What do you all do when you're snowed in? Any ideas?


Regina Carlysle said...

Have to say, considering we are snowless in Texas at the moment, this is beautiful. What is it about snow? The world just goes QUIET.

We cuddle up in pj's with a pile of dvd's and drink hot chocolate. OR read a good book. Personally, I love to write when the weather is like this.

cindy said...

Hey Anne, beautiful pictures,we rarely get snow,but when we do,we crank up the 4-wheelers & motorcycles & play like children.
At night we drink hot chocolate,by the fire & watch old home movies.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Alas, I live in Hell...I mean Florida LOL. No snow here. :( Just cold, gray, overpriced swamp land. :)

Beautiful pictures!

Anne Rainey said...

Hey Regina and Cindy--I love watching old movies when it's cold and snowy out. Right now I'm cuddled under a blanket, the girls on playing on the Wii and eating nachos.

And for some reason my favorite movie to watch in weather like this is The Mummy or The Mummy Returns, or both. Strange, I know. LOL

Cindy, the kids love our 4-wheeler, but I like for the DH to be home when they're on it. :)

Anne Rainey said...

Liane--LOL!! I've never heard Florida described quite like that! Right now I could go with some of that Florida heat, I admit. It was 1 degree this morning. Brrr!

Kelley Nyrae said...

Beautiful pictures, Anne. I haven't had snow days in years. I know on bad weather days I like hot chocolate, jammies and a good book.

Anne Rainey said...

Well here's a pic of my jammies, and also the M&Ms I had for breakfast. :) (copy and paste)

Shiela said...

I come from a place where snow is the norm this time of year. I live on the Praries and when winter hits us, it hits with a vengance. One year, we were hit with a winter storm that litterally snowed us in. The snow drifts came to five feet across my doors. We actually had to dig and push our way out of he house. The snow came to my hips and I'm 5 feet 7 inches. Now that's a lot of snow.

Still, I find it pretty.

The kids were allowed to play on the computer or video games all day. They were thrilled. :)

Genella deGrey said...

What lovely pictures, Anne!

I've never lived where it snows, but when it's cold outside, I like to cook & bake.


Anne Rainey said...

Shiela--There are a few places around here where it's pretty flat, when it blows and drifts it can really make driving difficult! One thing I love about where I live, it's pretty heavily wooded(is that spelled right, lol?) and when it snows it just makes me want to curl up with the hubby and stay warm. :)

Genella--My husband is the cook around here and he does that too. If he were home he'd be in the kitchen making Gumbo or something. I love it when he's off, we eat like queens! hehe!

Karin Shah said...

My kids didn't have a snow day, but I did give my four-year-old a "cranky day". He has a mild cold and isn't feeling great, so I let him stay home. My six-year-old daughter had school, but morning kg is only two and half hours, so I have them both home now and the three dogs (one of them is a foster).
I do, however, have a fire roaring in the fireplace and a book I will sneak in between laundry and the drifts of toys and garbage left by my children. :-)

Karin Shah
Samhain Publishing

Anne Rainey said...

Karin--I wish we had a fireplace! That's the one thing I'm missing! I think a little later I'm going to put the kids to work on taking down the Christmas decor. We still haven't done that yet.

Mary Ricksen said...

People will probably think I am crazy, but I love snow and I miss it too!
I am with Liane down here in hell. Today they turned off the ovens for a bit, it's in the high sixties.
But hell will be back I am sure.
The pictures make me homesick for Vermont.

Anne Rainey said...

Mary--Vermont is such a beautiful state! I can understand why you're homesick!

Jen said...

We don't get that much snow here in SC. Last year we got about an inch and the whole town shut down for the day. We mostly get ice. When it's bad weather, I work from home.

I hope you and the girls had a fun day together and you got some writing done.

Oh you won't believe this, I have the same mouse pad that you have with the little puppies on it.
; -)

Sophia Danu said...

LOVE snow days! We have another one tomorrow too! We play the Wii and various other games, etc. during a snow day and occassionally I try to break away and get some work or writing done. :) I love sleeping in!!

Writer and Cat said...

Gorgeous snow! We just get cold weather. Today here the schools are all closed because it was below zero in so many areas. Home with kids and no snow, trapped inside, too cold to send them out....

Anne Rainey said...

Jen--seriously?? Okay, we really were seperated at birth! LOL

Sophia--we have another snow day today too. I can't sleep in though because I have to get up and help get the hubby ready for work, but I do sometimes go back bed after he's out the door. ;-)

Anne Rainey said...

Jody--we had below zero today too. Ick!

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