Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here we go again

I hate moving. Seriously, hate it. Unfortunately it's something I'm right in the middle of right now. Feels like not that long ago I was packing up everything and now I'm doing it again. This time I plan to stay put for a while. No more boxes, packing or unpacking for me for a while.

When I was a child I had to move a lot. I think that's part of the reason I despise it so much now. I lived in five different states by the time I was thirteen and I wasn't even a military child. That just counts state moves, not the amount of times I moved to different houses within those states. Finally we moved to Oregon and stayed there until we moved to California four years ago.

I do not want to do that to my kids. I hated starting a new school and leaving my friends when I was younger. My oldest will start Kindergarten this summer and so it's time to settle down to insure she doesn't have to deal with what I did as a kid. In some ways I'm lucky to have seen so many different places but I'm thinking from now on, I'd like to do that more in a vacation capacity rather than moving.

What is your favorite place that you've ever lived? Have you had to move around a lot? Would you like to move somewhere different than where you live now?


Anne Rainey said...

I totally understand how you feel, Kelley. Although we didn't move to different states I can still remember moving when I finished fifth grade. I had to start at new school in sixth grade and it was so strange because everyone else there had gone to school together since kindergarten. I was shy, so that made it even worse. I made a single friend, and that's how the rest of my schooling went. When I graduated I was (and still am) glad to be out of school.

As to moving to different states. Our hope is to someday be able to move to Maine. It's such a beautiful state! We won't do it until the kids get out of school though.

Genella deGrey said...

Kelley - The next time I move it will be # 26.

I hated starting new schools, too. That was the worst part for me as a child.

Pressed as I have been by change, I welcome it now. My efficiency in packing is now at a professional level. LOL

The best part about moving is arranging my walls again. I'm mad for decorating and love a fresh, clean, blank wall.

My favorite place I ever lived was at the base of the Foothills in Glendora. It was a HUGE house with a HUGE pool and a HUGE backyard. Of course, I was in the first grade and everything looked big to me. :D

I'd be very happy to get out of (over-populated, over-priced, over-rated) Los Angeles. I'd love to move to North Carolina where my other half's parents are from - but he insists we stay here so he can pursue a career behind the camera. I've told him the film industry is everywhere now, but he's old school. LOL

Hang in there -

Regina Carlysle said...

I didn't move much as a kid but my husband is an Air Force Brat and moved constantly. I haven't moved anywhere since 1989 but it was the PITS and we had a little one at the time. Mainly I remember how exhausting it was. We had lots of volunteers to help and by the time we were all filthy and starving, I headed out to pick up burgers for everyone. Of course the kitchen wasn't unpacked and ready to go. Got back to the house and all these starving people and the burgers all had NOTHING on them. Meat and bread, that was IT!!! Talk about pissed. I was too tired and hungry to go back and complain so I had to dig through boxes for stuff like pickles, mustard, mayo, etc. What a PAIN!!!

Mary Ricksen said...

I don't know why but I don't mind moving. It's a chance to meet new people. A new environment to explore. Try to look at it as a new adventure. It will help the kids.

My goal is North Carolina, we have a small piece of land on a mountain.

Amy Ruttan said...

I hope you're not moving to far.

I've moved alot. Basically in the same town until I was in college and my parents moved up North, and moved three times there. I moved with them, then I moved to be married and we moved three times in the city.

Once was our first small, small apartment. Then we upgraded in the same building to a larger apartment, then we bought a house.

I don't want to move. But if I did it would be to go back to my hometown and never move again.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for the moving support! Sorry I didn't get back here yesterday. Things got a bit ahead of me.

Barb said...

I'm in the middle of moving right now too Kelley. We're doing it slowly because we're buying my sister's house and she still has her things here. I've moved quite alot since I've been an adult, never as a child. Now I'm finished I hope.

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