Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kick in the Pants

This week, I finally had enough! I haven't really written like I should since January. I've come up with excuse after excuse and some times just admitted I was being plain lazy but no more! I gave myself a "Writing Kick in the Pants". How you ask? LOL. I talked to a few friends who I knew were having the same problem. Some of them talked to a few friends as well and we started our own little kick in the pants writing group. We each have made our own deadlines and we HAVE to check in at least once a day to let the other members know if we've reached our goal or not for the day. We offer lots of congrats when need be and encouragement when it's needed as well. Let me tell ya, it helps! I sure don't want to be the only author out of our little group of ten not to hit my goal for the day. It's very motivating! The first day the group was open, I hit my writing goal which is the most I've written in one day since January! It felt SO good. I think we've hit the nail on the head. We're a small, intimate group who all have the same goals in mind and we are there to help one another achieve them. I can't wait to do it again today!

How do you give yourself a "Kick in the pants" when you need to? It can be writing related or not.


Regina Carlysle said...

I'm soooo with you on this, Kell! I was completely manic with my writing in January and then NOTHING. I just couldn't get motivated. Small, intimate groups to cheer you on work so good for me.

Genella deGrey said...

Just yesterday I had a friend suggest we start something like that - Looking forward to it!

Glad you found your 'kick,' Kelley!

Anne Rainey said...

I'm loving the group! What a great idea! Thanks for thinking of it, Kelley!