Monday, March 23, 2009

to shifter or not to shifter

Have you ever wanted to write something so bad you could taste it? I mean, it's in your head twenty-four hours a day and you can't shake the feeling that this story needs to be written? That's how I've been with this wolf shifter story. I want to write it. I can't imagine not writing it. At the same time, I'm not going to bother unless I know for sure someone actually wants it. I've discovered--the hard way--that can be really annoying. Writers pour their hearts into their work. We want people to like it. We want people to love our characters as much as we do. We know that's not always going to happen, but we at least want our time to be well spent. Am I right, folks?

The thing is, I'm generally a contemporary writer, but from time to time I get this bug to write something a little out of my usual genre, like with A Diamond at Midnight. That was a fun story and I truly feel it came out quite well. I think for a contemporary author, I did an okay vampire. Now I'd like to try my hand at a pair of shifters, twins to be exact. The image above is how I imagine my shifters looking. Ignore the girl or add your self in there, that usually works for me, lol. What do you think? Sexy, huh? ;-)

While I'm asking you all questions, is a shifter story something you'd like to see from me? An erotic shifter, of course. LOL To shifter or not to shifter, that is the question... lol


Kelley Nyrae said...

that man is gorgeous! Yes I think you should do a shifter. You'd be great with it. Its fun to try something different every now and agin.

Regina Carlysle said...

As you know, I broke down and wrote a shifter after all those contemporaries...just HAD to do it. The experience was fun and I really think it's important to try new things. I think it keeps us fresh as writers! You'll do a great job with it.

Anne Rainey said...

Kelley--Isn't he though? When/if I write this story I'm thinking I need to have him on my desktop background. Inspiration, ya know. ;-)

Regina--Honestly, I never think of you as a contemporary author. I guess because you also write historicals. You do everything so well and it didn't surprise me in the least when you wrote a shifter!

Valerie T. said...

Go for it Anne! Your vamp story was great, as are all your contemporaries. The shifter aspect is just another character trait... What's a little fur?


And those guys are HOT! And that girl looks just like me. WHAT????

Anne Rainey said...

Valerie--I love your attitude! Yeah, what's a little fur, right?! And that's strange about the girl, I was thinking she looked like!

Valerie T. said...

@ Anne... Hee hee!

Genella deGrey said...

Anne - Sexy shifter stories are in! Go for it!

Amy Ruttan said...

Shift it.

It will give you a creative spark to delve into something you haven't written before.

To boldy go, as it were.

Mary Ricksen said...

How else will you know what you can do, or how far you can go, if you don't try.
It might turn out to by your best work, you never know!

Anne Rainey said...

Genella--They really are in. My mom is even reading them now! LOL

Anne Rainey said...

Amy--good point. It WAS fun to write that vampire story. And I had a sense of pride afterwards since it was something different for me.

Mary--Ooohh, I like the sound of that!