Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Inspiration Fails

Well, unfortunately inspiration didn't strike on my weekend trip. I tried. I really did! Thing is there are just too many other things going on that need my attention these days. So I've come to the realization that in my quest to finish my manuscript I've neglected things. Figure THIS must be the reason the plot of my next book isn't forming easily in my brain.

So this week, I'm just going to take off and not worry about it. I tend to be hard on myself if I'm not being productive with my writing. Lately, I'll remember something around the house that needs to be done and I'll tell myself I'll get to it as soon as I've finished "this chapter".

The weekend went great and my daughter has found a nice roomate and a place to live this upcoming fall when she heads off for college. One more thing in the gigantic list of things that needed to be taken care of. I realized over the weekend that my life was spiraling out of control because of all the 'stuff' that I've been neglecting. So I'm planning to take this one week and get some things dealt with. Today and Thurdsday, repair guys are coming to the house to do some things. Yesterday, I got a check up and Wednesday, I'm taking my daughter for a dental visit. I'm going to get some stuff DONE. I honestly think this is why I can't come up with a new plot. I mean, it's there hovering in my head but sometimes we just have to do other things.

Life outside the writing world is screaming for my attention. Yeah, it's a major drag but there is no more putting it off! Keep thinking once my mind is clear again the words will come and I'll be back to doing what I love.

In the meantime, there are appointments to be made, floors to clean, and groceries to be bought. Real life just has to intrude. It's inevitable. So rather than fight it, I'm going with the flow and taking care of business.


Kelley Nyrae said...

Good for you. Even though you're getting other stuff done you'll still come back refreshed next week. Some times I have to do that too.

Anne Rainey said...

I was feeling this way and I DID take a few days off. It helped and I finished that last scene I'd been trying to pound out.

Good luck, Regina. I think you're on the right track here.

Regina Carlysle said...

Well I certainly hope so. We all need a break from time to time just to regroup but I always feel guilty about it.

Mary Ricksen said...

That's my life and problems in a nutshell. It'll come back it's just on vacation. The muse that is.
It's too hard to write with to much stuff hanging over your head.
Good Luck Regina!

JariHop said...

Go with the flow - I like that! Perhaps you can include all the stuff you have to do in your book too... like going for a dental check up and suddenly got transported to time travel the minute you sit on the dental chair?

Hahaha.. that's my mind working over time. I don't write but I do have a lot of mundane chores and sometimes to make it bearable, I'd create story line.

Fran Lee's Romance Blog said...

Get other stuff done? What other stuff? You mean there is a life beyond this writing, rewriting, editing, crying over dumping characters and pages, etc.?