Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Would you go back?

Several months ago, me and six other authors, Tessie Bradford, Cindy Spencer Pape, Anny Cook, Taylor Tryst, Paris Brandon and Fran Lee, got together and wrote an erotic anthology for Resplendence Publishing. The Carnal Reunion anthology goes live at Resplendence sometime before noon today. The concept was simple. Seven housemates from college get together again at the house where they used to live to attend their ten-year college reunion. While there, they meet up with the guys whom they loved all those years ago.

It's interesting to think of what can happen to a person in the space of ten years, isn't it? In the case of my heroine, Chloe Wells, she was married, had a child and then was widowed. Lots of stuff. Lots of baggage. Now she's a struggling single mother who is looking for...something.

The whole idea of going back and redoing things is kind of scary to think about. In quiet moments, I'll confess, I often think back about high school and college and wonder if I should've or could've done things differently. Maybe stood up for myself more or made better decisions. I honestly don't know. Over the years we change and grow and become completely different people than we'd been "back then". I actually know people who continually re-live their high school years. Nothing wrong with that assuming they were good years but for me, high school was a misery. We were all a bunch of insecure, juvenile, dumbasses and the last thing I want to do is re-live any part of it. Every invitation to attend a reunion goes straight into the trash!

I remember having a conversation with my daughter about some of her high school experiences and the things some kids did to other kids. I told her...you know? She'll probably grow up and become a very nice woman! I know there is some truth to that. How many girls did you know who were totally shallow, hateful bitches who you meet, quite by accident, years later and you find they are the nicest people?

For me, college was a different ball of wax altogether. I found I thrived in this environment and I truly DID make friends with whom I'm still friends today. Recently I reconnected with sorority sisters whom I haven't talked with for years. Facebook is a wonder, isn't it? Anyway, it has been fun catching up and making plans to get together again.

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A college reunion and seeing her best 'gal pals' is just the thing widow and single mom, Chloe Wells, needs to put a little oomph back into her boring and routine life. For her, those carefree years of friendship she made with six other women in the old Victorian were unforgettable and, hey, what's wrong with revisiting a past that was fun and full of laughter? But when she bumps into Michael "Ace" Banner other memories resurface. Memories of hot nights and rumpled bedsheets. Memories of the loss of one man who burned her to ash.

Former college tennis star, Ace Banner, now a reknowned sports photographer, has just one chance to regain the love of pretty, sweet, very sexy Chloe. Yeah, he blew it years ago by walking away but he's a man now and not about to let her get away again. Ace is prepared to pull out all the stops in reclaiming what he lost all those years ago. It'll take a slow hand and an easy touch but he's up for the challenge.


Anny Cook said...

High school? I've reconnected with two or three people I attended school with. They were nice back then and are STILL great people today, though all of us have been through a lot.

College? No. By the time I went to school, I was considerably older than my classmates so I doubt I would have anything in common with them.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Love the book idea.

I absolutely loved high school. I went to a small school, only 98 kids in my graduating class. There were your different groups, but we still all got along. I don't remember seeing any of the bullying and meanness I hear about nowadays. I had SO much fun in high school and a lot of friends. Not sure I would want to go back, but I treasure those memories!

Wendy said...

Hey Rita,
I feel like your talking vicariously through me. I absolutely hated high school! It was the most horrible experience of my life seriously! Just like you EVERY invite to high school reunions goes straight into the trash. Why would I want to see those people who were not nice to me to begin with again? You know the funny thing is though...they are now my friends on facebook...I think thats pure nosieness on both our parts, one because I wanna see what they look like now and two because they wanna see me. I get alot of WOW you dont look the same at all. Yeah...imagine what growing up does to ya huh. Now college...that was a blast!!! Those were my people! I still adore soooo many of the girls I went to nursing school with. Some of my best memories are from college.

Regina Carlysle said...

Think maybe it's because in High School the kids weren't adults. It was more about fitting in and there was a big bullying mentality that I think still exists today. If you were too smart, or not pretty enough, or TOO pretty...there were problems. Boys who weren't jocks were picked on. I couldn't get out of that place fast enough. And through my kids, it seems I almost relived those years again and came to understand that, though technology has changed, the behaviors remain.

Now college??? Yeah. I loved it. Maybe because it was such a bigger place, geeks aren't looked down upon but embraces. Differences in people are just celebrated more.

Fran Lee said...

I never got any of my reunion notices, and my folks lived in the same house for 40 years. I have lived in the very same house after they passed, and never got one single invite. I did find Classmates.com, and have found a number of High School pals. It's been interesting...

Paris said...

I can't say high school was much fun. We moved during my junior year and I went from a high school in the suburbs to an inner city school. Maybe if I hadn't been so shy it would have been better but I've never been to one of my high school reunions.

Regina Carlysle said...

Yeah, Paris, I know what you mean about shyness. I was never a shy person but I knew plenty who were. Very difficult to enjoy high school under those circumstances. Maybe I'm in a melancholy mood today but I really wish I had reached out more to those who I knew were painfully shy.

Unknown said...

I think when it comes to HS I would've stayed the extra year, instead of doubling up my studies and graduating a year early. I think I missed out on a lot of senior fun graduating early. College I wouldn't change anything.

Congrats on the new release.

Tessie Bradford said...

I've never attended a reunion. I do still have connections with a couple of people from high school, though. I only attended one year of college away from home and it was not a good experience! When I went back to school years later, I was older, working and had a family - no time for socializing.

Laurann Dohner said...

Great post, great book concept! LOL. You couldn't pay me to go to a reunion. LOL. I kept my friends (20 years later) close to me from high school and talk or see them regularly. As for the rest of them... No Thanks. High school was miserable for me too.

Anne Rainey said...

I hated school and there isn't a single person I'd ever want to see again.

That doesn't stop me from LOVING the story concept though. Anything you write is bound to be HOT!