Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bye bye 20's!

Let me start off by saying I know my thinking regarding this situation is completely illogical. I know it makes no sense. I know 30 isn't old. But knowing didn't change anything....

I turned 30 the day after Christmas. About two weeks before, I started freaking out a little bit. I mean, it was different than other people I know who are 30 and older. It was ME turning 30. ME leaving my 20's behind and that was a little scary for me. Where had the time gone? It seemed I just graduated high school, just married my love, just had my first baby... Had it really been 12 years since I graduated? It was overwhelming to say the least. Then I started thinking about how fast the time flies and I realized the next 10 would go by even faster. It seems each year does that. Here we are heading into 2010 and I'm wondering where 2009 went!

I was freaked and then a funny thing happened. I woke up on my birthday and nothing was different (imagine that, lol). I looked the same, my kids look the same, my hubby still looks at ME the same way. It was just another birthday, another year going by. I do wish they would slow down a little bit, but there's nothing we can do about that. It's like a light switch turned on and I realized none of it mattered. Time will keep going, we'll all get older and all we can do is enjoy our time. Make the best of each day, each week, each year.

****The winner from Rae's blog yesterday is Mason Canyon. Please email me at writermadisonscott@yahoo.com


Molly Daniels said...

LOL...the message on my 30th b-day cake was 'She may be 30, but don't call her Ma'am'!

Thirties were waaaay better than the 20's, hands down:) Now I'm in my 40's and body's starting to fall apart (grin!)

Jen said...

Kelley, didn't I tell you turning 30 was no big deal. ; -)

I agree, the years just seem to fly by now at a greater rate of speed. The day after your birthday was my brother's birthday. He turned 60. That's hard for me to believe.

This summer I will go to my 30th high school reunion.

Enjoy your 30's. I really enjoyed mine and so far I'm enjoying my 40's.

Bekki Lynn said...

Aw, Kelley -- you've had so many milestones this year. You survived them with such a positive attitude. I wasn't nearly so graceful about them.

And guess what -- there's magic in you your husband hasn't begun to experience. ;)

Belated Happy Birthday!

Regina Carlysle said...

Awwwww happy birthday. Savor each milestone and you've had a bunch of them already to be so young. Just think what is waiting out there. My philosophy is to just live each day and don't stress the numbers.

Mason Canyon said...

There's something about turning 30 that does crazy things to you for a little while. I was like you, I freaked out when I turned 30 and then, oh well just another day. Who knows.
Wow, thanks for the win. I'll be e-mailing you soon.
Hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kelley Nyrae said...

Thank you, everyone. This really has been a wild year for me. I appreciate all the kind words and belated birthday wishes!

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congrats to the winner!