Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Award Show Addiction

Heeeelp! I'm addicted to awards shows. Is there a twelve-Step program for that? Umm. No, I don't think so because the first step of any program is you have to WANT to be saved. I'm fully aware these shows are pretty much a meaningless endevour but I really can't help myself. So the other night, I fixed my popcorn, grabbed a diet coke and put on my jammies to curl up in front of the tube to get my overload of glitz and glamour. I just can't help it. I love to see what the stars are wearing, love to oooh and ahhhh or smack my forehead and say...what the HELL was she thinking???

Normally, my only exceptions to the rule on award show watching are the music awards. Maybe the clothes are just too weird and most attendees look as if they've dressed in the dark. I tend to blow those off and concentrate on the television and movie award shows. Sometimes I haven't even seen these shows or bought a ticket for the featured movies but it doesn't really matter. I just have to watch.

So I tuned into The Golden Globes, drooled (or not) over the way everyone looked and listened to a host of acceptance speeches. I DID find myself wondering something...don't these people think before they speak? I mean, upon winning, one guy (very talented director) announces to the world that he has to pee, others rambled, and yes, some were very entertaining. Robert Downey Jr's (I love him) speech was incredible...smart and funny as I suspect he really is. Meryl Streep won shortly after a muscian with the colorful name of T-Bone. She whimsically said...I want to change my name to T-Bone. T-Bone Streep. Funny moment. Then another actress who wore weird weird ruffles...I'm not kidding, ruffles everywhere...had her dress stepped on my an usher who helped her up the stairs and she bitched and whined about it through her entire acceptance speech and forever altered my opinion of her. Love her show but the actress? Not so much. Not anymore.

So maybe I watch these shows because in a way, they are a train wreck. These people are unscripted, most likely very nervous and you never know what is going to happen.

Next up? The SAG awards and then the show of shows...The Oscar. Should be fun.


Madison Scott said...

I love awards shows too. I watched the Golden Globes and will be there for the Oscars too!

Regina Carlysle said...

We'll have to compare notes the next day!!!

Paris said...

I used to never miss the Oscars! I've been a movie fan, forever and just love all the glitz. Tonight I'm going to have to make do with "White Collar" because I got hooked watching a marathon;-)

I hear my jammies calling me.

susan said...

What I guess is strange to me is the hair do's. I see some of them who has hair like I do when I first crawl out of bed..like a bad hair do until you run a brush or comb into the strands. I sometimes think why do I bother combing my hair for work..the stars are suppose to be in style. I guess I am out of style if I comb. susan L.

Maria said...

I used to love award shows but lately.....not so much. I hate all of the political commentary that hollywood stars now think that they have the right to spew on us as a society. Just because I like the way they act on a TV show or a movie doesn't mean that I want to hear their political opinion. Maybe I'll watch the Oscars..maybe now