Thursday, January 14, 2010

something to warm you up!

I'm really cold today, like my fingers are nearly frozen. Makes it hard to type! So, I decided to warm up...without having to actually turn up the heat. Trying to be frugal, ya know.

In my quest for heat, I stumbled across Taber.

Uh, are you warm yet? No? Well, keep scrolling then.
How about now? Taber warming you up a little? Still a little chilly are you? That's okay, just keep scrolling!

Ah, now that's a bit more like it. I'm almost ready to grab a glass of ice tea. You?

Taber tells me he's glad to help us save money on heating! What a guy, huh? *grin*

Oh, and just in case you need a little boost to keep you going throughout the rest of the day, there's these two hotties! Big Ben...

And Risky Ryan

Cold shower anyone?? hehe!


Regina Carlysle said...

Damn. I was cold all over but now...not so much. That Taber is smokin'. Where the hell do you find these guys???? I envy your collection.

Madison Scott said...

Just what I needed today! Taber is delicious! Love the name too. LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought him too boyish at first but then I kept going down and what deliciousness he became.

My apologies if that came out wrong. Yeah right :)

Witchy Woman said...

What cauldron have I been living under, love this site! Risky Ryan for me thanks. *eg*