Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the Air

Those cupids are pesky little devils! They are flyin' around all over the place with Valentine's Day only a few day away. Admittedly, when I was much younger, I got all mooshy and gooey over this particular holiday but these days? Not so much. Maybe when you've been married 27 yrs. it all becomes rather 'old hat'. Or maybe it's just US. Ha. Who knows? Mr. Regina tends to be a practical, rather than romantic, guy. His idea of showing he loves me is to wash and wax my car,get it filled up and put 'shiny stuff' on the tires. Mr. Romance. Ah but you've gotta love that and, in a way, respect it. During the early years of our marriage he would call me up, sigh loudly and say...ooooookay what kind of perfume do you want? I've always laughed about stuff like that but, hey, that's probably why our marriage works.

I've come to realize over the years that some guys are talkers and some are doers. I'll take a doer over a talker any day. He is dependable, tough, and the guy everyone goes to in a crisis. A few days ago he called and said...damn, honey, those roses are getting more expensive every year. I'm thinkin'...hmmmm. He's thinking about Valentine's Day here and this is a verrrry broad hint. So I say...wellll, I don't think a guy HAS to go with roses, ya know. Those big, splashy gerber daisies are wonderful. He says...splashy huh? So I laugh. I say...yeah, SPLASHY. A few minutes later he calls to ask if our daughter's apartment office will call her to pick up flowers or will they just deliver them directly and then calls to for my mother's exact house number.

No wonder he didn't want to do roses. He's getting flowers for all of us! My daughter, my mom, his mom, and me. Now WHO SAYS he isn't just a little bit romantic and very thoughtful. I'm not all that worried about the surprise being blown to hell and back. After all, Mr. Regina is about as subtle as a Mack truck. Gotta love that.

I believe the best Valentine's Day thing he has EVER done was in 1986. I was eight months pregnant and feeling big as a damn cow or errrr....elephant. My Valentine was big, red, and featured a comical Elephant on it. After I laughed and smacked him with the card, he gave me a beautiful pair of pearl studs. An awwww moment. Gotta love that...laughter and a few happy tears.

So in honor of Valentine's Day, I hope cupid draws back his bow and his aim is good.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Regina has my vote! What a thoughtful, wonderful gesture to send flowers to every lady in his life!!!!

I'm wondering if V-Day isn't an icky day for single women everywhere, though.

A huge, fat reminder that we don't have anyone to spend the day with, but then again, I'm all about loving thyself, too.

That sounds wrong, but you know what I

Go to dinner alone, buy yourself flowers or a ring, hell just do something nice for yourself!

Thanks for sharing such a great story, Reg. Hope you and Mr. R have a lovely weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Regina Carlysle said...

I think in those single years, I had no problem getting something good for dinner and curling up with a wonderfully sappy movie. Not a bad deal.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Aw, that is so nice. Dom isn't one that's romantic alot, but when he is, he does good. When we were still teenagers, the second Valentines we'd been together I mentioned something about not knowing why we all love roses so much because all they do is die. he got me a rose plated in gold that year so it would never die. Then three years ago, I was working outside the home at the time. I had to work that night. He snuck down while I was working and decorated my car with that car paint stuff. He wrote all these sweet things on it and then bought one of those huge oversized cards that was stuck in the windsheild. He doesn't do things like that every year, but that's what makes it more special, ya know?

Regina Carlysle said...

That's the cutest thing, Kelley. It's neat when it's a surprise too!

Anne Rainey said...

We've never celebrated V Day. It's strange to write that, esp. considering I'm a romance author. LOL My husband shows his love in other ways though. Like making me breakfast this morning and having a pot of coffee ready when I woke. So sweet!