Monday, February 1, 2010


That's me. Well, not me, but that's pretty much exactly how I feel today. I have a stack of things that need to be done TODAY and I'm just so unmotivated it's not even funny. I think it has to do with lack of self-confidence. I just don't have any today. It's like the well ran dry. I keep asking myself that horrible question 'what if this thing just sucks?'
What do you do when you have things that have to be done, but you don't feel like you have what it takes to do them? I've been sitting her wondering 'why am I in this business?'

It's probably a lot of things that actually brought me to this point. The WIP I'm working on has taken me forever to finish, personal problems kept cropping up and I kept having to put my writing aside to deal with them. Also, working on full length stories can really suck the life right out of you. It's like there's no light at the end of the tunnel or something. If I'd been able to slip a short story in on the side I think it would've helped. Then there's these bitter cold winter months. I look out the window and see white and gray. I'm so done with winter I can't even tell you!

So, what's the solution? I have none. The work on my desk still needs to be finished, winter is still going to be sticking around and I'm still going to wish I could just stay in bed. My only ray of sunshine right now is knowing how close I am to finishing this WIP. When it's done I really want to take a break. A few days to unwind. But then I have a proposal to finish. Does it ever end?? Well, no. I was saying the other day that back when this writing gig was still just a hobby it was way more fun. Now it's a job. The fun has been sucked out of it. LOL

Tell me something to cheer me up! Anything!

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Laurann Dohner said...

LOL. I'm sorry I don't know any jokes. I wish I did. I call this time the 'after the holiday blues' and it just sucks. I've read some of your books and YOU ARE in the right business! I write multi books at a time and it keeps me from getting 'stuck'. If one hangs me up, I jump into another. To motivate me... I read a real horrible book. LOL. Then I think... I could do better than than this! LOL. Hey, it works. I'm sorry you're having a tough time but you'll bounce back. Have faith and I love your books!

Anny Cook said...

I also have multi books in several phases because it's soooo easy to get in the pit of despair.

The other thing is to talk to your friends. They're the biggest boost around. Friends love you when you're up and when you're down. And occasionally they kick your butt as needed.

And by the way. Don't be so hard on yourself. We're not Wonder Woman. Not even on our best days. We don't need to be because women are wonderful enough exactly like they are.

Kelley Nyrae said...

YOu've had a lot going on. You can only do so much. YOu're close to finishing so thats GOOD and you'll feel fresh when you start something new!

Regina Carlysle said...

Sorry I didn't get here until today...better late than never. That writing cave sucked me in and pulled me under. Hey, Anne, we all have moments of self doubt. Probably more of those than the 'good thought' days. Talk you your friends!!! That always helps me more than anything else.