Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remembering the Bunny Suit

The Easter Holiday season kind of took me by surprise this year. Maybe it's because winter has lingered so long. But now the trees are budding and flowering and everyone is getting into the springtime 'feel' of things. Oddly, this time of year always reminds me of one of my very first jobs. When I was in high school (and NO, I won't say when that was) I had a part time job as a florist. I worked holidays and during the summer making deliveries and learning how to make sprays for funerals, corsages for prom, and basically 'arranging things'.

Valentines Day, Easter, and Mother's Day were our very busiest times and during those holidays, we would load up a van deliver flowers all day long. I only worked for them for a short time (because, after all, I was only a teenager) but I'll never forget making Easter deliveries in a big white bunny suit. It was white and furry featuring pink inner ears and belly. Lordy! Talk about HOT.

I've done a lot of interesting things in my life. I've been a newspaper reporter, worked in a clothing store, did some substitute teaching, and I lectured on Native American culture and folklore. Today I write erotic romances, which I must admit is an verrrry interesting occupation and one that makes people kind of blink and go HUH??? No, not your normal kind of job.

Still, to this day, when someone asks about things I've done, it's the bunny suit I remember most. Tell me about your weirdest, goofiest, strangest jobs.


Bekki Lynn said...

Delivering in a bunny suit - that would have been so fun, Regina. I can see why you'd remember it.

My first and strangest job was at a local egg farm. The stench in the summer was unpleasant, but it was interesing to see how the light under the conveyor allowed you to see into the egg so bad ones could be tossed. For a while, my sister worked along side me. Who knew then, she and I both would move on to work in food service and even at one point worked together again.

Which reminds me that I still need to pick up eggs for coloring.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I only had one and it was not really goofy.. but it had it perks - especially considering I was in my teens... I worked at a water park in the summer... And yes, the lifeguards - let's just say I wanted to drown so they could save me!

But you beat me with the bunny suit. I never knew how people could stand that suit... HOT!

Laurann Dohner said...

How about insane jobs? LOL. I had a friend who owned a horse ranch in Northern California and we were talking on the phone after she moved away and she invited me there for 2 weeks. I got there and she had her smallest cowboy quit 2 days before so when I arrived... she put me to work. I got to break in horses that had never been ridden. I had bruises on my bruises on my rump but damn was it fun when I wasn't getting bucked off. LOL. There were perks. She had some nice looking men working for her and every evening we'd all go down to the river to swim, cool off, and BBQ steaks. (Man, I wish I'd taken a camera to share photos of that view... a dozen mostly naked guys swimming around or sprawled out drying off in the sun)I got 4 marriage proposals in 2 weeks. Not bad! LOL.

Anne Rainey said...

Not really a strange job, but a difficult one. You know when you stay in a nice hotel there's usually a fridge in your room? Well, I was the one who kept those stocked. It was a hard job because I had to push a cart filled with tons of pop and snacks up and down the halls. The hotel had 11 floors. My arms and legs got a great workout, let me tell ya. And I met some interesing people too. A few popular singers and even a couple of actors. :)

Jolie Cain said...

The summer before I college I worked in a pickle factory packing pickles in jars. Ugh! Taught me the value of an education. lol!

Madison Scott said...

How funny. I haven't had a lot of weird jobs. My first job was busing tables, then Wal Mart. After high school I worked in medical records at a clinic, then in the Emergency Room at a hospital and now I write!

Alisha said...

Too cute! The strangest job I had was working as a medical assistant to a plastic surgeon and nearly barfing when these beautiful, thin women would walk in, raise their shirt and say, "Doc, can you get rid of this scar?" And I'm talking about some tiny thing you need a microscope to see. Some of the women were addicted to surgery and it was such a souless job. Ick.