Thursday, March 4, 2010

Those High School Crushes

As a teenager, I always had my head in the clouds. I was a daydreamer. I grew up with three brothers and zero sisters. Plus, I’m the youngest. It’s a little like being an only child, with the exception of getting nuggies and teased on a regular basis. LOL I tended to go off on my own a lot and either dream about my future husband, or just imagine what it’d be like to actually meet Matt Dillon from The Outsiders.

Still, I wasn’t so much a daydreamer that I didn’t notice Rick B. He was so cute and oh so oblivious to my existence. The only time I ever spent with Rick was in my own imagination. And I did a lot of imagining let me tell you! Then one day I talked a friend into asking Rick if he’d go out with me. He said no. My heart was crushed! I had carved his name in the bench outside school. I’d scribbled his name all over my notebooks. I went to bed thinking of him and woke thinking of him. He was always in my head. Alas, it wasn’t to be. I graduated high school, found my real true love and moved on to better things.

From time to time, I do wonder what Rick might be up to. Did he age well? Did he get married and have kids? Did he go on to be a billionaire rock star or did he maybe end up in jail (he was sort of the bad boy of the school, lol). I’ll probably never know and that’s okay with me. Those girlish crushes are a thing of the past. I guess that’s why I find it so hilarious that my a few of the story ideas running around in my head right now have some variation on secret crushes. I think my heart still wants revenge or something. LOL

I must confess it’s fun to play out those old wishes from my youth. It’s great fun to see the girl with the crush get the bad boy who never noticed her. In my opinion, the best part of being a romance author is giving my characters a very happy ending!

So, confess! Did you have a secret crush and did you marry him? Or did he turn out to be the boy you never kissed?


Madison Scott said...

Oh, I had one of those. His name was Beau. I thought I was just in LOVE with him. I seriously had a crush on him from 9th grade thru 12th. Then I remember maybe my junior year. I was talking to my friend Brandon on the phone about how much I liked Beau and Beau was on the phone listening! I was mortified. But we kind of became friends after that. We were both friends with Brandon so we'd hang out after school, he'd come to my house and we'd all go do stuff together (I was always friends with more boys than girls). Nothing ever came of it. No dating, kissing, nothing. lol. It's funny because obviously I'm over it. Was just a crush and I have the man of my dreams. But when I still lived in oregon, even after high school graduation, any time I would see him, I still get flushed and giggly. It's like seeing him would transport me back to that girl who had the hugest crush on a boy I could never have....

Oh, and in middles school, I had the biggest crush on a boy named Dustin. He found out via a stolen letter. LOL. He was such a good kid though. He didn't like me, but I remember at a dance in middle school he asked me to dance. He did it just because he would make my night. My friends stood against the wall and CHEERED for me the whole time! I was so embarrassed. he took it in stride and was so sweet. I remember every second of that, the song, what he said, he did the little finger thing to call me over... it was one of those moments I will never forget. When a 13 year old boy was sweet enough to make my night. Anyway, we all went in the girls bathroom and I cried and cried afterward. lol

Unknown said...

I've had a few secret crushes. One ended up in a book. Not sure what ever happened to him, but I'd sure like to know!

Regina Carlysle said...

Definitely 'the boy I never kissed' lol. I seriously crushed on a guy who was a few years older. He had a girlfriend who he dated exclusively all the way through high school. I forgot him soon enough though. I remember those days though. I'd like a guy and get those fluttery feelings. Ahhh the angst. the torment.

Maria said...

I've had numerous secret crushes and not all as a teenager they were all "the boy I never kissed". Still haven't found my true love but I haven't given up hope!