Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got the fever!

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Last night as I was tucking my youngest, Alisha, into bed and she said something so off the wall I can't even repeat it. We both started cracking up. For several seconds we just sat there laughing our butts off. I swear, my kids can always make me laugh. No matter how crazy or hectic my day, my girls make me forget all the stress. A child's sense of humor is wonderful. A teenager's sense of humor is downright insane! lol

Truthfully though, our lives get so busy sometimes that we forget to stop and enjoy the little things. We had an esp. busy weekend here. We were all in the mood to do some serious Spring cleaning. So, the girls and I cleaned out my closet. Ended up taking 7 large trash bags of clothes, shoes, and purses to goodwill. Um, wow. Then we cleaned out my car, which hadn't been done for like...a year? Okay, so I was a little behind. Wanna make something of it?! :-P After that I got on a laundry kick. Ended up washing ALL the clothes, blankets, rugs and even the dog beds. So, we went at it. I still have a few more closets to clean, and the floor to steam clean. But, let's not get crazy. LOL

To reward ourselves we grabbed the dogs and went to the park. There's a hill and trails we like to hike. We worked up a good sweat and had a blast. Love this spring weather!

Here's a few pix:

The first is my youngest, Alisha. We're just starting the trail up.

This is Kati, my oldest, and our puppy Nutmeg. After coming back down.

And this is the view from the top of the hill.

So, we worked, then we hiked. Afterwards, we all got ice cream, Nutmeg included, and came home and collapsed. I watched Alisha kill people on Call of Duty: Mondern Warfare the rest of the night. It wasn't long before I was yelling, "Get him! He's coming at you! Shoot! Shoot!" LOL We get really into our games around here.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the girls will have in store for me this weekend, but I hope I'm up for it!

So, anyone else have Spring fever? Surely I'm not the only one! :)


Wynter said...

I'm itching to clean out closets but I am recovering from foot surgery. It's killing me that I can't dig in! Pretty park pictures.

Regina Carlysle said...

I love to laugh like that. So hard your belly aches and tears are rolling. And it can be over the dumbest thing but you just feel great afterwards. Good on ya'll for getting some cleaning done. I've made a goal of attaching something every week. This week I cleaned out a big armoir in my office to my new tv could be installed. I moved copies of my print books to another bookcase and threw away stuff too. Next week, I'm getting a linen closet done.

Jake - but not the one said...

Get the girls Dragon Age Origins - they will LOVE it! :)

Judith Leger said...

My boys do that with me! They make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. To make matters worse, they know this and they try to make me laugh harder and longer. Not fun when you're in pain but I wouldn't change it for the world! Love the pics!

Madison Scott said...

Wonderful post! I love laughing and spending time with my girls like that too.

Lucky for me, I don't have much spring cleaning since we just moved recently. Did all mine during the move. Got rid of tons of old stuff.