Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm not gonna lie, this thing looks pretty damn cool. But I'm hearing some negative rumors too. Like the web browsing is restricted, it's obviously pricey and you have to buy the books from their site. So, in the age of devices I'm not sure this is really a good bet.

I want to hear from you all! We've chatted about this before. Ereaders, mini computers, laptops. I want a new ereader, I just don't want to buy something I'm not going to be satisfied with. Some recommend buying a laptop, you can use it as an ereader as well as your regular computer. Others say the Kindle because it's easy to use and they have a HUGE database of books to choose from. The Nook has color though and their database isn't too darn shabby either.

Where to put my money? What's the best buy? You tell me!


Regina Carlysle said...

Okay? Are you reading my mind again? I was researching this stuff just yesterday.I'm hearing good reports on lots of things including the IPAD. I think the thing ROCKS but I'd be interested to know how we can put books from other pubs on it and load our own personal libraries. I'm telling ya though...this thing is THE SHIT. I know my local Best Buy is carrying them and I'll be in there tomorrow tv shopping. I might just ask them about that. I'll get back to you.

Several friends just bought the NOOK and they LOVE LOVE it. Easy to use, press a button and BAM. Plus it's only $250 which is quite a bit cheaper than the new Sony. I'm a little stymied at the moment about what I'm going to do. I like to spend my money locally rather than online just to help our economy so I'm limited. We don't have a B&N (sniff sniff) so I can't get a nook and there are only select B&N's where you can just walk in and buy one. Most of them are sold online. Around here we mainly have the sony. I have friends who just LOVE the new touch. Pretty pricey at $300 and I'm still trying to figure out why, at this price, they don't throw in a damn charger and bookcover.

And netbooks? I love them too. But when I mentioned it to my daughter she threw a fit and said why get one of those when you can get a notebook for a hundred dollars more? It made sense but I just love the small size of it. So my arguement with her was...hey, I could take it out of town for trips and could post my blog, check emails blah blah. She rolled her eyes and said...Mom, how often are you on the road??? She had a point unfortunately. I just think they are cool.

Natasha A. said...

I think in the next year or so we are going to see a HUGE boom in ebook reading devices. From what I have heard about the iPad, it is a very cool device, but the apps that are available don't make reading very user friendly.

I LOVE my iPhone (or iTouch). Simple to load, any file type (I think...?), back lit. Love it! I am however looking at the new device from Kobo (first device to be available specifically in a Canadian store). And my happiness with it? $150.

So, I might get that for now, but like I said.. I am expecting big things in the device world in the next couple of years!

Anny Cook said...

I'm getting a small notebook that lets the screen rotate and lay flat like an e-reader. Best of both worlds. Since I refuse to use any e-store that doesn't use a system such as e-pub or pdf, Kindle/Amazon is out!

And I'm truly not interested in the "impulse" buying so I really don't care if I can instantly download a book or not.

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