Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Books and Disappointments

I've been waiting to hear the reports come in about a book in a series that I've anticipated since the series began. Admittedly, I've been somewhat nervous about it because I soooo very much loved this character and have waited so long for his book. However, the last few books of the series were not so good. They were a convoluted mess of other storylines jumbled together with the hero and heroines story buried somewhere in the middle of the mess. Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm just being too hard on the author but I'm not buying the book until I've heard from trusted friends.

Okay, so color me NOT surprised when I heard from a friend about this book the other night. She began her email by saying...I'm not buying her again. That's IT for me. I am so so very disappointed to hear this. My friend tends to love the same books I do and has the same issues with this popular series as I. I know I can trust her so I guess I won't be shelling out the money for this hardback book.

How does it happen that a series that begins 'rocket hot' can go so wrong? As a writer who is in the middle of her own series, I've been thinking about it some and maybe I've learned something about this lately. Followers of a series expect their favorite characters to have a wonderful experience when they read. They want the hot sex, tender love, and characters who reach out and grab you by the heart. Anything less, is letting down my readers. And veering off wildly into a strange direction just because you can is downright wrong. 'Nuff said.


Unknown said...

I agree, why veer off just because you can. Sorry to hear it's not worth buying!

Madison Scott said...

I totally agree. It's frustrating.

Anne Rainey said...

Rita--It's so frustrating. I loved LOVED the first like four, after that they just started to go downhill...sad, really.

Amber--I'm reading one of your books, by the way. It's called "Splashing Good Time". Loving it!! :)

Hayley said...

I agree as well. I won't mention names *cough* but really. Take a clue. Some character development is to be expected, even warranted if a character is to stay fresh and to keep fans hooked but to completely change the basic mores? Just bad writing.