Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mad dash for the end

Don't you just hate it when POOF out of the blue you notice something about yourself that's been staring you in the face for a while? That little thing that you've noticed you do, but never really let yourself admit it? For me and my writing it has to do with the end. When I get close, I can smell it. I TASTE it and you know what it makes me do? I make that mad dash for the end, writing my little fingers off because I'm so excited to finish and then I have an end that is completely rushed!

I didn't even realize it until I sent an old manuscript to two new critique partners. We found each other at the same time, but none of us had ever critique for the other before. I got my book back and both of them felt I rushed through the end. I wasn't sure I agreed at first, but then I read over the last couple chapters and I DO agree with them. Not only that, but I remember when I was writing the book that I cranked out the ending in no time because I was so pumped.

Right now I'm in that same spot where I can taste the ending and I'm making sure to slow my brain down and slow those crazy, little fingers that want to get out of control on my keyboard and make sure I give the ending the justice it deserves!

What have you noticed about yourself or your writing that's been there the whole time, hiding from you?


Molly Daniels said...

When I was reading through books #3-5 of my AU series, I realized the heroine of book #3's story was pretty much on repeat in #4 and even STARTED book #5! I had to go back and find a new 'cut- off' ending for her book, and limit the time her friends spend on her in books #4 and 5. Geez, you have to take up THREE books in order to tell your story? (Molly shakes her head)

Anne Rainey said...

I'v noticed that I tend to be too obvious with my dialogue. The last few stories I've written I feel I'm getting better at that. I don't have a crit partner, but I do have beta readers and they help me SEE the things I miss. Thank God for them!

Madison Scott said...

LOL, Molly.

Beta readers are SO helpful, Anne.