Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sexiest men on TV

Now, I don't really watch much TV, but that doesn't mean I don't take the time to appreciate the view sometimes. There are some smokin' hot men gracing the TV screen nowadays so for something a little different today, I decided to share a few of my favorites.

Eric on True Blood. Need I say more? He is one hot vampire. I will fully admit to being Team Bill in the beginning, but Mr. Northman is growing on me.

I have had a thing for Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds of a long time. He is absolutely GORGEOUS. Doesn't hurt him that his body is to die for either ;)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers... What to say. How do I ogle thee. Let me count the ways. LOL. There is something so incredibly sexy about this man! I know he and Mr. Northman both happen to be on Mrs. Regina's list too :)

Okay, I don't know what it is about Ryan. I mean, yeah, he's gorgeous, but I also totally LOVE his character on True Blood. He's goofy, but so damn hot. He's one of my favorite guys on the show!

*Sigh* No picture, but another hottie, IMO is Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries. I don't even watch the show, but he's very sexy. I think it's his eyes. He does it for me every time.

Who do you think are some of the sexiest men on TV?


Regina Carlysle said...

OMG! I love these guys. Eric has me tuning into True Blood on a regular basis. He puts the E in Yummeeeee. And Jason. Who couldn't love a guy who makes you drool, smack your forehead over his crazy shit AND make you go awwwwww? I adore him. He has had a really tough time of it on the show. Know that scene in season two of trueblood where Jason is playing football? I loved him so much that I put God Blessed Texas on my IPOD. LOL

Tracey West said...

Hands down for me, Shemar Moore. All is right in my world when he's on screen. He's the stuff of my dreams :)

Anonymous said...

Gad Zooks! I was hooked with Jonathan Rhys Meyer from the first episode of The Tudors! But then,
as he grew older (well, on the screen only) I began to fall in love with Charles Brandon (Henry Clavell!) Whooo, he is really hot! I wonder what other things he has been acting in. I know Jonathan is in a new movie with John Travolta (Paris with Love or some such title)
Anybody know more about Henry C. ?

MJFredrick said...

Yes, yes, Charles Brandon! :::swoon::: I actually watched him in a terrible children's movie this AM. He's also in a terribly Larry David movie and a terrible horror movie. From what I heard, he was the inspiration for Edward in the Twilight books. Oh, and he was in Count of Monte Cristo.

More sexy men on TV--the Winchester brothers on Supernatural, Michael Westin on Burn Notice and Taylor Kitsch on Friday Night Lights!

Unknown said...

I don't watch True Blood, but hot damn! They are yummy. I'm going to miss The Tudors and Jonathan though. And Shemar - oh baby.

Madison Scott said...

Ooh, looks like we all like some of the same TV hotties!

Anne Rainey said...

I'm going to add Nathion Fillion from the show "Castle". He plays a mystery writer and he's freaking gorgeous. LOVE that show! LOL