Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*Taps mic* Is this thing on?

LOL. Things have been really quiet around the web lately. Seems like everyone is on vacations, at conferences, or been locked tight in their writing cave like I have. I think that's normal for the summer. That sunshine is calling our names or its just too hot so we stay inside to get some work done. It always makes me realize how much I love chatting with my online friends, writers and readers. I don't realize how much that interaction is a nice little break from the day to day life.

I've been polishing up the book I finished a while back. I've written and rewritten my query letter about a million times. A few queries have gone out so far and now the waiting game begins. I've started a new book while I'm waiting and its a little different for me so I have to take a completely different approach to it. I've been plotting the whole thing out before hand. I'm usually a very, loose plotter and I always get a few chapters in before I do any plotting. I don't know why, but it helps me just to write and see what direction the story will take me, but I'm afraid with this one, I'll write myself into a corner so plot I shall. It's kind of exciting...seeing that plot and knowing which route I will take.

How's this summer been for you? More about work or play?


Regina Carlysle said...

Good for you on the outlining/plotting thing. I was talking about doing that very thing a few weeks ago but I haven't. Baaaaad. Actually, I'm not writing much at the moment. The summer has just been too wild. So I'm cutting myself some slack here. I've noticed the blogs and loops are extremely slow right now, too.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I wish I could plot. I tried it twice and couldn't finish writing the book.

I know the sunshine calls my name all summer long. :)

anny cook said...

I've been locked in my cave, trying to finish my current wip. It took me a while to catch my characters.

Hope to finish this one, plus one other story before Christmas. We'll see how that goes...

Madison Scott said...

I'm hoping it will work well for me, Reg.

Amber, its tough to change your flow like that.

Anny, good luck getting them both done!