Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top Pick and HOTTIES

I've been in hiding lately. Not the bad kind, but the writing cave kind. I love that type of hide and seek. Where I lock myself away with my WIP and get lost in it, only sneaking out to reconnect with civilization for a while. Of course, I'm missing the social aspect when I'm gone, but I think we all need that from time to time. I'm almost done in the cave, but figured I'd peek my head out today to let you know my newest book WILD got a Top Pick from Night Owl Romance!

"This is my second look at Madison Scott’s work. Her deft ability to create characters that are fun and relatable is fantastic. Hunter and Cat are both struggling to figure out where to go but their relationship is honest and genuine. Of course, Scott delivers on the passion and hotness as well."
Read full review HERE

And to celebrate these hotties wanted to come out and say hello.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the top pick.

Yummy hotties. :)

Madison Scott said...

Thanks, my dear!

Anne Rainey said...

Congrats!!! And thanks for the hotties! :)