Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ride of Her Life--OUT NOW!

My first Ellora’s Cave release is now live, baby! Check it out! *g*

Ride of Her Life

By: Anne Rainey


It’s been a year since her divorce and Lily Justice is ready to move on—but not with just any man. She’s got a certain drool-worthy body shop owner in mind. It’s almost convenient that her car needs some work. And when she meets Kyle Wolff up close and personal, her inner-slut has to have him, age difference be damned. With the car staying at the shop, Kyle graciously offers to give her a lift home.

While she accepts a ride on Kyle’s hot motorcycle, Lily’s inner-slut wants a hot ride on Kyle.

She’s about to get what she wants. And it will be the ride of her life…

ADULT Excerpt:

As Kyle lay in bed, darkness surrounding him, the only thing he could think about was Lily. How she’d looked standing in her driveway earlier in the day, eyes bright with passion, lips swollen from his kiss. Jesus the woman was hazardous to his self-control. Would she have invited him in if he’d stuck around? He hadn’t wanted to pressure her. Lily was all class. Giving her the impression that he was only after her for sex didn’t fit in with his plans. There was more to it than that. In Lily, he saw a woman of substance. A woman who would challenge him. She made him think crazy thoughts. Thoughts like making her his—so no other man had a right to look at her with lust in their eyes.

Reaching over, Kyle picked up his cell phone from the nightstand and pressed speed dial two.


Her husky voice filtered over the line. Sexy. Kyle looked at the neon numbers on his alarm clock and winced. It was eleven o’clock at night. Shit. “Did I wake you?”


The note of surprise in her voice was of the good variety. Smiling, Kyle stuck his arm behind his head and answered, “Yep.”

“Oh, hi. And no, you didn’t wake me. I was just laying here going over some photos.”

“Laying?” His cock flexed. “Are you in bed?”

She laughed. “Is this one of those what are you wearing phone calls?”

Playful. He liked that in a woman. “Do you want it to be?”

A pause, then, “I’ve never had one of those, so I don’t really know.”


He heard a rustling sound before she said, “Nope.”

Kyle closed his eyes and tried to imagine her surroundings. Tried to imagine her. The latter was easy. “You’re a phone-sex virgin, huh?”

She laughed again. The sound vibrated through his entire body, sending his nerve endings on a holiday. “I’ve never really thought of it, but I suppose I am.”

“Then allow me to guide you through your very first,” he growled.


Surprised by her quick agreement, he asked, “Really?”

“Yes, really. I want to know what I’ve been missing out on.”

Her husband must have been a real ass. “Are you in your bedroom? In bed?” Damn, how he wished he could drive to her house and see for himself. Patience. She needs time, dickhead.


“Good. Now, this is the part where you tell me what you’re wearing.” He kept his voice soft, undemanding. “And if it’s an old pair of ripped-up sweats with spaghetti sauce stains, that’s okay. Be honest.”

Several seconds drifted by before she replied, “This is so weird.”

“It’s just the two of us, Lily. It’s okay to let yourself go a little.”

“Then here goes. I just had a shower and my hair is still damp. I’m wearing one of my favorite nightgowns. It’s red and greed plaid. Short, sleeveless and about twenty years old.”

“Comfy, I like that.” He waited a heartbeat before asking, “Bra? Panties?”

“White cotton panties,” she answered. “No bra.”

“Mmm, that’s sexy, Lily. Very sexy.”

She snorted and for some reason Kyle found the sound as cute as hell. “You wouldn’t say that if you saw me right now. No makeup and an old, ugly nightgown. Icky.”

“On you it’s sexy, trust me.” He softened his voice, making the moment even more intimate for her. “Does the nightgown have buttons down the front, Lily?”


Her voice hitched. Kyle’s dick swelled. “Undo them for me.”

“I’ll have to set the phone down.”

“Can you put me on speaker?”

He didn’t hear anything at first. For a frustrating moment Kyle thought the call had been dropped. Finally, she said, “You’re on speaker now.”

“Good,” Kyle murmured, then stayed quiet, waiting for her to do as he bid. Wondering how far she’d go.

“I-I’m done.”

When her voice came over the line this time, Kyle heard the shyness in her tone. He wanted her beyond that. He wanted her to feel, not think. “Spread it open for me, little Lily. Nice and wide so your breasts are exposed.”

“This feels…”

Her voice trailed off, forcing Kyle to gently prod. “What do you feel?”

“I feel like you can see me. Even though you can’t.”

“Ah, but I can see you. You’re filling my mind with your beauty right now.”

“You don’t even know what I look like beneath the clothes. I could be covered in warts.”

He chuckled. “You’re stalling, Lily. Did you spread the nightgown like I asked?”


I wonder…just how far will Lily go? *g*

and a few hunks to celebrate~

and of course my inspiration for Kyle ;-)


Christy Townzen said...

Oh that sounds soooo good. Have to head over there and snatch it up. :)

Madison Scott said...

Me likey! Huge congrats on the release. It sounds fantastic.

Natalie Dae said...

Congrats, whoo hoo!

Gimme the guy with the baseball cap on!


Tess MacKall said...

Holy Hell...that last dude just caused some serious slipping and sliding on my seat. You really should warn a person that their buttons are about to be pushed. LOL

Congrats on your new release. Definitely going to buy it just as soon as I can get caught up with edits. I need a sexy read that's just for me. Yeah, just me. lol

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for all the congrats, ladies!

Natalie--Isn't he yummy? *sigh*

Tess--I wish I had more of that dude. He just has 'ride me' written all over him. LOL