Friday, August 6, 2010

Time to Shop? Already?

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My daughter and I headed out yesterday afternoon to stock up on last minute items she needs for the move into her new apartment. College starts up for her soon. Strange. Seems like she just got out for summer and here we are again. Don't know why we did it but we headed out in the heat of the day. Temps are in the 100's here in Texas. Somebody shoot me. We had no more sense that a couple of fruit flies. Anyway, after a nice lunch, we hit Pier One for 'pretties' for her apartment and then Target. You always know when folks get in the Back to School mode because the place was packed with all the typical stuff. Entire sections of the store were filled with colorful storage things, beds-in-bags, backpacks, etc.

To me August is a crazy-assed month! It always has been. We're scrambling to get that last little fun trip in before shopping for clothes, school supplies, etc. I remember thinking, back when my kids were really young, that I couldn't WAIT for the rush to end and the kids to get back into a routine that made some sort of sense. Naturally, that meant I could get my life back into some kind of order too. But the harried rush that comes right before it, I could do without. Believe me, this doesn't really change when the kids get older. It just gets more expensive. Still, with all the money spent, the hurrying to do this and that, I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. September will arrive. It always does. Then we can all begin to breathe again.

In other news, I was really excited to get a very nice review from Dark Diva Reviews for Smokin' Ace (Resplendence Publishing).

Shelly's Review:

Does that first love ever die? In Smokin' Ace, Chloe and Ace were in love during school and ended up going their separate ways. Now they're coming back home for their 10-year reunion and things are heating up.

The sex is explicit and sizzling hot! You may just start to melt…lol. Chloe and Ace have chemistry out the ying-yang, if you know what I mean. If you don't, you'll just have to read Smokin' Ace. Regina Carlysle does an excellent job of making you feel the heat and the love. It's like, the next best thing to being there…well, maybe the next best thing…

Wow, I really liked this one and I'm very interested in reading more from Regina Carlysle! When I find an author I like, I keep looking to read more that they've written.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Shelly!

Read the entire review HERE!

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Madison Scott said...

My daughter starts first grade on Wednesday. We've been school clothes shopping lately. There's so much they need!

Congrats on the review.