Friday, October 29, 2010

Adages and an Ebook Giveaway

Hi gang!

Today there are two parts to my post. The book giveaway is after the following.

Part One: Adages and a Crazy Game

I wrote a book once about sayings, and the main character wondered where they came from. Yesterday, I revisited a site I went to about the origin of sayings and it gave me an idea… Want to play a game? It’s called “Fill in the blanks”. Let’s try and create some really funny new sayings, just because we can, just because it’s childish and fun to be immature sometimes, and just…well, just because. You know, kind of like: What the hell. It’s insane to play this game, I really wouldn’t normally, but it’s Friday, for God’s sake, and I fancy being silly.

Or something.

Before the game, though, here are some interesting (I hope!) facts on adages, the originals on THIS SITE:

Getting out of the wrong side of bed

Apparently, this saying comes from way back when, when many children shared the one bed. When one got up, having to climb over all the others, it woke those still sleeping, causing them to be in a bad mood. I can agree with that. Imagine those poor little buggers being clambered over. Yes, I’d be pretty naffed off too. An elbow in the temple or a knee to the groin isn’t my idea of waking up happy.

To let the cat out of the bag

I like this one. Apparently, in medieval England, piglets were sold and given away in bags. Most probably sacks. Off you go to market, thinking, “I’m going to buy a little piggy today. I could fair do with a pork chop for my dinner!” only to get home and find a cat in it instead. Enraged, the next time you go to market, you check in the bag, make sure your little piggy is inside. If you see a cat again, that’s it! You’ve let the cat out of the bag. Love it!

On the wallaby

On the bloody what? I’ve never heard of this one, but many Australians might have. It refers to men from years ago who trekked through Australia looking for a job. It possibly means they jumped from town to town, much a like a wallaby, although that image leaves me a tad disturbed. I can’t imagine men holding their hands up together in front of their chests, fingers curved, and jumping around. Then again, I’m quite a literal person, possibly insane, so this image popping into my head doesn’t surprise me.

And now for the game! Fill in the blanks with as many words as you like to make a new adage:

All work and no play makes Jack __________

Good things come to those who __________

A problem shared is ___________

Practice makes _________

Part Two: Coming Out

Yesterday I “came out” as all the authors I am. As well as Natalie Dae, I’m m/m author Sarah Masters and psychological horror/thriller author Charley Oweson. It was a huge weight off my shoulders not having to hide myself anymore, and now I can relax knowing all my names are out there as one person. My real self, Emmy Ellis, was an editor and cover artist.

So, to celebrate the weight that fell and almost left a great gaping hole in the floor, I’m offering every single reader one of my Sarah or Charley books. I don’t give these books out for review, so to my mind, I have many books I could have sent out but haven’t, therefore, you can have them. If you want them…

All you have to do is go HERE and look through my titles at the top of my site. Sarah writes mainly series books, so if you choose one from a series, I’ll send you the first book of that series. A little note: the Blinded series is complete, but the last two titles aren’t published yet, but they will be very soon. Also, the complete sets of my series aren’t available yet, even though the covers are on my sidebar, hence me asking that you choose a book from the top of my site. :o)

Then, just email me at telling me which book you’d like.

That’s it!

Have a great day, folks! Oh, and make me laugh with your adage adaptions. Please?


Tess MacKall said...

All work and no play makes Jack limp.

Good things come to those who get in line first.

A problem shared is still a problem.

Practice makes you tired.

My brain isn't quite working yet. Thought I'd get to sleep late but it didn't happen. I woke up anyway. And you are still an editor and cover artist. No "was" about it. lol

Great giveaway, hon. I'm going to go out and promote it!

Karenna Colcroft said...

All work and no play makes Jack very horny...

Good things come to those who get off their butts and go after them.

A problem shared might end up solved.

Practice makes improvement.

Awesome contest, and congratulations on not hiding anymore :)

Natalie Dae said...

Cool changes, Tess & Karenna!


C. Zampa said...

How cute!
Hmmm....The cynical side of me, watching day to day trends in the world, comes up with:

All work an no play makes Jack very rich.
Good things come to those who can afford them.
A problem shared is tomorrow's gossip.
Practice makes babies.

Love your game! It's got me thinking! LOL.

Faith said...

All work and no play makes Jack _a pi**ed off pumpkin._________

Good things come to those who _fart and feel relief_________

A problem shared is _spread all over the Internet__________

Practice makes _perfect but doesn't guarantee any money.________

Yeah, yeah...I know, lol. My answers are the warped ones.

Jules said...

All work and no play makes Jack a father.

Good things come to those who look for them.

A problem shared is a problem solved.

Practice makes sweat.

Sherry said...

All work and no play makes Jack tired & grumpy.

Good things come to those who are friendly and work hard.

A problem shared is spread all over the place.

Practice makes you sore and stinky.

Natalie Dae said...

Yes, girls, the main one looking similar is the problem shared. What a shame we feel this way.


Thanks for dropping by!

Shoshanna Evers said...

All work and no play makes Jack an alcoholic.

Good things come to those who pray.

A problem shared is your problem now!

Practice makes it sound rehearsed. Just wing it.

Natalie Dae said...



Anne Rainey said...

All work and no play makes Jack a notorious mass murderer.

Good things come to those who have Hugh Jackman as a boyfriend.

A problem shared is a pain in my ass.

Practice makes your significant other fall asleep grinning.
LOL, it's Friday and I'm in a crazy mood.

Great contest, Natalie. And you must be super busy! 3 names? I can't even imagine it!

Natalie Dae said...

HAHAHAH @ your adages, Anne.

Insanely busy, yep. Still, saves me getting into trouble. LOL


Madison Scott said...

It's busy writing under all those names, isn't it? I've been doing the same thing. Well, two and then trying on a third. LOL.

Great contest!

Natalie Dae said...

Crazy at times, Madison. Some days I forget which person I am hahaa.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is great fun!!!

All work and no play makes Jack _psycho_________

Good things come to those who ___stomp their feet_______

A problem shared is _a problem shared._

Practice makes _you bored_

in Germany

Natalie Dae said...

LMAO @ practice makes you bored, Val.

Silly sod.


Jen said...

All work and no play makes Jack have a nervous tick.

Good things come to those who open the door.

A problem shared is now my problem, dang it.

Practice makes your parents crazy (if you play the drums).

Natalie Dae said...

Hahahahahahah @ drums, Jen!