Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cover love

Like most authors, I love, love, LOVE getting a new book cover. It makes your book feel more "real" if that makes sense. That all the hard work paid off and you have this beautiful cover and it will soon go out to readers. I've heard some terrible cover stories in the past. I've been really lucky that I love every cover I've ever gotten. SO this weekend I was SUPER excited to wake up to an email with the cover for my upcoming Liquid Silver Books release, Staking Claim.

Isn't it gorgeous? I really like it and think the artist did a great job with bringing my characters to life.

For fun, here's the blurb for Staking Claim.

Workaholic Gabrielle Ellis never lets her relationships make it past a couple dates. The sooner she can ditch them, the less chance she has they might leave her. Of course, she never picks the kind of guys she’d want anything long term with anyway… After a night out celebrating yet another escape from her jackass of the week, and her upcoming move, she wakes up in her best friend, Jake Marshal’s truck in the middle-of-nowhere.

According to Jake, she dumps every guy she dates for one reason; they’re not him. He promises her, if she'll just let go and allow herself to feel, she’ll know she belongs in his bed forever. Jake Marshal, consummate bachelor and participant in her hidden fantasies, wants to stake his claim. On her. As much as she wants him, she’s scared, too. After one touch, Gabrielle knows she doesn’t stand a chance because Jake always gets what he wants. But just maybe, she’s been his all along.

Also, EC editor Kelli Collins wrote a great blog post today about what she looks for in an author website. Stop by and check it out HERE. She has some great stuff in there!


Natalie Dae said...

Big congrats on the cover! I love cover days too. So make me want to pee myself hahaha!


Anne Rainey said...

Gorgeous cover and I can't wait for this to release! :)

Madison Scott said...

Thanks, ladies!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oooooh PRETTY! I love this one Madison. The book sounds great!

Unknown said...

This cover is scrumptious and very eye-catching, Madison. I wish you sales to the stars with this story, it sounds like one I'd have to devour in one sitting because I would be incapable of putting it down.

Madison Scott said...

Thanks, Regina!

Wow, Melissa. Thanks! Glad you like it and think the book sounds good!

Tess MacKall said...

Great covers, Madison. I'm still in love with WILD. Sorry I wasn't by yesterday. My life has been very hectic the past couple of days.Wishing you some fantastic sales on your releases.