Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cyber Playmates...

Today I'm handing the blog over to author Elizabeth Black, and boy does she have an interesting topic for you all! :) Before I do, however, I wanted to let you all know that I'm offering one of my ebooks--winner's choice of my backlist--today as part of our month long giveaway! So, be sure to leave a comment!

Affairs – Your Cyber Playmate May Be A Bot
By Elizabeth Black

I've always enjoyed basing my erotic stories upon the small Massachusetts coastal town in which I live, so I created Norwich, Massachusetts, which lies in Cape Ann on the coast between Ipswich and Innsmouth. You may recognize Innsmouth as the fictitous town created by H. P. Lovecraft for "A Shadow Over Innsmouth", my favorite Lovecraft story. Yes, live only a few miles from where Innsmouth would be located if it were for real.

So when I wrote "Caught" for my new book "Indiscretions: Vol. 1", I wanted to replicate the homes and atmosphere of the coastal Massachusetts I know and love. Beginning with the two-hundred year old houses. These houses are so close together in some areas that you can roof-hop, which is an important characteristic of the houses Kevin and Betsy live in in the story The distance between the houses lends itself automatically to cheating but in an unusual way. I read long ago that people who had affairs had an easy escape when the spouse came home unexpectedly. Using multiple rooves had something to do with it.

I've always been fascinated with affairs. I know of plenty of marriages that broke up because of them. Now that the internet is a part of most people's daily lives, cybersex is a huge problem. Free porn is easily available. There are stories of marriages dissolving when one partner signs up for Facebook and reconnects with a high school sweetheart who has conveniently divorced. Then there's IM sex chats and sexting which brings me to Jenny18.

Jenny18 is a computer sexbot program created by a geek who wanted to see if anyone would cyber with software. He expected people to at first try but quickly give up out of boredom. He was surprised that Jenny18 ended up becoming quite popular. She has a set of stock phrases that she can use in conversation when people type in certain keywords. The results are hilarious and fascinating. Here is a portion of one transcript:

I'm yours for the taking*wink*

thats kewl.

Of course;)

mmm.. =)

Got a pic?

i am cute, i promise. blonde, blue eyes

* Sanddman runs his hand slowly across your jawline, pushing your hair back behind your ears

oh ok

Mmm...I trust you;)

u wanna trust me?

* Sanddman moves his head in closer kissing you softly, and tenderly on the lips.

o really? ;)

* Sanddman slowly slides his tongue into your mouth running it along yours in small patterns

:yelp:: aAAHh... that is great.. keep moving

I trust you, why wouldn't I?

u want to trust me, babe?



* Sanddman moves his hands around your waist pulling you against him, pressing his body against yours as he kisses you more frantically

what you talking about?



Do you want to trust me?


Do you want to trust me?

i see

Of course I want to trust you, but do you me?

mm. i want to give it to u.

You keep asking me if I want to trust you;p, do you turst me

u do?

* Sanddman slides his hands downward a bit, pressing them against your ass, and pulling your pelvic area against his

i dunno what u mean =)

* Sanddman slowly kisses across your cheek and sucks lightly on your earlobe, nibbling softly


uh huh

i dunno..?

* Sanddman kisses down your neck softly and pulls your shirt down kissing just above your breast.

mm, that doesnt quite work.. i'm already naked!!! Lol


i dunno..?


oh god, just saying the word makes me crave some.


Jenny18 is a bot. A computer program. Nothing more. She reacts to keywords you type when you "interact" with her, and many men really thought they were cybering a living woman. Not a chance. So guys, the next time you cheat on your wife or girlfriend having cybersex, not only is there a good chance that hot 16 year old is really a 55 year old guy named Buck who works for the FBI Internet Crimes Division, your hottie might not even be human.

I know that many women would not like to read stories involving infidelity but I had to tackle it at least once, and I do in "Indiscretions: Vol. 1". I think you'lll enjoy "Caught" and "Wild Child" very much. Both stories are over-the-top (which you would expect from me) and very sexy. More information is below:

Title: Indiscetions Vol. I
ISBN: 978-1-935757-01-6
Author: Elizabeth Black
Format: E-Book
Length: 7,467 words 36 pp (PDF)
Genre: Erotica
Category: Erotic, Cougar, Romance, Humor
Price: $3.99
Buy it:
Amazon Kindle



From the Romance Divine Mistress of Mayhem, Elizabeth Black, come two ribald tales of neighborly lust. Kevin was enamored with his older neighbor, sexy Cougar Betsy, and their clandestine trysts were bawdy bouts of passion. The lovers are surprised by the arrival of Betsy’s husband and Kevin’s rooftop escape is blocked by an angry avian aggressor. It’s man versus seagull in CAUGHT. In WILD CHILD a ginger root becomes the terrible tuber as the lovers get to the bottom of a new kind of love.


Zina said...

That sounds a littlescary to me, rooftop jumping because usually the old house are really tall when they're built tht close. Can you guess I'm afraid of heights? The stories do sound good though.

Anne Rainey said...

I keep imagining some dude named Buck posing as a woman. LOL!

It reminds me of that movie "Untraceable" with Diane Lane and Colin Hanks.

And I'm afraid of heights too. I have a hard time getting on a freaking step stool!

Elizabeth Black said...

Hey, I'm afraid of heights, and I wrote the fricking book. LOL The old house I used to live in was very close to the old house next door, although I've never tried roof-hopping. I like to stay alive, thank you very much. LOL I did chase my cat onto the roof once when she wanted to play "chase me up around the house". I did that only once, though.

I tried the kinkiness in the other story in the book (Wild Child). It's called figging and it's fun, but you'll wonder what on earth you're doing if you're only into light bedroom bondage.

Yeah, the old houses around here that are that close together are about two to three stories. Pretty tall. They have these cute little side walkway/gardens with stone paths. So when you fall and break your fool ankle at least your surrounded by daisies. :)

Go check out Jenny18 and the rest of the transcripts. I'm surprised the guys "chatting" with her couldn't figure out she was a computer program.

Anonymous said...

I am ok with heights but husband is not and he gets so freaking scared it makes me laugh. Only because he is big hero and I have to be his hero when it comes to heights.

OK the Jenny18 thing um wow. Doesn't suprise me at all especially with some of the technology out there. Especially some of the stuff they have in Japan. How do you explain to someone "yeah I got a divorce cause I cheated on my wife with a robot online". OR you could think of it as the new blow up doll.

Fedora said...

LOL, Elizabeth! What a fun/ny post! Thanks for sharing today--what a bit of an eye opener! And uh, yep, I'm joining the scared of heights club! Eeeek!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was hilarious!!!

And I, too, am not so great with heights. I can handle it if I have to, but I would rather have my two feet on the ground.

in Germany

Elizabeth Black said...

I'm glad all of you are getting a kick out of my post. I do like to find topics that are off the beaten track. When you read my books you'll see how bizarre and off-the-wall my plots can be, but the stories are hot, sexy, and romantic at the same time. Stuff like Jenny18 and roof-hopping influence my stories.

I used to work as a gaffer (lighting) for movies, TV, stage, and concerts, and I could never get over my fear of heights. No way would I ever get on a ladder but I felt better on a cherry picker or scissor lift 200 feet in the air, although I did feel a bit wobbly. Then again, get me six inches off the ground on a step stool and I get vertigo worse than a Hitchcock movie. LOL

site angel said...

If a guy wants to have a cyber affair, Jenny is what he should (ie, deserves) to get.
The roof-hopping-- I suppose you'd have to be fearless or stupid.
A long way down.
I agree with Anne-
Buck as a woman-- great visual!

ladydi6497 said...

I love this post. It is still amazing to me what kind of computer programs keep popping up.


Terra said...

sexbot program and roof hopping LOL now that sound like a really good book. Must as to my wish list. Good thing Christmas is just a few weeks away.

Natalie Dae said...

BOTS? Oooerr! I had no idea!


Brindle Chase said...

Hehehe... that's very funny! And how embarrassing it would be to find out your cyber lover was actually a program all that time. *lol*

Not to turn the conversation sour, but this is also a sad testimony to our times. That there are that many lonely people out there, turning to cyber sex for an outlet. The untold factor of infidelity is always, WHY? There is usually a reason infidelity occurs. Not always justified, but sometimes... sometimes, it just might. (depending on ones viewpoint). Some feel its never justified. Other's, obviously do it without a second thought.

A classic case might be the woman forced to marry for the welfare of her family, not for love. Should she live out her life, never knowing love? Never experiencing the beauty of making love to someone you're truly endeared too? Sounds like a fate worse than death.

A what point does it become permissable, if one spouse has cut off the other? After a month? six months? A year? 3 years? Ever?

Without getting too personal, I do believe that cyber infidelity to be a lesser crime than physical infidelity, and there are instances where it is justified. I think its a shame one must choose that path, but there are circumstances where I can certainly understand why someone might and wouldn't condemn them.

*ducks for cover* Thoughts? You may now throw things at me. *lol*

Madison Scott said...

Yikes, not heights for me either. Thanks for blogging with use today, Elizabeth.

I'm always very cautious about who I talk to online. You just never know

Shawna Thomas said...

LOL I keep picturing Buck too. ; ) Great post!

These stories sound very interesting. : )

elaing8 said...

I'm joining in with the scared of heights. A small step ladder and I'm all woosy..Jenny 18 thing made me laugh.Great post and the books sound good.

Asylumgirl said...

Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing. It gave me a giggle.

deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

Ashley L said...

Anne, I was thinking the same thing, about the movie Untraceable. It was a good movie, even the gross parts of it.

I'm not really afraid of heights. I have this momentary fear when I first look down but I've gone skydiving from a helicopter. It was great fun and I'd do it again if it wasn't so expensive.

Cathy M said...

The blurb is a hoot, and I like the trailer you posted. Gave me a couple more of your stories to check out.

Fedora said...

Elizabeth, I worked on lighting for theater when I was in college--not the smartest choice with someone with my height phobia ;) It's true, the cherry pickers were better, but now even thinking about climbing up there with a wrench in hand to hang and adjust those suckers makes my palms sweat! :D Love your variety of topics and inspirations!

Anonymous said...

A Cyber what? I was online today and a girl popped up on my yahoo IM and asked what I was wearing. I told her a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt since we're in the middle of a snow storm and she got mad at me...........

The Scarf Princess said...

Those images very much caught my attention. And I like heights, gets the blood pumping. Much as this excerpt did.

kittykelly28 said...

That cyber thing was funny I had no idea that was happening. :) That's what they get!

kittykelly28 @

Anne Rainey said...

Brindle--So...wha--...uh, yeah...I've got nothing. *grabs the nearest pillow*


Anne Rainey said...

I'm SOOOOOO glad I'm not the only one afraid of heights!!

orelukjp0 said...

What's even stranger is that guys will still interact even after finding out it's a bot. Or keep getting caught over and over by the same internet sting.