Saturday, January 29, 2011

Money or Love?

Today's guest blogger is U.K. author, Lucy Felthouse. Lucy is taking the plunge, and I say good for her. See what she has to say on doing what she loves.

It’s the age-old question. Money or love? For me, it’s very easy to answer. I vote for the one which brings me the most happiness, which is the latter. Of course, money is great and if someone gave me a bag full of cash I wouldn’t turn it down. I need to eat, after all. But love is far more important. Partners, family, friends, they’re what makes the world go round.

Never have I realised this more than in the past few weeks. I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing over a tough decision. Do I stick at a job that makes me miserable but pays regularly, or do I take the risk and go it alone, doing what I love?

Again, I’ve opted for the latter. By the time you read this I’ll almost be a free woman, working the last couple of days of my notice period in my job. For too long I’ve been writing when I can, around the day job, around the social life and other stuff that happens in life. But now I get to dedicate more time and energy to it, which will hopefully result in more success.

As I said, I’d been deliberating over the decision for some time, but it was the knowledge that I had a wonderful support network around me that gave me the courage to take the plunge. People believing in me and encouraging me to go for it made me realise that even if things don’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. But I owe it to myself and those that care for me to give it a go. Here’s hoping!

My new venture will see my time divided between writing, editing, web design, marketing and PR. I’m incredibly lucky in that I love all of those things. I figure it won’t feel like a “job,” just that I’m doing stuff I enjoy and getting paid for it. Wish me luck – perhaps in a few months I’ll have money and love!

P.S. To the members of that support network, thank you. You know who you are.
Lucy Felthouse’s latest release, Uniform Behaviour, is an eBook anthology featuring sixteen erotic stories about men and women in uniform. She loved every moment of putting the book together and is proud to say that a percentage of the book’s proceeds are being donated to UK charity Help for Heroes. The organisation helps returning servicemen and women injured in battle.

Uniform Behaviour is available from all good eBook stockists, including, and All Romance eBooks.
Find out more about Lucy on her website,


Tess MacKall said...

Wishing you much success on taking the plunge on writing full time, Lucy. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

The anthology looks amazing and will be putting it on my TBR list for sure. Great cause too.

Natalie Dae said...

Good luck, Lucy! I did the same as you--I just went with doing what I love.

Yay you!


Wendy A said...

I wish you luck Lucy and that is really wonderful of you to give help the men and women that have been wound in battle.

Madison Scott said...

Thanks for blogging with us! Wishing you much success.