Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Four Favorite Things

For the first time this winter we are having a 'snow day' in west Texas. Considering we're such rowdy, tough people in these parts, we are downright wussies when it comes to bad weather and I'm being very careful not to bitch and whine when I visit with author friends who've been buried under mountains of white stuff for months now. Today my honey pie decided to drive to the office (why I still don't know...a real head-scratching moment for me) and he turned around and came straight home. The world around here has come to a screeching halt. No school, no traffic on the roads...just tons of white stuff and quiet.

Figure today, I'll finish Return to Delight (as in Delight, Texas), get it subbed to my editor, and maybe I'll just hang out and do some reading. What else is there to do on a 'snow day' anyway? When my kids were young and living at home, the cancellation of school was a big 'whoop-di-do' moment. We would watch movies together, bake cookies, build roaring fires in the fireplace. That sort of thing. Often they'd bundle up and hurry outside to build a snowman or pelt each other until (usually) somebody ended up crying! Ah the fun!

Last night my friend Desiree Holt sent out one of those 'question' games that requires answering and them forwarding to friends. It was pretty fun so I'm going to do that today with a few minor adjustments. I'm going to answer four questions and I hope you'll answer the same questions here.

1. Four places I go- the grocery store; Lubbock, Tx (t0 see my kids); the mall; Farolito's Mexican Restaurant
2. Four Favorite Smells- baking bread, rain, gardenia, Thanksgiving dinner
3. Four Favorite TV shows- True Blood, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Big Love
4. Four Favorite things to do on a Snow Day- Read, Write, Watch Movies, Nap

Waiting patiently for your answers to these life-altering questions. Have a good snow day and pray for spring.


Laurann Dohner said...

Stay warm, Regina!

1. Four places I go - Grocery store, McDonalds every day for my iced coffees, the school to drop off and pick up my kids, and the dollar tree.
2. Four favorite smells - baking bread, steaks cooking, cookie scented candles, and fresh laundry.
3. Four fav TV shows - True Blood, Lie to Me, Leverage, and Fringe
4. Four fav (rain days - we don't have snow in Southern Ca) - Reading a good book, writing, watching a comedy on TV, or baking.

Harlie Williams said...

1. Four Place I go: Work, church, grocery store, gas station
2. Four Favorite Smells: freshly mowed grass, babies, baseball leather, roses
3. Four fave tv shows: Chuck, White Collar, Castle, The Closer
4. Four Fave things to do on a Snow Day: nap, read, bake and play in the snow.

I live in East Texas and we got lots of rain and sleet but no rain. The roads are nasty.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks soooo much for the ICE you're sending....NOT!

Four places:
-Zander's Ice Cream Shoppe

Fave Smells:
-Cookies baking
-Cucumber Melon
-Obsession For Men cologne

TV Shows:
-One Tree Hill
-Big Bang Theory

Snow Day past times:
-Bake cookies
-Watch TV

Regina Carlysle said...

Fun seeing what we have in common. Baking cookies, newly mown grass, babies (ooooh). I forgot to mention COFFEE. Super yum. Earlier I was thinking about the smell of homemade chili but maybe I was just hungry. LOL

Regina Carlysle said...

Hmmm. Feeling that nap too. You know, I got so frustrated. Thinking about chili and have everything but ONE measley ingredient. Shoot! Sooo in the mood with the snow piled up outside.

Regina Carlysle said...

Harlie I didn't know you were in Texas too. Did you get snow? We're swimming in it. And ice! EWWWW.

D. F. Krieger said...

1. Four places I go- Chili's, grocery store, Norfolk SPCA (volunteer), Blockbuster.

2. Four Favorite Smells- Long Grain Wild Rice (I know, I'm weird), Wild Country cologne, Leather, Toasted Vanilla Sugar bubble bath.

3. Four Favorite TV shows- Face Off, Animal Cops, The Tudors, NCIS.

4. Four Favorite things to do on a Snow Day- Stare at the snow, play video games, write, bake.

Anonymous said...

Four places I go to: work, the local Oxfam shop (it's a charity shop where I pick up great, cheap English books sometimes), local supermarket.

Four favourite smells: freshly cut grass, hyacinths, Jasmin, lamb baking in the oven.

Four fav TV shows: The Tudors, Smallville, Moonlight, Blood Ties

Four fav things to do on a snowy day: paint pictures with oils, cross stitch, read and nap.

in Germany

Wendy A said...

1. Four Place I go: book store,grocery store,Senior center discount store when my mom works,my girls house
2. Four favorite smells: deserts I cook,scented candles,carpet freshener,a clean house
3. Four favorite TV shows: vampire diaries,true blood,judge judy,dancing with the stars
4. Four favorite things to do on a snow day:Read,watch the snow fall, talk on the computer,bake deserts

Natalie Dae said...

*scratches head* I can't remember the answers I gave via email earlier ROFL!

Hope the snow clears soon. It was a pest when we had it. Foggy here now.


Bronwyn Green said...

I'll play! We're in the midst of getting slammed. They're calling for 16-24 inches overnight. Guh.

1. Four places I go - my kids' schools, grocery store, gas station, my mom's. (Clearly, I'm a wild woman.)

2. Four favorite smells - baking bread, Starbucks, Guinness beef stew, my perfume (vanilla, clove & cinnamon)

3. Favorite TV Shows - Supernatural, Glee, Medium, How I Met Your Mother

4. Favorite Snow Day Fun - writing, reading, cross stitching and sleeping.

barbara huffert said...

Snow day? What's that? We don't have them where I work. We're having an inch of ice tonight on top of the inch of sleet we had to go with last week's 10 inches of snow but no one has even whispered about being closed. Hope you enjoyed your day!
1. Pittsburgh, Farmers Market, Pike Cafe-my corner bar with the nummy food, my friend Lori's house to borrow her kids.
2. White chocolate truffle Voluspa candle, mist, baking snickerdoodles, lightning
3. Don't have TV but I have been watching old musicals on DVD Original Doctor Dolittle, Happiest Millionaire, My Fair Lady, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
4. Reading, creating a soup variety, knitting, watching movies

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm seeing lots of votes for THE TUDORS. I love that too and I was just thinking it's kinda too bad Henry didn't live a little longer. LOL

Regina Carlysle said...

D.F. I actually baked tonight. Fixed some cinnamon crumb cake and had it for supper, warm with vanilla ice cream. YUMMMM

Regina Carlysle said...

oooh oooh ooooh. Hands up here! I took a nap today. Two HOURS! Damn, I feel good! LOL

Anonymous said...

Regina, I know what you mean. We got iced in up here in the Superbowl area. Airports were shut down and people were getting stuck everywhere.

1. Four places I go: Work (I love hearing what my speech kids have to say, especially since school was cancelled today and tomorrow), Starbucks, book store & frozen yogurt shops
2. Four favorite smells: Victoria's Secret Naughty or Nice, men's cologne section at Dillard's, cupcakes baking & sunflowers
3. Four favorite tv shows: Martin, Daria, True Blood, Wheel of Fortune (I'm addicted to The Wheel)
4.Four favorite things to do on a snowy day: cook, watch the snow, listen to music/light a candle & read


Regina Carlysle said...

Bron, I love Glee too AND the smell of Starbucks. It's too hard when you are limited to only four answers. Yeah...it's yukko here too just not nearly as bad as ya'll but like I said, we are HUGE WEATHER WUSSIES

Regina Carlysle said...

Barb I love love old musicals but you know that about me. LOL. Mist...I love that smell too. It also feels great on your face.

Regina Carlysle said...

Joy, I usually light a nummy candle too but I didn't do that today. Strange behavior for me. Think I'll dig out my newest and light it up. Need to write some tonight and that's perfect.

Unknown said...

1. Four places I go- the grocery store; work, Dr office, Kid's school.
2. Four Favorite Smells- Peppermint, fresh baked oatmeal cookie, Thanksgiving dinner
3. Four Favorite TV shows- Hawaii 5-0, Haven, Moonlight, Bones
4. Four Favorite things to do on a Snow Day- Read, TV, drink hot chocolate (spiked), mess with my kid's head. LOL

Tessie Bradford said...

Today is our snow day here in the metro Detroit area!

Four places - work, Hollywood Market, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble

Four smells - Emeraude perfume, food cooking outside on the grill, Pine Sol, christmas cookies baking

Four TV shows - Top Chef, Judge Judy, almost every show on the Food Network!

Four snow day activities - read, write, cook, nap