Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Staking Claim

I have a new release! I love this feeling. Even though there is always some very nerves, it's exciting too!

Workaholic Gabrielle Ellis never lets her relationships make it past a couple dates. The sooner she can ditch them, the less chance they might leave her. Of course, she never picks the kind of guys she’d want anything long term with anyway… After a night out celebrating, yet another escape from her jackass of the week, and her upcoming move, she wakes up in her best friend’s truck in the middle of nowhere.

According to Jake Marshal, she dumps every guy she dates for one reason--they’re not him. He promises her, if she'll just let go and allow herself to feel, she’ll know she belongs in his bed, forever. Jake, consummate bachelor and participant in her hidden fantasies, wants to stake his claim. On her. As much as she wants him, she’s scared, too. After one touch, Gabrielle knows she doesn’t stand a chance because Jake always gets what he wants. But just maybe, she’s been his all along.

Contains: Outdoor sex, masturbation, toy play and a lot of sexy lovin’

To celebrate, I'm sharing a never released, ADULT excerpt!

“It’s gorgeous out here.” Gabrielle’s foot crunched in a bed of orange and brown leaves as she trekked her way through the woods surrounding the cabin.
“Yeah, I like it. I’ve invited you with me before, ya know? I think you had to work or something.” He spoke in a tight voice.
“It’s my job, Jake. You can’t be angry with me about that.”
They continued walking through the dense trees as they spoke. “It’s not that I’m upset about that, and you know it. I’m damn proud of you for what you’ve accomplished. You just need to focus on you, too, Gab. You’re twenty-seven years old, and all you do is work. I had to trick you to get you away this weekend. Don’t pretend you don’t know why you do it, either. It’s easier to be around those people you know won’t be in your life for long, than to get out there and create real ties.”
She gasped, feeling a little pinch in her chest. Before speaking, she took a couple deep breaths. “I have a real tie with you.”
“That’s because I didn’t give you a choice. I didn’t let you cut yourself off from me. If I did, you would have bailed a long time ago. Now,” he nudged her elbow, “now, you want me around. You just don’t like admitting it because it’s putting yourself out there too much.”
It was as if Jake’s words nailed her feet to the forest floor like they were one of the pieces of furniture he built. Pebbles of sweat beaded on her forehead as she froze, looking at Jake. He was right. God, how could he be so right about her? How could he know her so well? Those little secrets that she buried inside herself, not willing to admit, Jake knew.
His finger slowly danced down the side of her face. “Don’t look so shocked. I know you, Gab. I watch you, listen to you.”
She smiled. “Stalker.”
“Quit trying to change the subject. Don’t act like you can’t show me how you feel.”
Gabrielle bit her bottom lip. “I know. You’re right. Let’s walk, again. I just want to spend time with you right now.”
“I can handle that.” They started to walk again, the blanket of leaves kicking up as their feet brushed through them.
“When did you invite me here? I don’t remember.” His arm grazed hers making her feel giddy like a teenage girl.
“Um, twice I think. Once on your twenty-fifth birthday, and the other on the anniversary of your mom passing.”
Guilt burrowed deeply into her chest. “I suck, don’t I?”
Jake winked at her. “I’m hoping so.”
They walked more in near silence. The only sound around them was the wind rustling the trees and their footsteps crunching on the earth. She felt completely at ease, comfortable in a way that she always felt around Jake. Nothing else mattered when they were together. No fear or loneliness. Just Jake. “How’s work going?”
“Good,” he replied. “Selling a bunch of pieces. The shop is filled. Life is good.”
“How do you do it?” Gabrielle leaned into him. “Do you ever worry about anything? You’re always looking on the bright side of things. It’s infuriating sometimes.” Though her words were playful, she also really wanted to know.
“Everyone processes shit differently, Gab. You know that. For me, I’ve lost enough that, when I find something I want, I hold it closer. Others get scared of losing it and run away. It’s just how I’m built.”
She didn’t have to wonder who he meant when he said others run. That was her, and she knew it. Jake, on the other hand, he definitely went for what he wanted. “So that’s your excuse for the compulsive dating?” She tried to keep her voice light, but little tinges of jealousy started to multiply inside her.
“Aw, hell. Is Dr. Ellis jealous?” Jake stopped and leaned against a tree. “Green looks good on you, honey.”
“Pfft. I don’t get jealous.” The racing of her heart told her she was lying to herself.
“I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you. I can promise you that.”
“Why?” Her heart jumped a little when the question came out.
Jake sighed and wrapped his arm around her as they started to walk again. “You remember when you were in med school? You were barely scraping by and you got a hundred dollar bonus at that pizza place?”
She squinted, thinking back. “Yeah.”
“I remember picking you up from work because you didn’t have a car and there was this woman and her daughter bundled up together on the streets. With no thought, you handed them that hundred dollars, even though you needed it.”
She shook her head. “Anyone would have done that.”
“No, they wouldn’t have. It’s not just that, Gab. When I met you, you were this quiet, reserved girl, but you’ve grown. You work hard and don’t give up. You helped people then though no one in your life extended you the same courtesy. When you want to be, you’re fun.”
“Hey!” She swatted him. “As opposed to most of the time, when I’m boring?” Gabrielle teased.
“Basically.” He winked at her. “You’re funny as hell, woman, but I think you forget that sometimes. You draw people to you. Everyone loves you, Gab.”
She froze, looking over at him. If everyone loved her, why were they always leaving her behind? Not her boyfriends, because with them, it was always easy to walk away, but her family…why was it so easy for them to forget about her? “I think you’re biased by some friend rule or something.”
“I think you’re fishing for more compliments. Now, come on, before I have to spank that pretty ass of yours for thinking otherwise.”
Her pussy started to tingle. Her breasts felt heavy...needy. Gabrielle didn’t move. Lust fought its way through the jealousy, or any unease she might have felt at the direction of their conversation. Her feisty streak reared up. “No.”
Jake’s eyes darkened as he pushed himself away from the tree. “What did you say to me?”
Heat singed her insides. Her pussy wept with her juices. The little tingle of nervousness at the back of her neck that they might been seen only excited her more. “No.”
“Mmm, you’re asking for it. I’m going to make that curvy little ass sting, but I want something else first. Get on your knees, Dr. Ellis.”
Her pussy spasmed with his demand, and a smile tilted her lips. This time, she would be the one to do something for Jake. Gabrielle dropped to the ground. The leaves were scratchy against her knees. Blood pumped furiously through her body, eager and needy.
“Unbutton and unzip my pants. I want my cock in those delicate hands of yours.”
Gabrielle fought to steady her shaking hands as she popped the button on Jake’s pants free. It was a lost cause, so she ignored it, pulling down his zipper, too. His velvet and steel cock sprang free....

And... that's all. Sorry! I'm being a tease :)

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