Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

I don't really have a topic today. Bad me. Honestly I think my brain is fried from all the spring break going's on and I'm currently struggling to get settled back into my routine. Spring Break was great. My daughter and I shopped, talked until late in the night, watched movies and favorite tv shows. It was a good thing and I honestly hadn't realized how much I'd been pushing myself with the work stuff until I took some time away from it. Then, over the final days of the break, my son and his girlfriend came for a few days. Crowded house but we had fun. It was strange though...the whole time I lolled about like a lazy ass I kept thinking about my WIP or wondering about edits, release dates, and things like that. Guilt ate at me. Have you ever done that? I mean, you KNOW you are sort of on vacation but work eats at you anyway.

Oh well....that's life I reckon. Now the house is quiet again and I'm back into my routine though yesterday was rough. My thoughts were scattered as I tried to get back into the groove. It'll come, I know. Hopefully today as I pull up the work in progress and dig in. After everyone left the house echoed and Mr. Regina and I looked at each other and kind of sighed. Strange moment as we looked at each other knowing it was just us again. We will adjust to all this quiet, as we always do, and then go through the whole rollercoaster again when the kids return. I figure it will always be this way and that's okay. Keeps life interesting doesn't it?

Book Release: Return to Delight comes out next Weds. (March 30) at Ellora's Cave. Just got my cover last week. Isn't it great? I love it and depicts a scene from the book perfectly. This is a 'brother' series and I'm looking forward to writing the next two of these.


Harley June Baker left Delight thinking never to return, but when circumstances draw her back to this tiny town and straight into Cooper’s strong arms she knows she’s in deep trouble. The man she’d loved and left behind is now one sexy devil-in-denim and hotter than a Texas summer night. With his every wicked touch throwing her senses into overdrive, how could any sane woman resist?

Cooper Dobbs is a man on a mission. He let her get away once but never again. Knowing it’s time to burn up some sheets with the delectable Harley, Cooper plies her with a raw, savage passion that threatens to incinerate them both. It’s gonna take plenty of panty-drenching sex and a fair amount of sweet talkin’ but Cooper reckons he’s up to the challenge.

New Book in Print! Sequins, Saddles and Spurs which contains Trouble in Cowboy Boots (Desiree Holt), Trouble in a Stetson (Regina Carlysle) and Trouble in Chaps (Ciana Stone) is available for sale at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I suspect it will be up for sale on the Ellora's Cave site very soon. So if you love a print book pick up your copy today.


Harlie Reader said...

Both covers get me.....well, I mean one is Jimmy! Geez......Congrats on the releases. While you are getting used to the quiet, I'm getting used to the noise again since my boys were gone for the week without me.

Harlie Reader said...

Is the house clean yet? LOL!

Tess MacKall said...

Ahhhh...empty nest. Dreading it when my boy leaves. The girls? Not so much. They are pretty much gone now. But I suspect they will always be close.

I've been threatening to move and the oldest says, "not without me". LOL

wendy said...

I know how you feel my son, daughter-in-law and my 3 grandbabys just left. I love them a lot but oh how i am enjoying my quiet house.Congrats on your book release.

Jen B. said...

We haven't had Spring Break yet. Looking forward to getting totally off schedule!

Regina Carlysle said...

So how is that noise level now, Harley! LOL. It's funny what we get used to. When the kids left home, I thought WOW the house is sooooo quiet. I didn't like it one bit.

Oh yessssss, house sparkles like a diamond and smells great.

Regina Carlysle said...

I doubt your kids will get too far from you, Tess. They love you too much.

Regina Carlysle said...

Thanks Wendy. Oh boy...we're going through the exact same thing.

Regina Carlysle said...

But watch out Jen...once spring break gets here you are liable to yearn for your schedule again. We are such creatures of habit.