Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RT Survival??

How I survived RT 2011…or did I?

I’m not an RT virgin, been there done that before as the saying goes. But this year WOW everything felt brighter, louder and bigger than any other. Maybe it was just being in Los Angeles that did it?
The first thing that happened when I walked into the hotel, not my room, but the hotel was a urgent phone call from Desire Holt. The emergency you ask? A bus ride to the famous Viper Room provided by Heather of Decadence Publishing. Met the awesome band Run Devil Run. I actually liked their music. I’m not saying this to suck up to Heather or the hotness that are the band members. You have to check them out.  As for the club itself…it’s small. That’s the only word that comes to mind. It has a total of five booths….seriously FIVE booths. That’s it, that’s all and you have to spend at least fifty bucks to sit at the booth. Really weird, but at least I liked the music.

Since I’m a bit biased I’ll fully admit EC’s Bollywood party rocked. Kudos to Val, Susan, Kelly & the whole EC gang for turning a boring hotel conference room into a seductive Indian paradise. Though I still don’t see why I couldn’t borrow (long term) one of the hookah pipes on the table. I’m sure airport security would have just waved me through J I shared a table with the charming Kristen Daniels, Desiree Holt, Dee Brice, Mr. Dee Brice, Lynn Connely, Mari Freeman & Sam Cayto. It seems, somehow, Mari, had her sari on upside down or backwards. Lynn, our resident expert, set about putting her to rights. Too bad they had to almost unwind her to the skin to get it right. Thank goodness no one but EC authors and staff were in the ballroom at the time. It would have been a shame if an unscrupulous person were to have say taken pictures and videos of the event J LMAO, check out my Facebook page for all the blackmail material you could want!

After the amazing Bollywood party we headed to the bar.

Thursday there were workshops to give, editors to harass and readers to stalk. After a delightful EC authors lunch we uhhh… headed to the bar. After several hours of intense concentration and productive thinking we (Desiree Holt, Samantha Cayto, Lynn Connley & moi) got ready for the Venetian ball. Very sexy, very elegant & very good desert.
After the fairy ball we, you guessed it, headed to the bar.

Friday lots of things happened, mainly the huge e-book fair and signing. Thanks to the readers who stopped by to talk to me. Or at least tried to. My voice started cracking and dropping and disappearing so readers and authors had to really strain to hear me. But I had a fabulous time laughing with everyone who stopped by & fully expect report cards from all of those I talked to.
Next in Friday’s lineup was Total E-Bound Author dinner. Yummy, delicious and they gave shiny presents. Who could not love people who give them presents? I’m easy, but in no way cheap. Claire and Nicki, the two of you either need to be medicated or I need to drink more, but I sincerely loved meeting you both in person. I now will admit to adoring you both, but reserve the right to publish the bar pics we took after our dinner.

Saturday I woke to no voice. Seriously Sam Cayto, my delightful and fab roomie, started pouring hot liquids down my throat and kept it up throughout the day. I sat at the bar all day Saturday, but instead of downing lemon drop martinis the bar manager kept me supplied with hot water, fresh cut lemons and honey. Yep, after all my nights of drinking and tottering to my room in the wee hours of the morning I’d been reduced to hot lemon water. Oh how the drunk and loopy had fallen.
Saturday night came the real treat for three friends and myself. We went to an actual D/s club. WOW! First off let me say it is not what you expect. Everyone there was respectful and polite! That said I will admit having to drag one of our group out of the playroom when it was time to go. I could go into more of details, but I think I’ll leave you hanging for now J As we walked out of the main club we were offered some seriously amazing homemade cookies!! So yes the dark side really does have better cookies. All the more reason to visit!

Got back to the hotel around two am and what else…headed to the bar. We had a delightful time with Kristen Daniels & Mari Freeman. No I am under a gag order to keep those talks to myself under the penalty of things worse than death.  Needless to say we poured ourselves to bed, ready for another day.

Sunday dawned bright and way too early. My perfect roommate Sam Cayto left way to freaking early for her flight. So I spent the rest of my last day in LA hanging out with Desiree Holt and Lynne Connely and several other new friends.

Aside from scary elevators that didn’t always work, hot water with a mind of its own this was a really great conference. A big hello and hug to Maggie & Jesse who I haven’t seen in years. Laura, from Topaz, who took care of me and all my promo stuff throughout the who conference. My fantastic readers who kept me laughing and drinking. Katherine Faulk, for choosing a unique venue. Ellora’s Cave for throwing a hell of a party. The Bollywood dancers really rocked! Total E-Bound’s Claire & Nicki, for treating their authors to a wonderful dinner & really good wine. Not to mention all the new shiny pretties I now have. I’d say they spoiled me, but that might stop the presents.

Now I have a year to recover and get ready for Chicago in 2012. Meanwhile I’m pulling up my big girl panties and gearing up for RomantiCon in September. You really want to have some fun? Come to Ohio and see how EC authors love to misbehave.


Marie Rose Dufour said...

Wow! So jealous. Sounds like you had a spectacular time.

Harlie Williams said...

So jealous and I wish I could go to Romanticon. That's the one convention that I would love to go to. Get well and I already heard about the cookies from Des' post at 1-800-DOM-HELP. I would love to go and just see what goes on there.

Allie Standifer said...

Those cookies rocked. I'd go back to the club alone for the cookies! Can't bring Des, not enough bail money. That woman likes to get into trouble!

Kate Richards said...

It really was the best time wasn't it? I live in Los Angeles and I don't know where and BDSM clubs embarrassing, since I write a bit of it. I guess a field trip will be in order now!

Molly Daniels said...

Really hoping I can make it to Chicago next year! It's only a six hour drive:)

Sounds like you had a BLAST!

Mari Freeman said...

You still owe me details from the club!

And I think the sari was backwards, not upside down..or maybe it was upside down. Who knows. Lynne saved the day. Who wear 22 yards of fabric anyway? Jeeze.

See you in the bar at RomantiCon!


Allie Standifer said...

Kate, don't ask me how we found it. It's a blur now but I feel safe in blaming it on Samantha Cayto...just 'cause.

Allie Standifer said...

When you make it to Chicago you won't have to look for us long. We ALWAYS in the bar. Ask Mari, she's generally sitting right beside me :)

Desiree Holt said...

OMG Allie, I hope you keep all your secrets to yourself! And yes, I think I spent more time at the bar than I did in my room, but this was the best RT ever. Mari and Kristen, you guys totally rock. Lynne, you are an incredible roomie. Sam, I wish you lived closer. And all of you reading this...I wish you could have been there with us. See you in October.

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

I want to be your roomie next time! I stayed in with my hubby most nights (felt guilty leaving him behind because he didn't pay $100 pre meal to get into the parties.) Then there was the food poisoning I wouldn't have had if I had made it to the EC luncheon!

Please, please take me with you next time!

lynneconnolly said...

I wondered where you'd gone, Ash!
The cookies were something else, but I was in shock after seeing some of the demos at the club, so I needed the sugar!
Ah, yes, saris. The edge that goes nearest the floor, the hem, is the widest one. it's sometimes decorated, as Mari's was, sometimes weighted, so it's fairly easy to spot. My problem was doing it on someone else, so to speak, since I usually dress myself in a sari. And I chose to wear a lengha, because it's easier, and ended up draping saris anyway! But it was worth it. Mari and Sam looked beautiful.

Dalton Diaz said...

I am absolutely green with envy.
I am going to Romanticon if I have to start walking in June.

Sam Cayto does rock, doesn't she? Nothin' phases that girl.

Allie Standifer said...

Sam is wild woman with nerves of steel. There's nothing she can't or won't do. Love that about her & to top it off she's the perfect roomie!

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm jealous!!!! Hmm. Cookies at the D's club? So interesting. Sorry you aren't feeling well right now. Get well quick because you must rest up for Romanticon.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Allie,

Maybe it was a good thing that I wasn't there for the whole conference. I might not have survived. But I LOVED meeting you at the TEB bash! (And everyone else too. Really a dream come true for me!)


Mia Watts said...

I think it's just as important to mention that the authors always wind up in the bar, because it's the only place to socialize in one room, after the rest of the hotel shuts down.

Now that doesn't mean drinking doesn't go on, however, there's more talking than drinking... most times. LOL.

Sounds like you had a BLAST. I'm still trying to see if I can make it to Romanticon. Hopefully, yes. :)

Nicki said...

Lol! Sounds like you had a great time and yes we knew where to find you ladies! There are not enough details in this post so still waiting for my email and then there is the new! You ladies rock - we loved meeting you.

VenusBookluvr said...

I am an RT virgin and I'm dying to give it up! Fingers crossed for next year ;-)

Great post and thank you so much for sharing!

Tess MacKall said...

Lord, you can tell I have been in a cave and distracted. I missed all of the posts here this week except mine! lol

You crack me up, Mia. I'm going to have to take a look at your FB pg. lol Hey, saw a lot of Bollywood party pics already and it looked like a dream. I KNOW you had a ball.

Sounds like you had a blast. So glad you did.